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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Jul 14, 2022.

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  1. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I was replying to a lot more of that, but then realize what DeitySupreme meant by derailing the topic. :D

    So I will end this part of my concern over the artifact statline buffs here as well and just say thank you for the information and I am hoping they just leave might on the artifact as well as the others.

    EDIT: I am still concerned about the rage ability and it not being enough time to heal given the minus to healing, especially if you are not in a group with a healer. So hopefully that gets looked into as well. :)
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  2. Proxystar #Perception

    Nah you're not derailing the thread at all, specifically talking about even the statline percentages on the artifact is exactly what this feedback thread is about, you're not derailing the thread at all whatsoever, because they're making a change to those stats its only fair you express your concern, it's valid feedback :)
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  3. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    Thanks! It's just as I was replying to your previous post I was pretty far into details about how I play the game, reasons why I play for survival, my experiences in game, etc. And I was like, ohh, I can see how that stuff may be viewed as going off topic. :D

    And just to stay on topic in this post, I am still concerned about the statline changes and I do hope they end up doing as you suggested and just keep might stat on the artifact along with the other stats. If anything, having the additional stat gives more reasons to swap to it if they are not using it already.
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  4. yumyum sauce New Player

    I feel like the addition to the omegahedron is a great concept, but I feel the people using it will have a hard time staying in the "optimal" sweet spot" (50%-69%). Because everything/every Troll in the game is working against you to not be at half power. In my experience if trolls see you at any power level that's not at 100%, will just use a super charge to get you to full power as fast as possible. The artifact itself is trying too "technically" keep you out of the "sweet spot" by giving you power till you're at 75% (it is still in the low end of the "sweet spot"). Instead of the artifact, your natual power regen (weapons expert, hybrid, superpowered), the trolls pot/dump, possibly your weapon's power regen, killing low threat mobs (solos, duos, open world), and being in event type content trying to keep you at full power. I think the addition should be changed to give a certain amount of might/precision all the time based on your current % of power. The lower your power the less of the buff you will get (similar to the everyman prototype). Having the artifact work with you instead of against you would make more sense.
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Even if we disagree with whether what you're doing is technically the best approach, it's still your approach and its important to include your play style in your feedback, even if others don't think its best. I'd encourage you absolutely to continue doing so, because it's your justification for your view :)
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  6. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I dont see any way how thats supposed to help, since trolls cant decide who they want to fill up with power specifically and besides that, it will be rare to run into a troll that would know what those symbols mean, unless he/she plays the artifact himself. Im still surprised about how many players dont know the green EoG ring has a good effect for them. :D
  7. Mr.W Committed Player

    To be fair everyone will have to learn but im sure they can pick up on it lol.

    I understand a troll can't specify who gets more power, however the player using it will inherently be using a more power hunger loadout & the symbols will tell the troll not to recharge as much for that specific player similar to how the amulet has the symbol on the floor to show healers that person isn't in any real danger & you don't have to heal as hard.
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  8. Mr.W Committed Player

    We can test to see if vindictive or infuriate can supplement the additional healing needed.
  9. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I still have a bad feeling it will do more harm than good, similar to Lernaea's amulet. Although its not as fatal to the group than amulet is - if used wrong wich is nice. :D
  10. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    This artifact wouldve been better suited if it operated similar to everyman prototype artifact in terms of power regen..

    The lower your power bar goes it should be increasing your base power regen for a short period of time..

    example 75%+ power bar keeps you at plus 6 base power regen
    50-74% power should boost your power regen by 10
    25-49% base power regen 15
    below 20% should increase your power regen by 20..

    the addition to add offensive stat boost is a nice touch but its not enough to compete with META artifacts.
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  11. L T Devoted Player

    Bug Report:

    Leveling Omegahedron is a little wonky. The 160 bonus actually kicks in at 140.

