Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    Yes, everyone.

    I was not attempting to weigh in on the moral standing of anyone's argument here or anywhere else.

    Simply, that less judging by EVERYONE, would be a good thing. Everyone here is more than the sum of their forum posts.
  2. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    In your haste to disparage everyone you disagree with, you clearly do not recognize that making claims of knowledge that you could only possess were you telepathic reduces your credibility to nil.

    a) Just about everyone defending punishing the cheaters here has previously criticized the devs to one degree or another over a variety of issues, which makes your claim laughable, and:

    b) even were that not the case, you simply aren't in a position to know that people are "blindly" supporting the devs. Setting aside that most people have explained their reasoning. You're just claiming that " 9 persons outta 10" people you disagree with are mindless. Needless to say, this doesn't actually help your arguments in any way.

    Making ludicrous, impossible, let alone insulting, claims, is not actually a useful approach to discussion. It simply reveals that that's all you've got.
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  3. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Name-calling: how useful and persuasive!
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Can't blame him really, he has to wait for the other 3,000 people queuing to get in to Final Fantasy before him because it's a pay to sub game that still doesn't buy enough player support.

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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    But you believed it when your friends told you they only stole one of the artifacts right.
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  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Sigh. I wish one didn't have to keep explaining the most elementary points of logic: if "everyone" engaged in "less judging" than you would not be able to judge "everyone." Telling everyone that they should "judge less" is a judgement. You are part of "everyone." Is there some part of this that confuses you?

    It's useful to understand when one is saying something that makes no sense.
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  7. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    I am part of everyone. And it my original post, I plainly admitted to not being perfect. Congrats, you caught me not being perfect.

    You're hilarious, kid. Happy Holidays! Peace.
  8. ak40seven Level 30

    Excuse me, I dont know every forum member's background. I dont have a chance to spend as much time on forums as someone with 5k posts like you, Id rather prefer actually playing the game
    you, hamsters, all explain your reasoning with "cheaters do be banned bcs me no cheat and they cheat" - average summary of all your irrelevant reasonings
    My arguments are all solid af and I can stand for each one of them, and not operate by abstrtact concepts like you do
  9. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I pointed out that your "reasoning" was, in fact, gibberish, as well as engaging in moral equivalency. But thank you for sensibly agreeing that you're writing gibberish.

    However, you're engaging in the fallacy of the excluded middle when you posit that your remarks could only be either "perfect" or acknowledged as gibberish. Most writing by humans, in reality, lies somewhere in between, in your excluded middle: neither perfect nor gibberish.

    You might want to consider working in that area. It's got much more room than being limited only to "perfect" or "gibberish."
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  10. ak40seven Level 30

    one of these 3 is a close friend of mine who i do believe to and another one simply did have all the artifacts maximized before the exploit as a matter of fact and he did send screenshots of his inventory multiple times before exploit was a thing, so he could only get BWL to max rank and thats what he did
  11. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    I'm all for banning those who definitely exploited intentionally (multiple artifacts in a short period of time) but if you don't ban them, here's some possible punishments:
    * Remove all their artifacts. All of them. Make them start over from the beginning. But make all artifacts double price.
    * Make all characters on their account have the title "THIS PLAYER IS A CHEATER" for at least a year.
    * Make all characters on their account wear a dunce cap with "CHEATER" on it for a year.
    * Lock any characters they used the exploit on and make that character show up in the top of their character list on log in so they are constantly reminded of their cheating.
    * Allow them to log into the character they used to exploit, but have it floating in utter blackness with no ability to warp to a base or anything - just silent black.
    * Transform the exploit character to a duplicate of Titanic Trenton with two powers: Boasting about cheating and collapsing whenever any other character approaches.
    * Home confinement - let them log in, but limit them to their base. No instances, no open worlds, just their base.

    Just a few thoughts...

    Now, I'm inclined to be slightly sympathetic to those who have admitted to using the exploit - there have been two of them on this thread that I recall - and wouldn't mind THOSE two getting their accounts back eventually. There must be a punishment, but I can see those who admit they cheated PUBLICLY getting some slight mercy. Private apologies or outright denials don't impress me much. The people twisting themselves into pretzels trying to justify their cheating can be banned for life and I have no issue with it.
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  12. timetrapper52 Well-Known Player


    Now they wanna publicly take action against cheaters when it has to do with them losing money. How about what's been going on all along with the speed hackers now very common in multiple league and alot with there very own personal speed hacker

    even in the first few days of the new episode releasing its been nothing but speed hacking from most of these leagues even noticeable in open world this community is just the worst and its the dev's own fault for not investigating hard enough and taking strict action against these prohibited actions publicly. Shockingly they seem to think nothing is going to happen to them and its now widespread to the point of even common friends is doing it

    The game at its current state has no integrity if your smart enough that's a big reason for not playing


    I want to see more public punishments and investigation being done asap

    if not I'm about to expose alot of leagues and players publiclly which is tos but idc I rather get banned from this crap then nothing happening. I absolutely hate what has become to one my favorite game now its nothing literally nothing because it has no integrity

    If you know someone that's doing this crap call them out as you should DO NOT TAKE ENJOYMENT FROM CHEATING YOUR A FOOL IF YOU DO
  13. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    As I said, you're in no position to make credible claims about what "everyone" thinks.

