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  1. Jensu Well-Known Player

    ok so i have been working on my healer alt, who is celestial and i am wondering the best artifacts i can have for her, the ones i am using right now is demon fang orb of arion and eyes of gemini
  2. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    I am running Gemini, Fang, Soul Cloak on my electric healer and I love it. I decided to pass on Orb as it messed with my playstyle on a bad way.
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  3. Jensu Well-Known Player

    the soul cloak would be good is i use a SC, but with celestial i don't use a SC
  4. DeitySupreme Well-Known Player

    For celestial healing I personally use orb, Gemini, and soul cloak.

    With orb priority crit you can heal a tank from almost dead to full health. To strong to pass up. Gemini leaves an amazing Area that is a HoT but also a supercharge over time too. It’s to amazing to pass up. Personally I use vacuum bubble to activate it since it is a 2500 sc that has a head mod.

    Soul cloak heals you keep the Gemini field up for a longer portion of the time. Celestial already has the fastest sc regen of all healer powers. Between soul cloak, Gemini, the sc head mod, and the sc chest mod you can keep the Gemini field up 100% of the time.

    I personally don’t use my weapon when I celestial heal since I use an additional HoT which is a combo. With this I pretty much rotatate 3 abilities and clip the last one with vacuum to activate Gemini. With that rotation I will have the AB HoT, CS ally HoT, WoTP to CD ally HoT, and finally the Gemini ally HoT.

    Most healers will just have AcB and CS for their HoT. However this doesn’t always go for a earth tank friendly build lol. This turns celestial into earths beast friend along side any one else too haha.
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  5. FALLEN-ONE Level 30

    For celest I use maxed out scrap/gemini/menacles but I also have the orb. For SC I either use a 2500 Speed Drain cheese, Dash Attack or Sacrifice in damage heavy content like final boss of Throne E. I only swap menacles for orb if I’m healing a solo ice or an atomic tank. In latest elites, you’ll have 2 tanks and using the orb isn’t worth it because 99% of the time you’ll have to use it before you got your 9 second value out of your pet. Also, yes you can heal 3x hp and on crit it’s not uncommon to see 100k crit but it’s worthless most of the time and with most tanking powers because in addition to tanks your group members will also be taking damage so you will also have to use your priority early again. Now, you can argue that your pet will heal your dying group members with its 1.5 second cooldown but it’s too long of a wait in Elite. 100k crits on tanks are not really going to save the tanks unless fighting a solo boss(isn’t the case). The only time it would save a tank if an ice tank misses the shield and you have that 3x priority but if you are healing a fire tank you will be popping that priority non stop just because of its tanking powers’ mechanics.
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  6. Brit Committed Player

    I love Orb personally; it gives a much better burst healing than what any powerset has innately through the x3 priority heal, and it overall makes healing far more power efficient (reduces power cost-per-heal ratio by about 25% for situations of ongoing priority heal spam). That's as a Nature Healer though with a trash supercharge.

    I'm not super experienced with Celestial, but I know that as Electric with that awesome 8-person Shield supercharge, I run Manacles, Gemini, and Soul Cloak. Right now, those 8-person shields are in a strong place in the meta, and damage prevented beats damage healed in most situations. Since my understanding is that Celestial has a good supercharge as well, that might be the preferred build for Celestial.

    And of course, the current cheese is running Gemini and Soul Cloak, and then using a 25% supercharge like Dash Attack, and spamming supercharge endlessly so that the Tanks can non-stop 8-person shield and the DPS can drop these large, obliterating Supercharges to destroy stuff. But that involves a group where everybody is all sort of working together towards the same gameplan and builds, and if you were a part of a static group that organized, I doubt you'd be on the forums asking us.
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  7. Jensu Well-Known Player

    since i don't use a SC with celestial the eyes ans soul cloak are useless to me, i went with starheart demon's fang and orb
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  8. TheLorax Loyal Player

    If you ever get a chance, swap out the Starheart for an Omegahedron. It will definitely help with power.
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  9. Jensu Well-Known Player

    reason i went with star heart was for the extra restro, and with mine being at 17.5, i need all the restro i can get lol
  10. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Because Celestial has a fast SC regen, you may want to reconsider using Sacrifice. Even though it doesn't shield you, it's a group shield for all other 7 and activates EoG. Using Sacrifice with EoG and Soul Cloak will allow you to keep the group shield up when it's off cool down as you regen SC in between.
  11. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    So easy you're forced to spend hella munny lol
  12. AquamantheKing New Player

    I'm also looking for some advice and since this topic is similar to what I was going to ask I hope you all don't mind if I barge in? I'm wondering which would be the best artifacts to help with my Water healing. I run with some crazy good people and I feel like I'm always lacking in my 'healing out.' Here is everything I believe is important when it comes to my stats and the equipment. I feel like it's all okay on paper but for some reason people keep dying constantly when I heal regular content and I'm too nervous to heal elite content so I just avoid those all together.