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  12. The Dackman New Player

    I have a few observations from testing today:
    1. The Demon's Fang: The Restoration buff from the Shield effect is not working.
    2. The Gem of Horus is not getting the 300% Damage hit when target is affected by bleed, in fact it's not getting any hit at all. Also I sometimes am not getting the second Bleed Proc at 17+ on the hit counter.
    3. The Lazarus Pit Water: When I drop below 1 health I am instantly being knocked out. I tried this with a spore cloud DOT and letting enemies beat me senseless and either way I got knocked out.
    4. My opinion on the Omegahedron: The negative "bonus" between 90-100 % and 0-29% at level 200 should be removed. Artifacts are usually either time consuming or expensive so to get to level 200 and still have a nerf that will have to be overcome seems a little unfair and I think will make this a hard pass for many players. That 50-69% "sweet spot" will be hard to maintain so with so many other good artifacts to invest in I think this will be left out in the cold. Considering the buffs do appear to stack maybe this is being used as a way to curb the OP damage it would be capable of but I will have to leave that explanation to the Dev team.
  13. ID Atom New Player

    Venom Wrist Dispenser

    Percentage change from
    Rank 80: 10 -> 12
    Rank 120: 12 -> 14
    Rank 160: 14 -> 16
    Rank 200: 16 -> 18
    Duration Increased from 6s to 10s

    //Very nice that its finally getting a buff after some time. The artifact's effect definitely should last for 12 seconds in line with the weapon buff itself. Many people who tested it seem to agree there. As for the precision boost, I believe that it should at least be 20% so that it can be in line with other current artifacts. //

    Lazarus Pit Water
    Statline changed to 5% hp 4% dom 3% resto
    From 5% hp 4% pow 3% might

    Rage of Lazarus effect Added
    When HP falls below 1 become unable to become Knocked Out for 6/8/10/12 seconds, if you are not restored back to full HP atleast once before this effect expires become knocked out. While this effect is active decrease incoming healing by 80/70/60/50%

    //Very useful but the rage of Lazarus effect does not work as everyone else as said//

    Computo Redistibutor HUD

    Duration on stacks extended from 30 seconds to 60 seconds

    //Computo should get better functionality in single target situations. Using the same power or precision rotation on multiple enemies to fill up either the might or precision bar is almost doubled when used on single targets and in some cases 2 targets. Increasing the stacks from 30 seconds to 60 is great, but this artifact really only has usefulness in aoe situations and the usefulness of it in single target is really bad compared to other aoe based artifacts. My suggestion would be to make the might and prec bars fill up faster on single target damage by making the damage threshold for the bars related to the number of enemies hit. The bars would need lower damage accumulation to fill them with less enemies, making it more reliable in most situations. //

    Gem of Horus

    Lowered Cooldown to 3 seconds
    Powercost reduced to 350 down from 400
    Increased damage overall by about 8%
    Gem hits changed to
    3-8 hits
    Down from 6-12
    >=9 hits
    down from 13
    <=8 hits
    down from 12
    >=9 hits
    down from 13

    Added a backup bleed procable at 17 hits.

    //As others have said some of the new mechanisms do not work on this artifact. The 300% after 9+ hits doesnt work with the bleed effect on or at all for that matter. Not sure if this was intended, but the 17+ that sets up the bleed actually also does 200% damage for any hit 17+ while also applying the bleed. Lastly, the gem is still too power costly as 350 power for all hit ranges is too much. A suggestion would be to lower the power cost in relation to the hit ranges or lower the cost all together to make it more viable against other artifacts. //
  14. Critical Massacre Committed Player

    This is why I don’t feed old artifacts to new ones. I leveled waaay too many of these artifacts in this thread for some odd reason because they are not good.
  15. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    That is only for rage, but tanks in general have a self heal ability so that might be able to cover reaching 100% health within the time limit if playing solo.

    However if I am a DPS using it and it is at rank 80, and I am fighting a solo boss and he almost kills me which activates the rage ability, but I manage to defeat him anyhow.. even if I can pop a soda and use the supply drop your healing in is cut by 80% so you likely wont even get to 50% health before the timer ends and you just drop dead after you defeated the boss.

    That scenario is likely going to be rare, but it can happen and that is the issue. But that also potentially leads to accidentally self reviving because you got KO'd when you weren't expecting it, and if that happened, at rank 80 at least that just cost you 12 hours of not being able to use it when you may actually need to use it.
  16. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    If my memory is correct sodas and supply drop ignore the healing-in percentage and they heal the amount that in their description. With that said while it creates a failsafe for this rage effect it also puts a pressure on player on when to use soda/supply drop.

    Take Bottled City Soder for example. At max rank it always fills 90% of the max HP while regular soder cola extreme and stat colas randomly heals 45% to 90% of the max HP. This situation creates a kind of synergy with bottled city soder and Lazarus pit artifact.
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  17. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    With the concern some players - including me - have about Omegahedrons debuff effect, i may have a possible solution that should be easy to implement. What if the powerbar doesnt get affected by a controller while using omegahedron? That gives the player total control and its even possible to craft a build on a sparring target without any fluctuation on the outcome within an instance that has a controller in the group.
    The passive power regen may need a slight adjustment but the rest of the artifact could stay the way it is.

