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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Jul 14, 2022.

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  1. Ranmaru Developer

    Howdy everyone. As time passes, our toolkit for artifacts has improved, so we've spent some time going back and looking at earlier, underperforming artifacts to help bring them up to par. Please test and offer your feedback on these reworks.

    NOTE: ALL artifacts have retained their original functionality. These changes are IN ADDITION TO their current behaviors.

    Statline Re adjusted
    from 5% pow 4% hp 3% might
    To 5% pow 4% might 3% hp

    New Effect Added
    Using a superpower will grant bonus might & precision based on current power for 6 seconds.

    1. 90-100% power (-10/-5, -8/-4,-5/-2.5, -3/-1.5)
    2. 70-89% power (-3/-1.5, 1/.5, 3/1.5, 5/2.5)
    3. 50-69% power (1/.5, 3/1.5,5/2.5, 8/4)
    4. 30-49% power(-3/-1.5, 1/.5, 3/1.5, 5/2.5)
    5. 0-29% power(-10/-5, -8/-4,-5/-2.5, -3/-1.5)
    Venom Wrist Dispenser

    Percentage change from
    Rank 80: 10 -> 12
    Rank 120: 12 -> 14
    Rank 160: 14 -> 16
    Rank 200: 16 -> 18
    Duration Increased from 6s to 10s

    Lazarus Pit Water
    Statline changed to 5% hp 4% dom 3% resto
    From 5% hp 4% pow 3% might

    Rage of Lazarus effect Added
    When HP falls below 1 become unable to become Knocked Out for 6/8/10/12 seconds, if you are not restored back to full HP atleast once before this effect expires become knocked out. While this effect is active decrease incoming healing by 80/70/60/50%

    Computo Redistibutor HUD

    Duration on stacks extended from 30 seconds to 60 seconds

    Gem of Horus

    Lowered Cooldown to 3 seconds
    Powercost reduced to 350 down from 400
    Increased damage overall by about 8%
    Gem hits changed to
    3-8 hits
    Down from 6-12
    >=9 hits
    down from 13
    <=8 hits
    down from 12
    >=9 hits
    down from 13

    Added a backup bleed procable at 17 hits.

    Demons Fang

    Power Restored on hits 1.4% of resto to power -> 1.6% resto & 1% Prec
    Power Restored on hits 1.8% of resto to power -> 2% resto & 1.2% Prec
    Power Restored on hits 2% of resto to power -> 2.2% resto & 1.4% Prec
    Power Restored on hits 2.2% of resto to power -> 2.4% resto & 1.6% Prec
    Also changed to PoT over 4 seconds( all 6 hits can stack)

    Damage changed to include precision in the calculation
    5% resto -> 5.4% resto & 1.4% prec
    6.6% resto -> 7% resto & 1.6% prec
    7.4% resto -> 8 resto & 1.8 prec
    8.2% resto -> 8.8% resto & 2% prec

    Rank 160+ When affected by any shield, increase Restoration & Precision
    Rank 160 3% increase precision & 5% increased Restoration
    Rank 200 6% precision & 10% Restoration

    Please let us know your thoughts and feedback on these new changes.
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  2. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    Things are getting interesting and ridiculous at the same time. I hope artifact lock and 4th slot are also in the works.
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Hi Ranmaru,

    I really like what's being done with the Lazarus Pit here, the new effect is useful and makes the artifact a little more enticing, however a few questions.

    1. Is this working, I went out to a bounty and it didn't catch me when my health dropped it simply knocked me out anyway, am I missing something with this?

    2. Is there any chance at all that we can get the self rez reduced to 5 minutes at rank 200 as well to match the 300second cooldown on the other ability as well?
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  4. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    Yup, tried it on a boss and regular enemies and I just got KO'd at low health.

    Also, I don't about the new feature.

    What if I am in a solo boss fight, they take me down to the point that the rage effect activates, I pop a soda(%50 health because of effect) and defeat the boss, and if my health doesn't regenerate to full within the time frame.. So I just get KO'd even after the boss is defeated?

    EDIT: I was only looking at the maxed out healing from the soda, it is much worse at lower levels.

    This new ability basically puts you in a situation that can force you to use the revive ability. As without it, if I managed to stay alive I can use it whenever I actually get KO'd. But with it, any time I get to near death, it activates the rage effect and if I don't get fully healed within a short time frame, I still get KO'd and potentially have to use the revive ability.

    This likely wont impact you if you are in a group with a healer, but if you are running solos and duos, you could run into the scenario I described above.
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    I don't think its intention is quite that you do it yourself necessarily, although it obviously shows how the artifact stands to disproportionately benefit rage, fire and atomic, with earth and ice drawing the short straw a little.

    I'm curious too, I assume self healing does work, so if you did take a big hit you could drop a supply and a soda and probably bail yourself out.

    I did wonder about shortening the 5 minute cool down on it to make it more appealing as well, but I think shortening that 5 minutes just would make rage and fire tanks too over powered with this artifact, those powers are bad enough as it is.
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  6. IAMRYDER33 New Player

    Definitely appreciated!! It’s good to see them provide options to the current meta. But I have two suggestions:
    1. Increase Venom Wrist dispenser duration to 12 seconds to match the cool down of the prec buff. When it was originally nerfed the dmg was pretty much cut in half so why not double the duration to compensate.

    2. Adjust the dmg that’s needed to fill the Computo Redistributor HUD bars. On live server it takes approximately double what is listed as necessary to fill the might and precision bars. Either lower the dmg to match the description or increase the dmg the HUD outputs by 25-35 percent. You can also raise the dmg percentage one percent. (Two percent total) increase the duration of this dmg buff as long as bars are present.
  7. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    My main concern is that the new ability basically puts you into a position that can force you to use the revive ability. If you are in a group with a healer, chances are you'll get to full health within the time frame of the effect.

