Artifact pairing for healers.

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  1. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    So, to get right to the point:

    I currently have Page, Trans, Strat, for healing (celestial). I've been leveling (ever so slowly) the Purple Ray. Even at 120, this artifact does work.
    Considering proc chance (who knows what it is, with strat), and how long (not very) to charge the Ray (which is a %100 chance of HoT on 8 ppl), does the Ray outperform the strat?

    Basically, should I be packing the Page, trans, Ray, or Page, strat, Ray?

    I've noticed the healing from strat is significantly higher than Ray, but only on a "chance" of proc on a crit. I might get 10k healing over time from strat (once in a while on a person it crits on), but always get a 3k+ (at level 120) heal over time on everyone from Ray.

  2. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Not sure if it is the meta across the game, but the purple ray, page, and eye are what most end gamers use that I run with. They might swap out the eye for the orb on last boss of FSGe last boss, but that is what I am seeing and use myself.
  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I'm running ray/orb/page, all 200 on sorcery. The ray is probably the weakest link but it's not terrible. Adds a little extra to my spam 6plyr heal. Rarely use my primary since its orb attached but very clutch. I don't use a supercharge tho so no need for eye personally. Power has never been an issue so don't need anything else. Healing is super easy like this tho, that's for sure
  4. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    So, for someone who has never used a healing super charge (on celestial), and never used priority heal (and runs elite without issue healing):
    Page, purple, and for the last one: trans or strat would be better?
  5. Berza Committed Player

    I don't play celestial, nor use purple or Strat, but I use page and it's crits are invaluable. So my suggestion, trans.
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  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Agree, trans would be my pick. Why doesn't celestial use orb btw? Or you personally don't like using primary heal?
  7. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    Personally I don't like the orb (sucks so much power down, and doesn't offer very good stats).
    I also prefer to not use priority heal on any of my healers. I generally find better options with my loadout.
    For celestial, I use:
    Admonish, virtuous light, consume soul, shield, Malediction, and plaque (when I'm sure I'll get the combo for the Virtuous light).

    For electric, I use:
    Bio cap, galvanize, recover, shield, wired, and Arc
  8. Psyfur Well-Known Player

    Great question! I think it depends on the situation. So here’s my opinion. Have Page,Trans, and Ray as your normal setup. But for those times when you need more heals over time, just swap out Trans for Strat.
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