  18. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    "HP" means "health"? I don't recall ever before seeing a dev refer to the health stat as hit points, though it's perfectly intelligible, of course. Just novel in DCUO. Switching up terminology after eleven years for no visible reason seems very weird, though.
  19. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    If that is true about the sodas and supply drop the problem shouldn't be nearly as much of a issue as I thought it would be.
    I will be testing it for sure eventually, unfortunately/fortunately with the double XP going on and how much toons I have, I am pretty busy on the live server. :D
  20. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    Even if this works as advertised, I don't see what niche this incarnation actually fills.
    The trade-off doesn't look appealing unless maybe when players max it, no one would really want to build this over time.

    I've come up with a new take based on the principle of making you much stronger when you have full power that decreases while you lose power:

    1. 90~100% power: receive maximum damage buff BUT extreme increase of power cost
    2. 70-89% power: receive decent damage buff with a medium increase of power cost
    3. 50-69% power: no buffs nor power cost changes
    4. 30-49% power: receive medium damage debuff BUT decent reduction of power cost
    5. 0-29% power: receive extreme damage debuff with a maximum reduction of power cost
    Now this will give additional viability to a more self sustained build (or one that relies on controllers more) while keeping the general theme for Omegaheadron alive.
    It's an important change but I don't think this will actually make people take a second look at this one.
    I for one think it might be more beneficial to remove the pet damage out of prec bar calculations,
    but this artifact is so damage-value-based that it needs a precision reassessment to see how any other aspects of this artifact can be updated.
    So just to emphasize, this update should not be considered a one-and-done deal.
    Quick notes:
    1. Bleed is still missing FX.
    2. It would be better if the description writes[3-8 or 18+:...] instead of having 3 lines in that description. It might give the impression that the bleed from 18+ is different than the other one.
    3. Oh yeah, it should be 18+, 17 isn't supposed to proc bleed.
    4. Rank 200 splitting remains a concern.
    I've done some weapon testing, here are my thoughts on how it works and my range combos:
    I test viability based on if it can do Bleed>300%>300% (slipping in a 3rd 300% seems impossible with most of them, which is good) and the Bleed part needs to be containable within 3 secs.
    Bow: Pretty straight forward. Cross-weapon required.
    • Bleed: r↑ > R
    • 300%: 3r > 2R ,or, 3R↓
    Brawling: Feels a bit awkward to do bleed but it functions well. Cross-weapon required.
    • Bleed: r > R > r
    • 300%: r > R > r > R
    Dual Pistol: If weapon mastery wasn't getting in the say, this can be done without cross-weapon at all!
    • Bleed: r >2R
    • 300%: r > R > M > R

    Dual Wield: It works. I just hate meta. Cross-weapon required.
    • Bleed: r > R
    • 300%: r > R > r > R
    Hand Blaster: unviable
    Martial Arts: Quite decent. Cross-weapon required.
    • Bleed: 3R
    • 300%: 4R
    One Handed: unviable
    Rifle: No cross-weapon needed at all and super duper fun! It's just rolling forward and backwards without triggering either max distance.
    • Bleed: 2R (Front to Back/Front to Front/ Back to Front/ Back to Back)
    • 300%: 3R (Front Back Front/ Front Front Back/ Back Front Back/ Back Back Front) /or/ 2M (only one I can trigger a 3rd 300% but not advisable unless enemy never blocks)
    Shield: inviable
    Staff: As it is now, not viable.

    and I am kind of eating my words here,
    2 or 4 (or any 2x) taps 1 hold doesn't count as 3/5 hits, but as 7/9 hits (by changing Flip Burst's final hit into a 5 hit attack), this can really work with a 3s cooldown.

    Why should the hits be changed? You might be wondering, why not get those macadamia nuts instead?

    The final hit of Flip Burst looks very similar to MA's Shuriken Storm, 5 shurikens flying out to the same direction, and the latter counts for 5 hits (6 when it is part of brawling, IDK why), so I do think this is 1 exception where the change can be justified.
    Two Handed: unviable

    This isn't about damage value, and the timing seems tight enough that clipping may not be useful, which may be a good thing. As of now, I'm pretty pleased with the changes here.
    If you want to see any other potential viable combos you can look it up here or if you found ways to clip or slip in other powers and can still do Bleed > 300% > 300%.
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