Artifacts for iconic powers

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  1. NikoManiko Active Player

    How do you feel about those iconic power specific artifacts?(there is one for heat vision and one for mesmerizing lasso) I personally love that idea and think its great addition to make dps builds more fun and diverse. What i would like to see is more of these artifacts, specifically one for sonic/scream powers (sonic cry and sonic shout).
    Those are rly fun powers for me and i like to make whole loadout based on iconic powers and movement powers, so these artifacts could be great addition to make it more fun and stronger for endgame.
    Was something like this already topic of discussion? And what devs think about that?
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  2. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    I'm actually kind of torn on this honestly.

    While I like that the iconic powers cater to the DC fanboy in me, I think it's kinda lame that my loadout is almost half iconic powers though. I picked my power based on the power itself and surely the abilities alone should be enough to get the job done that I need it to.
    Of course, I don't have to have iconic powers in my loadout but if I want to be an effective damage dealer and pull my weight in group content, I need to be open to playing optimally even over enjoyment at times. Heat vision with Solar Amplifier is probably my all-time favorite though. Just wish I used it much sooner.
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  3. FlyingFingers Active Player

    I think they should make one for each iconic power that be sweet.
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  4. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    They should do this for flight and acrobatic movement mode abilities so they can compare or surpass superspeed’s strength
  5. Isif Committed Player

    At level 80, Sonic Cry should change properties by becoming Ultra-sonic Cry. This would make it inaudible to the human ear.;)
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  6. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    This is a must have artifact. Maybe make that ability start at rank 20 lol.

    I would be iffy about these as well, just because having iconics is now meta for most powers. With the exception of heat vision (for st only) and rsk, I do my best to build a loadout that doesn't include iconic or movement powers. The loadouts may not perform at the top shelf of damage, but they fork out some heavy damage, and they're more based on the power itself. I see so many powers doing the same thing, which doesn't make them unique powers then in my opinion. Dervish, sonic, freezing, then insert 2 powers from your own power, then either SC or rsk: seems to be the most common.
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  7. NikoManiko Active Player

    Didnt know iconic and movement powers are meta now (except heat vision coz of that artifact and hard light shield i guess)
    I usually use powers coz i like them and they make sense theme wise for my character,not coz they are meta, which can be tricky sometimes.
    For example i have tank without pull power, because unlike some other earth powers that make sense for my iconic character, giant stone hand is not one of them... i know some people my not like this, but thats the way i like to play. Also hard light shield doesnt makes sense for that character and when i play dps role it can be kind of hard since its mostly malee character.
  8. NikoManiko Active Player

    hahaha when i was making this iconic character i was thinking that people will probably hate to play with me but i rly like those powers.
    I guess i am weirdo...also i made this character around that audio bug and was rly sad i couldnt hear my character. And i have to say that i noticed while playing this character that even after they fixed this bug, you dont rly hear those powers everytime you use them... sadly :(
  9. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    artifacts create giant imbalances to the game.

    they were created for profit and became metas with no real way to balance look how dirty they did nature because of EOG. they will come for you next if some new artifact came out that takes over and benefits a specific power more than others
  10. Grim931 Well-Known Player

    I would much rather just have them work on further expanding the iconic tree than make any more artifacts tied to them.

    It would be cool if your mentor choice opened up different avenues to take within that tree. More powers based on Meta, Magic, or Tech depending on who you chose as a mentor. Could even do powers that are different depending on faction as well. That tree has endless possibilities, and it's kind of sad to see the lack of creativity within it.

    Movement tree needs an update as well. They could use some of the Legends characters as inspiration for both of these trees.