    Water Healing Load Out:
    Soothing Mist
    Blessing of the Depths
    Tempest Shield
    Tranquil Pool (Super Charge)
    Solace of the Sea

    Orb of Arion--------------------- Rank-128
    Manacles of Force---------------------Rank-128
    Eye of Gemini---------------------Rank-123


    The Demons Fang---------------------Rank-71 (Still Ranking up.)

    Skill Points:269

    I swap out Eye of Gemini for The Demons Fang when I swap out my Super Charge for Bubble. (Shield)
  13. L T Loyal Player

    If youre using the Orb of Arion, you should consider Flood of Power instead of Tranquil pool. Depending on the uptime of flood, you may want to go with High Tide instead of Riptide also.
  14. Qyonk New Player

    Switch blessing of the depth with mending wave. Depth have 6s cd but insignificant heal amount. Oh the other hand, although mending only heal 4 people the amount healed is way more and only 3s cd.

    Consider switching manacles with your demon fang, or even starheart. Arguably good for healer, 1st benefit (unshakable) best applied on front liners with high defense and health to soothe over the damage reapplication; you as a healer should stand behind and keep the parties alive. Reduced shield cd by 10% isnt good either, as 90% of 18s (all shield cd time)= 16.2s.
    I dont think i need to explain about the demon's fang.
    Starheart give extra 7.5% - 11.25% of your Restoration to 8 people at once. Meaning if you have, lets say, 10k Restoration, every 3s of using Mending Wave, you add (7.5%x10k×2) to (11.25%x10kx2) =1500 - 2250. Times that to 8 people = 12k - 18k of total. Per 3 secs of usage. With only 10k restoration. On 23k resto, you'll do more than twice the number. (Depth isnt considered as group heal in the description, which is why my suggestion above).

    Finally consider changing sc power for gemini from Tranquil do Pheromone bloom= it only cost 2500 sc power, which mean you can do 2 times more of replenishing other's sc.
  15. Jensu Well-Known Player

    here are my stats and artifacts i am using for my healing

    Celestial Healing Load Out:
    consume soul
    Virtuous light
    Guardian's light

    Orb of Arion--------------------- Rank-85
    Starheart Fragment---------------------Rank-85
    demons fang---------------------Rank-83



    Skill Points:347
  16. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Demon's Fang (for the 5% resto boost)
    Omegahedron (for increased power regen)
    Players Choice Soul Cloak (for SC and extra Power) or Starheart (for 4% additional Resto boost)

    This is all listed in the healing section of the Post Stats Revamp Celestial Guide.
  17. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Jens, I think you're hurting yourself running both VL and GL. You should pick one or the other since they are both 450 power cost, and pick up Sacrifice in the extra slot. With the current end game mechanics and meta the group shield is very useful. As long as you're running with a tank who's maintaining aggro and you yourself follow mechanics you'll be fine without the shield yourself.

    Edit: Using Orb artifact is also hurting you as we can't really afford the increased power cost since we have the highest powercosts for healing not to mention clipping renew to admonish or CS should be a go to when DL or GL is on cooldown. Doing that will also minimize the need of having both on your L/O.
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  18. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    Demon's Fang (for the 5% resto boost)
    Omegahedron (for increased power regen)
    Players Choice Soul Cloak (for SC and extra Power) or Manacle (for 3% additional Resto and 3% additional Dom boost)

    This is should all listed in the healing section of the Post Stats Revamp Celestial Guide.
  19. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Considering I didn't get to finish testing the Manacle for Celestial healing I won't recommend it.

    I wonder who's fault it is I didn't get to finish testing that??? :rolleyes:
  20. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    Don't make me do the same thing I had to do to Fatal and post screenshots, js.
    "Picture it...the alert lb fight *in my sophia voice*"
    "I started the fight and the boss lunged my face and the manacle proc'd"

    Not to mention you don't need testing for a mathematical argument..

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