Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Mr.W Committed Player

    Rich golfers were fancy & bought a vowel lol.

    F o r e!!!!
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  2. BumblingB I got better.

    They changed it, "And that's terrible."
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  3. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

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  4. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Red pilled and based
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  5. Trykz Dedicated Player

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  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    What for?
  7. Mr.W Committed Player

    Great research

    Hmmm, I could be looking into this too deep but Mepps may be a genius asking us to discuss this. From your research (I'm going to look into it later :p ) it almost seems like Mepps is also asking us is there anything wrong with an alternative if it's more streamlined, has the same impact, & delivers the same message/meaning?
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  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    English-language spelling reform.

    Not really a new idea.
  9. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I had a nice response, but Hunter beat me to it! He won the prize
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  10. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    A No Prize!

    ...wait I think that might be the wrong comics company.
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  11. FoolsFire Devoted Player

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  12. Sword- New Player

    The game might look free on a surface level, and for the most part, yes you can technically get everything for free, but it's had a ridiculously egregious p2w model for a long time now and has only improved marginally in this area. When endgame content is really the only thing of interest to do in this game, due to a lack of variety of content, it's hard to get players to return when there is a steep paywall to engage properly in endgame - or they will have to wait until the end of a dlc for 2x xp events or even longer if they wish to earn the xp in game to max even just 1 artifact. On EU server, the endgame community is so small, it's within your best interest to play at least 2 roles. I play 3 and was for a while considering a 4th, but it's exhausting to make alts under this business model.
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  13. Sword- New Player

    Oh I would have actively encouraged anyone with alts to do this on all their alts at least, even if it was just a few artifacts if it still worked - just to circumvent the pain of trying to fill missing roles at the end of a dlc when the population is lower so nobody is struggling to find tanks or trolls. I don't really agree with having stockholm syndrome towards an abysmal business model or any attempts at damage control for a dev team that charge sky high prices for artifacts, and yet can't even use the revenue to hire some programmers to keep dlc launches free from the game breaking bugs that allowed people to do this in the first place. Some of us old timers are just tired and want the game to be in a place where we can get other old timers who have long since quit to come back and have paid more than enough on our mains to go through all these hurdles legitimately. If you want change you have to fight for it - and it's got to the stage where I'm not just going to be silent and put up with bs dlc after dlc. It's nothing personal.
  14. lanternspartan Level 30

    Haha! Buying is not legit way of leveling items. Heck the people that used items they farmed from playing is more legit than those that paid money to level up and breakthrough all the artifacts. I don't care what people say, it takes forever to level up artifacts based on how the devs have this game. Even when you're legendary. Especially, for alts. 10s and 100s xp nth metal is nothing. Those are the ones that are raised drops. The 1000s, 3000s, and 12,500s aren't. The last two don't even drop. As someone who paid to level up artifacts, I don't care about those that grinded items and used those items to level up their artifacts. That seems more legit than those like me who paid.
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  15. lanternspartan Level 30

    Not to mention people probably paid money to level things. You still need catalysts and seals to break through everything except for OP pieces, Origin augments, and allies. So the devs will have to refund marketplace cash, catalysts, seals, and the money used to purchase marketplace cash. Or they say whatever and move on to fixing this dlc that still has bugs that are being ignored for a fortification glitch. Which them worrying about that is also causing a problem with the level tab being gone. Inventories are feeling up because the devs didn't have the common sense to realize people who are leveling items no longer have inventory space to run anything because they can't delete those items because they need them to level up items.
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  16. lanternspartan Level 30

    The real problem with missing roles are the ones who paid to level their artifacts that have that elitist attitude of asking for roles with 200 artifacts. People in this game forget we completed stuff without artifacts and still can.
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  17. Requake Dedicated Player

    Can you really blame people anymore? I'm not OK with cheating and/or glitching but the point where they went from 160 to 200 artifacts was just laughable.
    I've said this before, imagine being a new player and wanting to play with your friends in endgame?

    Endgame to me is elite btw, normal is close to irrelevant

    Actually imagine yourself explaining to a friend how to best get to said end game:
    Get CR, get SP and get artifacts, first 2 are semi OK by just playing the game, want to get artifacts up?
    Easy, grind a year for exp, wait untill double exp and MAYBE get an artifact to 200 or even 160.
    oh and FYI, you will need 3 artifacts for your main role.

    Can you imagine?

    Not even mentioning possible artifact swaps mid combat or per situation or even your alt role.
    Or the massive amount of source marks you will need;
    According to it's 1382 marks per artifact, that seems plenty as well.

    I play DCUO, WOW and FF14, on the last 2 games, anyone that I know and talk to bursts into laughing when they hear this and usually ends up in a 'cba' or something similar.

    Again, not OK with cheating and yes, Daybreak is still a company, but this system is out of hand.
  18. kabeq Well-Known Player

    Okay yeah, I refrain (mostly) from complaining when there are programming issues. Stuff happens. But now, this morning? Not only can we not use our booster items, I can't mail stuff to my alts, because everything is apparently account bound. Even being maxed out on all inventory slots I've run out of room. Sad face. Long exacerbated sigh. Pick one.
  19. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    The system is far from out of hand. Debating your views doesn't mean I have Dev Fever. Being a new player and wanting to play with friends in Elite content, you have to realize that you can't create an account and do endgame in 1 week. If you're forunate and $$$, then maybe you can. I just told a friend who asked asked about it. I told him to get to "my" level he'll have to spend $$$ or grind his butt off for a month. Told him about the different items you have to level. Adaptive augments, artifacts, OP gear, etc. To be true gameplay ready for Elite, I told him between $500-$1000 to get enough skill points, etc. I've played WoW from Burning Crusade launch till basically this game came out. WoW was a full time job, if you didn't buy gold, when they made it EZ, this game was more fun to me. Sunwell was awesome. Professions were worse than artifacts. Glitches in WoW were similar to this game, especially on patch day or the hackers were in every aspect of WoW. Chinese farmers under the map stealing all herbs and mining nodes. Or Rekadin, the unstoppable melee ret pally. One shotting everything! Haven't played FF14 but have heard great things about it.
  20. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    It is great, if you can log in. After a couple HOURS of waiting I usually get an error code and kicked from the log in que. So yeah, fun times…
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