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  1. Newel Devoted Player

    leveling artifacts for your alts is either too time consuming or would just cost too much

    unless.....we had a system where if you level up an artifact to max on one character you can unlock it again on another toon for cheap(maybe pay a small replay badge fee) at least this way it would give your alts a chance to be as powerful as your main.

    developers please we need something like this artifacts already cost too much and are very time consuming please show our alts some love. I can take the time for leveling artifacts on one character but 2?....maybe that's just a little....I don't know....unfair?
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  2. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    Yes, tell the developers their gravy train stops here. No more easy money for them... /end sarcasm.
  3. Newel Devoted Player

    you don't think they could make even more money off of a replay system? honestly even if the replay price was high but still lower in cost to buying artifact stuff to max it out i'd buy the replay badges and I think it would just be an easier system I guess you don't have to make it too cheap
  4. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    I'm over replays.
  5. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    As much as I would love that, they would lose money so they would never do it. I personally like artifacts but hate the artifact system to level up. I personally think that they should remove the timer lock for them and make them farmable for people who are willing to grind them out. Leave the breakthroughs as is to still give them money while also giving us the chance to get free ones from the events that they do often. But again, would never happen.
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  6. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    You answered your own question- " if the replay price was high but still lower in cost to buying artifact stuff to max it out" then they'd miss out on the difference in cost. They already put a way in to level artifacts with money of you decide to just spend money to become better at the game, what do you want?
  7. Brit Dedicated Player

    Do I know players who spent money on Artifacts? Yes.

    Do I know players who spent money on Artifacts for alts? No.

    Perhaps your experience is different than mine, but most of the people I know who play alts, if they even bother with Artifacts at all, they are basically just using what comes out of the Vault. A lot of them even trade their dropped Nth Metal over to their main because it takes so much.

    There are definitely people out there willing to spend the $600 it takes to max out their Artifacts right away. But the number of people willing to spend $1200 to do it on two characters? Or $3000 to do it on five characters? Or $9600 to do it on all 16 character slots? That's something I doubt there is much of a market for.

    In a very real way, the prohibitive nature of Artifacts moreso serves as a massive discouragement to trying to seriously play alts at all; they simply cannot be endgame viable without the Artifacts, and splitting your Nth Metal between two characters holds both of them back. By discouraging the play of alts, they lose the sale of Replay Badges needed to unlock feats (I had no problem at all with dropping $60 into Replay Badges to unlock the first 200 skill points worth of feats for a new character). They lose out on those nice $40 Character Advancement Tokens, because players don't need to boost an alt up to the endgame if they can't give the character Artifacts they need to be endgame viable. And when most players will not have more than one or two characters that they can make endgame viable, the Legendary Plan benefit of increasing the character slots from 6 to 16 feels almost entirely worthless. After all, who the heck is going to have more than 6 fully viable endgame characters? Missing out on Legendary subs that might have been swayed, or at the very least missing out on selling those Extra Character Slots on the marketplace, it eventually becomes easier to see there's more at play.

    When it comes to moves like this, the question is: how many actual dollars of sales would they lose from people who buy Nth Metal to level Artifacts for Alts? How many actual dollars of sales would they gain from people who are MORE willing to buy that Nth Metal when it crafts an Artifact for every character on the account instead of just one? And how many actual dollars of extra sales would they make buy getting players to work on their alts more, if the alts looked as though they could be endgame viable.

    They literally gave away Character Advancement C255 Tokens for free, and still almost everyone I know doesn't bother playing that character anymore, because even with a free skip to 255, it's too annoying, expensive, or time consuming to actually make them playable for the endgame.
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  8. ALB Committed Player

    Yea, it's bad for alts. I have 120 artifacts on most of my alts. The devs won't lose alot of money making artifacts alt friendly.
  9. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    How are they not alt friendly? Most nth metal drops are account bound so you can move them to your alts and you can even be that spoiled kid we all knew growing up and just throw money at it if you want- endgame-level artifacts with almost no time investment, sounds pretty alt friendly to me.
  10. TurbulenceDCUO Active Player

    The Devs would stand to make more money by making it easier for alts. As it stands now very few players have 160 artifacts on their alts and dont have plans to level artifacts for alts. Drop a 20 dollar token or let us move artifacts from characters for a small charge and players would spend money on that.
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  11. MrPlumberman Active Player

    Considering we can unlock skill points and styles on alt characters with replays, I don't think this is asking for too much and I fully endorse this idea.

    That being said, I look at the crazy amounts of replays to unlock an aura and realize that they only way this would be implemented is at crazy ridiculous cost that no one would pay so the devs would consider it a waste of time.

    Nice try though. If it could be implemented at a reasonable rate I would definitely invest some cash into it.
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  12. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Dimensional Ink's newer ongoing, yet unannounced, project is probably being funded by DCUO's artifact and capsule system. It's likely that neither are going to be eased up on anytime soon. On the bright side, if you aren't running elite, or being competitive in a cooperative game, you don't really need to get them to 200. My alternates are doing more than fine fine with 80, 100, 120 in normal mode content. Of course, I'm a casual player that plays the game for enjoyment, rather than "look at my numbers!"
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  13. ALB Committed Player

    You sound like a player with no alts
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  14. ALB Committed Player

    What's fine? In the game, your PoV isn't the norm. I read the forums, and it seem like most of you all play a different game
  15. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Awesome. Anything else you want to say?

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