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    Forgive if this has been asked before but I have a suggestion on artifact leveling.

    Everyone knows just how important artifact have become, we all know they are mandatory. an most of them are not much of anything untill they hit 160, at 200 they get even better of course but the amount xp required to level these up that high is kind of insane especially goin to 200.

    I want to suggest using the in game xp for ads be used on your artifacts. Not just every ad you kill gives you xp or anything, but if you actually proc whatever the artifact does it gains a lil xp. Example, The Transformation Card, When you get a crit give it like 20 xp. With the solar amplifer, every tick of dmg from solar amp gives it 1 xp. For less proc worthy artifacts, like the orbital and supply drop artifacts give them a bigger boost of xp, say like 500 for each use.

    Only allow this to be done while in combat an not on the sparring target. This will at the very least remove some of the insanely high xp you need to get these up, this wont cut into seal profits, or cut into profits of those who just have to have levl 200 arts as soon as they name their character.

    I do not know what every single artifact in the game is, an I do not know if this would work with every artifact. Thoughs on this?
  2. Schimaera Devoted Player

    If done, I would position myself behind the Chinatown or East End PD, open up some movie, podcast or whatever and start hitting brainiac adds that respawn in a matter of seconds, not spend a dime anymore for Perfected Nth Metal, not buy Nth Metal Detectors from Broker or Marketplace and just a few seals here and there.
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  3. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Not for nothing but the time it takes to level an artifact after rank 120 is intentional. They have intended it to be a gradual grind. Like any other grind, they give you a marketplace option to accelerate that grind. The last thing they'll do is take away any impetus for us to visit that marketplace option.

    Good luck asking for the highly improbable.