Artifact Issues PLEASE READ DEVS

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  1. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    They're gonna end up giving this option to us. But instead of an artifact costing $250 to go 0 to 200 it will be $500. Seals will creep up to $10 for sop's/ $20 SoCs. Grass is always greener
  2. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Let's be honest, there are plenty of issues with artifacts that needs to be adjusted and fix. The amount of experience to level up needs to be adjusted. The amount of experience nth metal gives needs to go up. Can't try an artifact out until level 80. Even then you can only try the bare minimum of what it can offer. Won't know the full effect until you reach 160 in most artifacts. In some cases maybe 120 depends on the artifact.

    Then there is the breakthroughs, y the time you reach level100 you are at 60%. When you reach 120 already had 40% breakthrough. I don't know what the breakthrough percentage for level 160, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's at 15% or 10%. Which utterly ridiculous. I do know at rank 200 it's 2%. Do we need them at 200? No we don't however it would be nice. Most of us like to either stay competitive or pull our own weight.

    We have seals of preservations and completions, which you can only get in the market place, so you have to spend money no matter what if you want any.

    The other argument is save the nth metal for double xp weekend. You can but only issue is will be new artifacts are coming out you might want to try but they only come out after the double xp weekend.

    If anyone remember mods for our gear. Each tier required 3 more exobytes to level them up. It was 8 exobits for every exobyte. Eventually enough players complain about starting over when ever a new tier or new gear came out. Devs came out artificial mods or recovery kits. In the market place was full recovery kits. Recovery kits would drop in instances so at least we were able to recover some of our exobytes back.

    Unlike mods, seals of preservations do not drop any where in game, can only get them on the market place.

    Both systems have their problems but one was a little more user friendly then the other. One required no money at all while the other basically does at some point.
  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Not against the idea, doubt many would be. Those in disagreement are simply stating why they believe this would actually be horrible for the game. Also, it could only ever be a member perk. No ftp/ no premiums getting this. They'd need financial support to make it viable.

    OP is in another level. Patience is key with artifacts. 1 dlc span will give you enough Nth to take an artifact to basically 200 if you plan accordingly/ save/ use alts to feed main, and wait till double week. Seals can all be acquired with your member cash. 3 to 4 months time, bam all set. I'll be doing 2 arts from 140 to 200 next double on one character, 2 being fed into 2 new ones on 1st alt, and 3 from 100 to 140 on 2nd alt. $0. All are different btw so this plan really only helps a select few. My tanks artis aren't going to help my healer and that healer is sorcery and the tank is rage so they don't even use the same dps ones. But like I said, if this were to become a member benefit, sure all for it. Ftp and prems would have to stick to the old way.
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  4. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    I simply disagree. Obviously, from a consumer standpoint it would be great for the game, so you must believe on the business side of things it would be horrible. I don't believe they are making as much from people spending money on alts and their artifacts as you may think they are. And I further believe the interest and motivation this kind of change would draw out of people would circumvent a lot of their losses from this type of change through further usage of replay badges and even membership. This is all hypothetical, but I really do believe people would like the game more with a change like this, and people are more likely to spend on a game they are more motivated to play.
  5. Charlieboy Well-Known Player

    I have 8 artifacts at 200 on 2 toons that I have had to abandon as I simply cant afford to keep them levelled up. In this instance if we could salvage artifacts and it gave you XP Nth metal that you could use on another toon. Keep it account bound and even 50% salvage XP would be better than nothing.

    But yes, I agree, in an ideal world artifacts would be shared and people would start using their support roles again.
  6. Metallix New Player

    Can y'all make time bomb fast it's so slow
  7. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Completely wrong thread for this BUT i agree but thats not why its a terrible power (it is one of the reasons tho) time bombs issues are many.
    1) it cant crit (this alone makes it basically useless)
    2) its damage is capped meaning u can only buff it so much (this guarantees its useless)
    3) as u said, its way too slow
    4) its glitchy an sometimes stays in the air or travels sideways instead of down completely missing

    Bottom line is its the worst dps option for quantum. Pick something else, you’ll be much happier

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