    Either way, I'm just a fan of more options. Having iconic powers being tied to artifacts seems like it would limit your options on what you'd want to use or not use. I don't feel like it should be that way.
  11. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Mother box artifact can be extremely versatile
  12. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    The only iconic power that an artifact (maybe the last artifact they make) should have is sonic scream... And yes, it's better to expand the iconic abilities.
  13. NikoManiko Active Player

    I am all in for expanding the iconic tree. But i disagree that having these iconic power specific artifacts would limit your options. I was not talking about having artifact that gives you iconic power, just buff or upgrade your existing iconic power.
    And while i agree with your idea that mentor choice should be more meaningful, locking iconic powers behind mentor choice would actually limit your options.
  14. Grim931 Well-Known Player

    I highly doubt you'd want to level up an artifact for each iconic power if they choose to go this route. That would be extremely time consuming or extremely expensive, so that's what I was referring to as limiting options. As it is now, they only work on an individual power. There isn't one that would buff any iconic that you use, and I highly doubt they'd go that route because it would mean less income and would also undermine what they have so far.

    And not if we had an abundance of powers to choose from, everyone would just have different options/themes of iconic powers. It's the same concept as picking your primary power. Generally, they almost all function the same among the different role types. So you aren't really missing anything major if you were to pick one over the other. Yeah they have different mechanics, but I'm not asking for the iconic tree to go that deep. Just expand it, get creative, do something with it. All they've done is removed powers/innates from that tree.
  15. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    They do have solar amp for heat vision and theres another one for the lasso(i forget the name)
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  16. NikoManiko Active Player

    As i already said at the start of this discussion i started, there is already one for heat vision and one for mesmerizing lasso. And i dont feel like i need them in my build if i use some of those powers. If my whole loadout was based on that power, then i would go with that artifact. As i said i would like to see sonic power artifact, because i have character with loadout based on sonic cry and sonic shout so i think artifact like that would be great for him. And i dont see problem if there is artifact like that for every iconic power, it would be nice addition. Would i prefer new iconic power over these artifacts? Absolutely, but i also think these artifacts would be great addition to game.
  17. Grim931 Well-Known Player

    I understand that, but the first sentence in the thread you started is "How do you feel about those iconic power specific artifacts?(there is one for heat vision and one for mesmerizing lasso)"...

    I feel like they're a mistake. My point would be to shy away from the concept of an artifact that is really only good for one specific power alone. I don't believe every iconic ability needs an artifact, and I still feel like the ones they gave us for iconics are a mistake too. If you're going to sink that much time, money, or effort into something, wouldn't you want it to be a little bit more versatile? They ones available to us now that focus on an entire role, those make perfect sense. This concept makes no sense to me, and asking for more like it is absolutely beyond me.

    I would much rather have the option to sink more skill points into iconic powers to have them gain the same effects. You want a power to be stronger? Use your skill points and invest in it that way. But that would mean less money in the company's pockets.

    I think there are way better ways to achieve the same outcome, this is not it in my opinion.
  18. NikoManiko Active Player

    I understand what you want to say about artifacts being more usefull and not only for specific power. But thats why you can chose what artifact you want, and you dont need to use those power specific ones. I want to say that i wouldnt mind if 1 of my 3 artifacts is power specific if my loadout is based around that power. And its always nice to have that option.
    Although, i like your idea about using SP to "upgrade" iconic powers. It could be nice alternative for these artifacts, but it could also lead people to feel "obligated" to use those few extra SP if they use some iconic power. Which is not the case now with these artifacts, at least for me.
  19. Grim931 Well-Known Player

    I don't know about you, but I would much rather use a few skill points on a power of my choosing, than be locked into an artifact that I may or may not even want to use. There's always the option to reset skill points. You're not out anything if you were to spend a few, test out a power, and see if it fits into your play style or not.

    Resetting/switching an artifact is much more complicated. You have to wait until a specific time to be able to put all of the earned experience of that artifact into a new one, plus you need all of the catalysts and successful breakthroughs or seals to get it to an efficient level. I would much rather feel obligated to spend skill points than real world money, but to each his own I guess.
  20. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    Tbh, I like the idea, but I think it would b better to have artifacts that enhance specific movement powers, or your actual powerset (that one is a ultra stretch. Prolly would break the game even more)