Artifact Ranks Increasing, Dev or Mepps respond

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by CodedKills, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    Word’s spreading fast about artifact ranks increasing and I don’t wanna speculate on how bad this will be so could you just give us some more information before people really go crazy. Something like if your introducing a new nth metal that can be earned NOT BOUGHT, bringing more 2x artifact xp weekends, making seals tradable again or to where we can buy them from Constantine, bringing back catalyst in alerts. We need information before people start thinking too negatively and maybe quit. And I don’t wanna hear anything from you people who say artifacts aren’t needed day 1.Yeah I know they’re not needed but if your telling me that it’s fair that since the last 2x artifact xp weekend which was almost 6 MONTHS AGO i’ve saved just about all the experience I get and all I have is 1M when a rank 200 artifact would supposedly need 2.7M artifact do. That’s 8.1 MILLION artifact xp for three artifacts. I can almost guarantee that I’ve saved more experience than a majority of the community so increasing the ranks would only leave people more behind then they already are. It’s funny too because I actually thought 160 would be max like cmon it’s already gold what’s it’s gonna become now cosmic or platinum?
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  2. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Just wait till all the FOTM prec dps dump 2.7 mil into their 200 Venom Wrist Dispenser and then the weapon pass comes

    :p :p :p :p :p :p
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  3. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    I can already see all the people who’re gonna rage when that happens LOL
  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I bet you $20 mil in-game a certain someone will publicly threaten to quit (again).
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  5. MissingUsername New Player

    hey i know this is kinda a random place to ask, but what do you think is the Healing power with the best DPS role?
  6. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Depends. Are you any good at clipping? Single target or multiple target? Front-loaded or back loaded? Precision-based or Might-based? DPS isn't a monolithic thing - and nor are any of the Healing Power sets.
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  7. Great Architect Loyal Player

    IIRC, the XP from Nth Metal has been augmented (cough) alongside the higher requirements for levelling. I expect that they would continue that practice.
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  8. MissingUsername New Player

    I’m okay at clipping, I’m always down to get better. I would prefer single target, right now I’m on electric but I’ve been getting out DPS during boss phases by lower CR powers. And idc about whether it’s front/back loaded or Precision/Might based, I’m gonna end up changing my play style to match what ever Healing power does the best DPS.
  9. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    The only change I remember was 1 and that was taking out the flawless nth metal, 1000 xp, from the vault and replacing it with the augmented nth metal, 3000 xp. This change really isn’t much considering that it only drops ONCE A WEEK. Even if they gave us a boost in xp earned, it isn’t enough we need another way to get seals or catalyst since these new breakthrough percentages WILL BE extremely low.
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  10. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Are you might or precision? as these will impact the outcome

    If you are might it would be Nature. With the change to healer supercharges Nature's missing group shield isn't as prevalent an issue and you have technically the bug cheese with EoG as well, but despite that alot of content now adays is damage over time heavy which nature excels at. Nature might is the top power out of the healer classes in terms of might giving you the flexibility of wolf at melee, gorilla at range and gorilla on single target.

    If you are precision it will be water. Water healing greatly benefits from EoG usage with flood of power and resetting tempest and bubble and focusing on shield builds instead of healing, but you still have the 4x reset on solace of the seas with FoP as well if needed. Water precision excels in single target and does well in melee as well.
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  11. MissingUsername New Player

    Ohk thanks I’ll look into nature a little bit more
  12. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    The devs have promised that they are working on a weapon pass - basically a fix for the way weapons work in the game. Something that will balance them all. The suggestion is that it will severely affect the wrist dispenser artefact.
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  13. Sleepis4theRich Active Player

    id upgrade the BOOK/ EOG/ VENOM to 200

    scratch the sparring artifact

    i mean this way you at least only have the venom to worry about changing. The Book and EOG can still both be useful for a might based loadout if you want to switch over to might but yeah it would still suck investing in it. id still hang onto it though just in case id want to switch back to precision for whatever reason.
  14. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Alot of artifacts are easy to give a 200 bonus to but an artifact like the Grim I don't even see how it would be possible. It already gives 1) pet damage 2) single target PI 3) aoe PI there is no other effects left unless they just want to "increase pet dmg" and then who is going to pay 1 million+ XP just to get 4k dmg on a pet instead of 2k?

    Will be interesting to see alot of them
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  15. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Make it like Decoy consumable?

    "Transfer 25% of your incoming damage to this holographic decoy..."

    It would need to be lower than that of course but still, it would be doable.
  16. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    Yeah there’s that too, what new effects will we get from our artifacts? Is eye of gemini going to last for 8 seconds now? Menacles of force gonna give us a shield when it procs? I don’t want these new ranks to have game breaking effects
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  17. Sleepis4theRich Active Player

    meh i dont see players spending money for that either lol. DPS players want things that increase Damage specifically.

    how about we get a second pet that does an additional 4k damage but also increases the crit chance / crit damage from the pet.
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  18. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    we don't need artifacts raised any more. If they do, they need nth metal to have higher experience
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  19. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Mepps already confirmed new ranks coming with next episode.
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  20. useless Well-Known Player

    Wait, he did? Oh how many game hours i spend to get 1 to 160...4 to 140...1 on 120... and this new one for dps is on i'm going to fall behind again... pfff...
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