Artifacts and the absence of balance.

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  1. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    Hey, I'm here with a serious question for the community. I'm pretty upset but I'll try to be as respectable as possible.

    My friend was fooling around and equipped the demon fang, clarion and venom wrist dispenser on their celestial healer for laughs. The scary part is that with them having those at rank 200 they accidentally topped the DPS charts more than a few times. This is not what I'd call balance in the slightest. A healer putting out such ridiculous amounts of damage thanks to these artifacts is extremely concerning.

    I thought the revamp was supposed to be about balance? How is it balanced with artifacts being introduced into the game in the first place? I'm really trying to see the big picture here. Why were powers changed, nerfed, removed, etc. for a game that is far from the balance it was supposed to have?

    I really can't see how there are some people that actually try and defend this foolishness. The revamp feels like it was a ruse. If it was just our powers and the way we used our skill points that was changed then maybe there would've been some type of balance. But the fact that there's artifacts that you can rank up with different special abilities or effects that do other bizarre things throws balance out of the window.

    I'm so disappointed. Why touch how the weapon buffs used to work? Why touch powers that had nothing wrong with them, only needed the damage dialed back or slightly increased? Why make such big changes to a game only to disregard the very reason why the changes were made in the first place?

    These decisions confuse me. I remember that mepps said something in that past in regards to how the players might like something they've purchased in the marketplace shop so the dev team are reluctant to make changes to those specific items. The thing is....not all powers are free in this game.

    There are some powers you have to buy with loyalty points or by purchasing the dlc or membership. Why didn't those powers apply to this rule? You don't think we liked the powers the way they were before revamp? Why is it okay to touch those when people spent there money on them as well?

    I loved how quantum was before revamp. I loved how weapon buffs worked differently for each power. It made ever power unique from the other one.

    I will say that rage, celestial and hard light being made 100% might was a reasonable change because God forbid old celestial had these disgusting artifacts with it's ability to deal precision damage.

    But my question is where is the balance we were promised? I personally see none at all if a healer can compete with DPS on accident. I just can't see balance with artifacts in this game.
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  2. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    In my opinion, balance is as close as it's ever been, between powers.

    That being said, there are multiple ways to increase damage output, in other roles, due to artifacts, which open up more play styles. Everything equipped must be taken into consideration. I have an electric healer loadout that I use demon fang, Clarion, and transformation with. I equip all dps gear, precision mods and spec both critical damage and chance (along with healing criticals). I go full precision stats, and 100 into resto. I do a lot more damage than an "average" DPS. I do about as much damage as a good DPS, but I can't beat a "great" dps.

    So if this healer was doing such massive amounts of damage and topping the chart, I would first wonder what the DPS's were running, how much SP they had, augments, artifacts, gear, etc: to figure out why they were not performing better.

    Not trying to sound rude, honestly, but if a healer can beat the DPS, it's not the games fault, it's not a balance issue, it's something with the DPS.
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Look, I'm just going to be brutally honest here, but, if your friend put on those artifacts in healer role and topped the DPS chart then the other DPS in that instance were just simply utter and pure ****.
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  5. VIRALITY Dedicated Player



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  6. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Oh lord. Almost fell over of how balanced this game is. Hold on……. crash! booom… bang… clunk!…
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  7. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    My friend was maxed out in restoration and precision in the skill points section.
  8. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Notice the punctuation of my comment, and the "in my opinion" part, but only in regards to powers themselves. Strip all the artifacts, augments, and extra goodies away: base powers themselves only, are as close as I've seen them in a decade. Granted, they're not all "perfectly equally balanced" but they are, in fact, closer than history has shown us. There's really no FOTM anymore, like it used to be.
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  9. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh so we're talking about a 700+SP Battle healer then, Notwithstanding the fact a solid DPS would still have beaten your friend, the type of player your describing, isn't the same as your initial implication that any old random healer can slap those artifacts on and out DPS everyone.

    What augments were they wearing, precision as well?
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    lol, I totally got it was your opinion and in my opinion, I disagree :D no hard feelings :cool:
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  11. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    It is possible to put out high damage as a support role. I was (last year) leveling up my munitions character and was able to run bombshell paradox raid. Anyhow, being in mixed gear or something I was in controller role (yeah, ikr) and I was the squishy person out of the 8 players who were waayyy higher cr than me. As it turns out, I was top dps by a long shot, as if I was the only one doing damage. So here I am, halfway through the raid, and I’m top. Shouldn’t be possible. They were all stunned but not as stunned as I was of being y’all must suck if I’m top dps.

    I’d say it was a combination of the healer trying for damage out and the others being *** (butt) as dps.
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  12. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Stopped reading after the second paragraph. If your friend topped the board with those arts and as a healer than the dps in the groups were just bad. I’ve put dpsed many players with r80 arts. Why? Because the average dps in the game is bad. I’ve put dpsed players as a troll and healer and tank. That’s not because I’m using some voodoo magic arts or secret power. It’s cause people are just bad.

    If you want to complain than complain about players not wanting to use the tools in front of them to test and get better. But sure let’s blame arts lol
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  13. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The whole point of artifacts is to create new or support existing playstyles. So if you're friend has a maxed out battle heal setup of course they're going to top boards when grouped up with new or underequipped players. A well built player outclassing a sub-par player is not imbalanced.
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  14. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    Mixure of precision and restoration
    28Resto, 28Prec, 327 x2Resto, 327 x2Prec.
  15. Controller Loyal Player


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  16. Achikah Committed Player

    As a hybrid battlemage/healer myself, I can put out a ton of DPS while also keeping players healed, but I'm never out DPSing my DPS unless I'm not running with my league (so queue-ins/PUG instances.) If you have a DPS that matches the level of the Battle Healer's arts/sp/augs, they should definitely be out DPSing the lot. It might be close at times, but ya, I'd be more worried about the DPS' output than your healer.

    Personally, as a hybrid role player on all 3 roles now for close to 5 years, I'm over the moon with the addition of the Clarion and the embracing of hybrid role players. Also super amped to see how they fit in with the new 6-man Survival Mode.
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  17. Proxystar #Perception

    Well then, this isn't a fair complaint then, because your friend isn't really a healer in the true sense.
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  18. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    The two artifacts I mentioned scale by restoration. The higher your restoration, the higher your precision. They ran two tests. With mixed and with full restoration. With full restoration they did slightly more damage. This is in comparison to Precision DPS and not might DPS.
  19. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Edit: That's the purpose of the artifacts you listed.
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  20. Zneeak Devoted Player


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