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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Jul 14, 2022.

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  1. Jaden Law Well-Known Player

    It's not a bug. % heal can't be affected in any terms. It not healing you with standart healing formula, it's restore % of your max hp, so only this parameter affect how much health you'll restore by using % healing, but anyway it always will be the same N% of max health.
  2. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Rage of Lazarus is balanced by the idea that healing back up to full health is supposed to be difficult. As is, the player has a large number of tools at their disposal to heal back up to 100% fairly easily.

    My impression is that the current behavior isn't intended and I wouldn't want to see the artifact be released if it is this easy to heal back up to 100%.
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  3. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    I was thinking the same but the way Ranmaru explained how its been tested in this post I think any type of greens that healing you gets effected by healing-in decrease of Rage of Lazarus effect.
  4. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    What about this? It was for rage of lazarus effect but since you considering reducing revive timers it would be nice to have some kind of display for revive cooldown on screen.

  5. Jaden Law Well-Known Player

    So... Ranmaru tested it as Healer(key word) and found that healing back to 100% is challenging enough even with using soder(maybe not Bottled City Soder). Working as intended... I guess.
  6. Ranmaru Developer

    I do play to reduce the incoming healing from soders, but that will require a more aggressive approach with how I was handling the healing reduction, although I do feel in some respects a lot of the other options for healing (Allies, or any other form of % hp healing) may be fair game.
  7. Extinction Active Player

    The Bottled City Soder artifact is intended at max level to heal 90% of Health regardless of debuffs on player, it better not be nerfed even under the Rage Lazarus effect.

    I'd rather have it stated that BCS artifact is intended to sinergize with LPW and help while you are trying to survive.

    Besides LPW it is a personal safety net with a cooldown, 5min at level 200, it is not that it makes you immortal forever, so surviving through a soder 1 time in a while its not broken or op, not imho.

    I hope Ranmaru decides for something that makes the LPW artifact appealing to level it up this week before the 2xp ends.
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  8. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    How comes Brick does not work with the MERCY AMAZOTRON MATRIX??? What was the reasoning for leaving BRICK out? ANYONE?? It wouldve been very nice for earth tanking..

    Is this intended?
  9. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Does the RoL effect have a cooldown? or it can be triggered at any time?
    Edit: nvm i just saw it has a 5 mins timer. If that is the case i don´t see it broken or overpowered; many MMORPGS have similar "cheat death" passives or abilities, in WoW for example Vengeance Demon Hunters that are Tanks and Rogues have similar abilities.

    Please dont over nerf this artifact, because right now seems very promising and a great tool for Tanks in Endgame content (Elite+ & SM)
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  10. mxkekxng1 New Player

    It would be more ideal for venom wrist dispenser to last 12 sec to help it be a better alternative to Grim

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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    Hi Ranmaru,

    I'm just wondering why the Duration can't be increased to the whole 12s cool down for the weapon buff, the reason I ask is because it highlights a descrepancy amongst powers when it comes to white "home turf mods".

    Some powers have back mods that provide accelerated [weapon buff] which means they're getting a 10s cool down on this and basically a 100% up time on the VWD.

    The powers that lack the white mod are going to be losing out here with this artifact especially when there seems to be no actual reasoning (not that I'm able to tell) for why some powers have an accelerated weapon buff and why others don't?

    If you can't increase the duration to 12s, is it possible to add accelerated weapon buff mods to all powers in the game as an option?
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  12. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Hi again, just wondering if a dev saw my previous post about how things like circes mask or other heal buffing arti/ whatever’s will affect the LPW. Basically just wondering if it negates some of the debuff from the 1hp trigger. I’ll try to test it myself but I’m not that great with logs. But this combined with circes could be pretty OP.
  13. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Can you do math? How its gonna negate the RoL debuff if it is a -50% incoming Healing and Circe´s Mask gives you +30% incoming Healing buff at max rank? you still are in negative.

    Besides that, that supposed "OP" synergy can only occur every 5 mins. Stop this nonsense of trying to get this art nerfed and render it useless and niche like it was since its release.
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  14. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    You do realize this artifact is being created to negate any and all mechanics within the game? DWFe is coming up and has the one shot Omega Beam which is a core mechanic to that encounter, well now who cares because Laz Pit will give every player a free extra death because omegabeam won't one shot the player anymore. Death rally counters? who cares we have laz pit that saves the player from any mistake or death they may encounter. No death feats? who cares we have Laz Pit now so any player doesn't have to worry about making a mistake because if they were about to die to mechanics they are now saved and just require a some heals.