    However if you are solo or in a duos, and you get into a position that activates the rage effect, you can just get KO'd kind of randomly, even after defeating enemies.
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh yeah I get ya, yeah you're correct, if you drop out of combat it would need to stop effect entirely right, it would be stupid if after you beat the enemies you just drop dead lol
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  9. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    Yup. I do like that they are spicing up older artifacts though, but this may need to be* looked into a bit more for sure. :D
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  10. Jaelia Committed Player

    Please for the love of everything healers in dc universe online go back and re work Starheart fragment please and thank you!
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  11. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    Since artifacts are being reworked could the new "The Clarion" artifact be changed to apply a shield to the caster and 3 nearby players with the lowest health versus its now 4 nearby players with the lowest health? I like to use it as a troll 2nd shield to get pickups but if none of the shields go on me and the person i'm trying to pick up is in fire that pick up is a GG. And with today's Dpses they usually don't go for pick ups. Thank you
  12. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I was thinking about the changes to Lazarus Pit more, my main concern was that the rage ability has the potential to force a situation that makes you need to use the revive ability. That is especially so if you are not in a group with a healer, as the incoming healing is reduced heavily at lower ranks, and you don't regenerate health in combat and it takes time to get out of combat.

    If you are running solo's or in duos or even just in the open world solo and you happen to get overwhelmed and the ability activates, even if you clear the enemies, you're likely not going to get back to 100% health in the time needed and that will force a KO(like a rage crash) and therefore potentially force you to use the revive ability.

    Yes, you don't have to hit the revive button. But I know for a fact I have been in the middle of combat, got one shot KO'd and hit the revive button accidently. And if you are at a lowest rank, that mistake just cost you 12 hours.

    I think a solution would be reduce the amount you need to be healed up to while not in a group, or reduce the recharge time on the revive ability only if you get KO'd by the Rage of Lazarus ability.

    I think that would help out a lot, but I just noticed the statline changes, and that is my new main concern. As the statline changes are making this artifact lean heavily towards being a tank only artifact, and I really don't like that.

    I know me not liking it doesn't matter too much, but these changes heavily impact my playstyle as I have it ranked up on all of my toons.(I very much play solo and keep to myself most of the time)

    The statline changes alone make it far less useful for the DPS role, and the Rage ability, while it could be better, it is not that big of a issue if it went live like that.
  13. appocolyps Committed Player

    Nice i can add VWD to my growing list of dps tac swaps, thats EoG, Scrap, DKS, Philly Stone, Grim, VWD. Bring on the Arthritis.
  14. Proxystar #Perception

    The statline changes are in my opinion exactly what also makes it far more beneficial for tanks, even now in its current form this artifact is a sub optimal DPS artifact by a significant mile, there's little reason to be running it in DPS role, yet a heap more reason to be running it in tank role as the self resurrection is far more useful for a tank than it is a DPS, because it's very difficult to resurrect a tank and therefore far more useful to have that ability as a tank. A DPS can simply be picked up on most occasions with relative ease.

    Obviously in saying that there are circumstances where any player might benefit from the ability to self rez, I totally accept that but I've always found the "passive ability" of this artifact (self res) to be better for tanks and therefore entirely counter intuitive to ever have been sold as a "DPS centric" artifact. I think it is entirely great that this be changed to be more tank focused in its stats, especially to encourage tanks to run it, because what they're going to have to drop for it will be something like Mystic Symbol or Everyman for example, or another artifact that carrys tank centric percentage stats.:)

    I otherwise agree with most of what you've said and why I originally wondered about dropping the cool down on "Revive" to match the same 5 minutes, it is quite easy to accidentally hit it at times (especially when playing with a controller) only to end up dead again cause the boss is still slapping your corpse.
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  15. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    The stacking effect on the Omegahedron debuff needs to go. You can drive your Might/Precision stat down to almost 0 with this thing. Here is a brief example:

    My Might stat goes from 137604 to 30578 and then it takes a long time to recover.

    I'm also wondering why my Might Stat went from 71k to 40k at 28 seconds even though I hadn't cast anything for a while.
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  16. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    This is primary a tank art thou. Should tanks have to be forced to get unneeded stats just because some want to use it as a dps?
  17. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    I feel like Talon Strike isn't working properly here:

    I do a 7 hit combo followed by Talon Strike to setup that Bleed Effect. That part works.

    Then I do a 14 hit combo followed by Talon Strike to get the 300% base damage hit. The DoT continues, but I didn't see the expected larger damage tick.
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  18. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    I have not been able to get Rage of Lazarus to proc. I've tried getting KOed by enemies and using self-damage from Lernaea's Amulet across multiple ranks of Lazarus Pit Water. Nothing is causing it to proc.
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  19. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Came to say exactly what Penryn just said. Can’t get pit to proc. I like what it’s supposed to do tho so am excited to give it a whirl.
  20. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Gem of Horus

    Lowered Cooldown to 3 seconds <<<<<<<<<< i afked for that now it suits to rotation !
    Powercost reduced to 350 down from 400<<<<<<< its still power hungry
    Increased damage overall by about 8%
    Gem hits changed to
    3-8 hits
    Down from 6-12
    >=9 hits
    down from 13
    <=8 hits
    down from 12
    >=9 hits
    down from 13

    Added a backup bleed procable at 17 hits.

    I like this changes but at rank 200 only 3% prec its kinda low.
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