Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I think this is a reasonable request considering how atrocious the launch was. And it's not unprecedented considering that they often give gifts following long maintenance periods. I don't think they would ever refund money, due to the amount of different platform partners they have to coordinate with, but I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask for some type of compensation.

    Maybe after they issue the permanent bans in January they could offer a "loyal members package" or something with a certain amount of Daybreak Cash for all the remaining members/players as an apology for the botched launch. It's not required, but it would be a nice gesture.
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  2. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    My point is that whether or not this was a known issue is irrelevant with regards to people using it as an excuse to get away with cheating. I should have been more clear with my statement.

    I totally get why it was frustrating for honest players.
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  3. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Don't forget that your value as a person doesn't have anything to do with your characters in a video game. Your creativity in real life is probably amazing, and that's what really counts. I hope you have a good couple of weeks with friends and family (not sarcastic).
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  4. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    How can Giganta crash cause the artifact exploit? The unfair thing is the unintended use of it was known by 98% of players. Anyone with current artifacts know the pains of leveling them. You think throwing a bunch of words together that sounds "heartful" is proof of dev deviance? Sometimes what we say, says more about us than the message trying to be portrayed.
  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    They did intentionally try and succeed, that is why they are suspended. The people that that did it by accident are not.

    It's not.

    They did check logs. That's how they knew who to ban.

    No you aren't, take a Xanax and calm down.
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  6. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Nah, tired of letting cheaters get passes, dont worry. Theyll make a new account and be right back.
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  7. Mr.W Committed Player

    Hey snow, take a moment to breathe & be sure to contact the crisis hotline if you're feeling really low. Im sorry things are so hard for you at the moment, but life will get better as well keep pressing on. And, it's the moments we seek help that we are able to find the strength to stand & find the better times around the corner.
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  8. Mr.W Committed Player

    Thank you for explaining the similarities but why their different. The only thing though is for some, they didn't have to "do" anything to reproduce it. Some ppl literally just logged on & just had the option of exos.
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  9. AvatarofCake New Player

    It's nice to see some empathy in this sea of condescending remarks and "witty" (snarky) comments. Bravo!
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  10. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Hmm... I was honestly being silly, but thank you for giving my "suggestions" proper consideration. In my own twisted world, only the people who publicly apologized would get the cheater title for a year and be allowed to keep their accounts - all the others would be deleted from the database as if they never existed and their names locked so they couldn't re-create them. But then, I'm not a nice person.

    You are correct. Which is why I said only people who apologized and are willing to be banned should be let back on. The cheater titles are for them. The other ones, non-public, are for people who are unrepentant. You'll note some of my "suggestions" were mutually exclusive. Again, thank you for responding. I didn't expect anyone to take it terribly seriously (not with the Titanic Trenton bit in there).
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  11. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    While the episode was still being tested, had someone had said "Hey this is popping up and letting me feed exobytes into Allies and Artifacts." There would have been steps taken to prevent what happened: either the bug would have been fixed before the episode went live or the episode would have gone live with the fortification tab disabled while they track down the bug.
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  12. AvatarofCake New Player

    I'm pretty sure at-least one person did? or maybe I got that wrong? Either way I still don't see how the bug and the exploit are separate things. That is my main concern with what you said, other than that I 100% agree with you. I also have some experience with the hardcore (Both PvE and now extinct PvP) communities and I know many of them sadly keep a lot of their discoveries to themselves (some for nefarious reasons, others simply to stay ahead of the curve with the whole scoreboard chasing nonsense) - so I know they can be... less than helpful sometimes.
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  13. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    If you scroll up you can see the screenshot of what was reported. The bloated list of inventory is what was reported but not the exploit of feeding the wrong materials into the wrong items. Everything was listed as having 0 XP, no one reported the actual exploit because no one on test was aware. Well maybe the explorers from test were aware but kept it to themselves.
  14. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I actually saw this when I went to the fortify tab (PS4)! There was no crashing involved as I avoided Giganta. I thought to my self oh great they’ve screwed something else up and exited from the fortify screen out of fear of losing something important I wanted to keep.

    So the banned ones just dumped all of that into the OP neck piece? I thought it was restricted to the arts & augments.

    Is that the accurate number of catalysts required to level up the neck piece?
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  15. Soul Dedicated Player

    Oh some of them DEFINITELY were aware. But you still haven't explained how is the bug different from the exploit.. all you've mentioned is that the person who reported it showcased different marks, it's still the same bug and the exploit is of this bug. That's why Mepps' separation in his response is odd. Maybe it is completely different on the backend of things, idk - but as far as we should logically assume from the bug report and the evidence of the exploit - they are the same thing. I don't think the lack of trustworthy testers is a good enough excuse for a botched release. If testing outside of their firm is so crucial maybe they should incentivize it somehow.. or for start give access to the majority of their customers who happen to be playing from consoles. No one here disagrees that some testers are cwap people.
    For a lot of people, myself included, that's exactly how it happened. I just logged in one day and if I wanted to fortify something, anything really, I could use any mark I wanted or even ally xp..

    Since I'm not an idiot I knew better than to try and feed anything where it shouldn't be fed.
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  16. Tolly Committed Player

    the players who should be banned in this story, are those who knew about the bug on the test server and didn't say anything to take advantage of it on the official server!
  17. BugReporter2000 Active Player

    Thanks for banning all these people... Can't find a single person now on EU who's up for Elite+ :)
    Really good!
  18. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    Oh my gosh... Thank you. This is exactly what I've been saying! Although the glitch and the exploit are very much connected, they Are Not The Same. They are two separate arguments, and must be discussed accordingly. Oh, and wow, that pic speaks a trillion words.... U mean to tell me that a bunch of ppl just "didn't know"? Lol yer even able to use your Marks for upgrading them xD
  19. Plowed In Loyal Player

    The bug is the coding itself, while the exploit is the action taken, in this case, using the bug with unintended gameplay. In this case they’re related, but not one and the same. It may seem like splitting hairs, but many encountered the bug without exploiting. It’s up to the devs to determine actually what is an exploit (unintended vs. intended gameplay). Or you can google bug vs. exploit for further explanation.

    The fact that you see marks, gear, compound omegas on the list - WITH 0 XP - and are able to be used as fortification material is clearly a red flag. Do you think those that exploited used their grains of time/data chips as food here at 0 xp or do you think they selectively used beneficial items - exobytes with much higher values than typical fortification material?
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  20. Soul Dedicated Player

    Semantics. And if you're interested in what I think scroll through the now.. almost 10 pages of dialogue since I first commented. You'll have to forgive me but I'm tired of repeating myself.
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