    It's not nonsense that this artifact needs more attention because it is by definition game breaking
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  15. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Yes i do

    A free extra Death every 5 mins at max rank, how often Darkseid its scripted to do the Omega Beam? i don´t recall exactly but IIRC it was below the 5 min timer. On top of that, we both know that DPS`s aint gonna run this art, because they would be losing damage.

    Again, every 5 mins at max rank.

    Again you are reaching, you are pretending that this effect its the worse thing ever that its going to break the game, when its not. A saving grace every 5 mins its not game breaking, and you have to survive those 12 secs after the effect procs, and anything can happen in those 12 secs, that player or the group can still make a mistake and wipe regardless.

    That`s your opinion. As a matter of fact we already have a similar artifact that can save you from near Death, its called Manacles of Force, no one made fuss about it, even if the effect has a lower cooldown.
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  16. BumblingB I got better.

    Yes, because Brick isn't a combat pet but a support pet. The argument would make more sense with Gadgets' Suppressor Turret, which is a combat pet. MAM was intended to work with Robot Sidekick, Fury, and Crystal.

    BTW, Brick still can benefit from MAM in tank role. When you hit a Combat Pet Trinket (like Motherbox), you shield Brick.

    @Ranmaru, 25th Century Communicator aka Servo doesn't trigger the Combat Pet element of MAM. Other older pets, like Tiny Starro do.

    I suppose this would be if the benefits of bonuses are additive or multiplicative. I would be curious about this as well.
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  17. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    Manacles of Force is nothing like this change to Laz Pit, for one it doesn't ignore scripted mechanics and secondly it only absorbs 50% of the incoming damage so you still would have to have had your health pool large enough to take the hit. If a player wears Manacles their health pool is much lower and can still die to any large damage hit or simply a boss aggro drop. Laz Pit water has no such restriction and any player could wear it and all it takes is just to have any attack that would have killed them.

    5 min is completely irrelevant because all it needs to do is just have the ability to save you. A group is doing Source Wall elite and the tank or player gets caught in any of the numerous ground mechanics, where a revive is made extremely difficult but now with laz pit water that raid mechanics can be completely ignored and save an entire run just because that player wouldn't have died and required a rez.

    Why even have Elite content or content like Survival Mode when players can just have a complete safety net to any mechanic the game offers? Attacks like Omegabeam are scripted to ignore shields or hit for many times the players health but Laz Pit water works around all of those previous additions because it isn't tied to anything but the artifact.
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  18. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Are you serious? anything can happen in those 5 mins, that player can still die to any mechanic in that time frame, but somehow you chose to ignore that fact.

    You are acting like every player wearing this art would be ignoring mechanics on purpose? on that same example TSWE, there are many mechanics and damage coming from all over the place, let say that X player should have died on purple floor, effect procs, X player lives, but Proma or any of the Bosses does AoE damage before the 5 mins timer, that player would still be dead, and the group probably wiped.

    I give you one thing, with this art a good percentage of trys/pulls that could have ended on wipes, may be reduced, we agree on that, but i got a question for you, why is that a bad thing? Not everyone have 5+ hours to be on TSWE+ or Higher SM rounds. It´s very clear that you have your bias towards extreme time consuming raid/group content, but you need to see the large picture and understand that this game is not only for you and your friends entertainment.
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  19. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Calm down. It’s a simple question. Will 2 artifacts work together or will one negate the other. Unless you know, no need to talk to me. Ain’t asking for a nerf, a buff, or any changes. Asking a question that you don’t realize why it’s important to ask.
  20. Stranger Committed Player

    Lazarus Pit Bug
    The the artifact change is kinda odd. I tried it several times on open world "Death Metal Washington D.C." in the fight with Merciless.
    When he hits me to 1 health, and i get the "can not be ko'd" effect, he can not kill me, but the lava which spawns around him can.+
    So dot's can kill me still? I don't get it... or it's bugged.

    Edit: As atomic the material from the effect is overwritten by density... kinda weird. But i've no suggestion for changes here.

    Edit 2: A Video, so you can see what i mean.
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