    "I don't know" is also not terribly compatible with announcing that you know that everyone responding to you was acting "blindly" and are "full of bs," but being consistent with two out of three claims is better than not at all.

    They said in writing on the forums. Hint: you can't actually logically attack someone for doing what you're doing, which in this case is writing in these forums. No matter how much you try, it still fails logically.

    Also, although you're rounding up by 200 to get to 5000, let's stick with that number as close enough, and do a touch of math. 5000 comments posted over 9 years makes for ~550 comments a year, which means that I've written an average of 1.5 comments per day in nine years.

    Wow, huge number, isn't that? That fact sure is insulting to me! In your head. Why, I must be literate or something to be able to write an entire one and a half comments in an entire day!

    I'm afraid you'll have to try again to succeed at actually insulting me. Maybe something without math involved.

    Thank you for enlightening us, oh superior being! It is most generous of you to take your valuable time out to spend it here on these forums with us mere hamsters!

    But did you in fact mean "you hamsters"? Or did you put a comma in between "you" and "hamsters" for some, you know, reason? Hamsters are really cute, by the way, aren't they?

    And what's an "average summary," exactly?

    How is it, do you suggest, that we "all" coordinate our reasoning to be the same, absent our reasoning simply being correct? Us hamsters all agree on what we'll say on a private mailing list first, do you think? Or could it simply be that using actual reasoning generates accurate conclusions? What do you think, oh wise master?


    If you do have to say so yourself.

    Which you do. Ain't no one else gonna do it.

    (Hint for the future: when one makes valid arguments, one doesn't have to announce that they're "solid af." People can tell for themselves when it's true. It literally goes without saying.)

    Heaven forfend, though, that you should understand or use "abstract concepts" (or "abstrtact concepts")! I realize that using "abstrtact concepts" must sound like a very scary idea to you. There, there; I'll try to use such intimidating tools as little as possible when addressing you.

    Better safe than sorry for you to stick to avoiding "abstract concepts." They're so complicated! I'm sorry if they make your head all swimmy and hurty.

    You go ahead and stand for "each one" of your arguments, whatever that may mean. I'm sure it's good exercise, at least.

    You are correct about one thing, at least: writing to some people greatly resembles running on a hamster wheel. But, hey, it's good exercise for the fingers. Or did I confuse you by using an abstract concept there? Apologies, if so.

    I'll try to remember in future, though, to address you as "ak40 'My arguments are all solid af' seven." Your eloquent reasoning deserves to be remembered.

    Use more exclamation marks! The more you use, the more emphatic your words will be perceived as!
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  14. ak40seven Level 30

  15. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

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  16. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Whataboutism at its finest.

    If the cheater-defenders use every logical fallacy, we should all get a cookie to celebrate!

    That's "if you're smart enough." Hope this helps.

    Run-on sentence with no punctuation much? Perhaps you could recast that sentence into intelligible English?

    Perhaps not.

    What are "common friends," pray tell? Whomever they are, don't you mean that they "are" doing it?

    And why are you friends with speed-hackers, exactly?

    Yes, I'm mocking incoherency. People who are "smart enough" can achieve actual coherency and thusly avoid such mockery. It doesn't actually take much smarts. All it takes is just a tad of English-language literacy. Literacy is awfully handy in writing persuasive English! You, and some others, might want to look into it.

    Or not.
  17. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Yes, I'm sure reading doesn't come easily, or quickly, to you. You can work on that, though. Eventually you can learn to read entire paragraphs at a time, if you try!

    Not trying is so much easier than having to try to respond coherently, to be sure.

    It's "tl;dr," though. "Too long; didn't read" is the phrase: it's two separate assertions. The semi-colon identifies that there are two separate thoughts.

    "Too long didn't read," on the other hand, is, again, just incoherent.

    Hope this helps! I'm sure you can achieve coherent sentences eventually, if you work hard enough!
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Edit; Haha yea, not worth it lol, you continue to believe the fairy tales :D
  19. ak40seven Level 30

    basically thats what i meant by saying 9 monkeys outta 10 respondents supporting devs actions and throwing tomatoes at those who apeal to reason ^
    two prime example above
    you guys didnt need to prove me right but A+ for effort @proxystar @mstiklefate
  20. myandria Item Storage

    Well, this was an "interesting" thread to read.

    My biggest take from this latest "glitch exploit" is that we may not see a resolution to the in-game money transfer issue for an even longer period of time, if ever.

    Many players do not realize that when an exploit like this one happens and account bans are large in number, it gives the devs the extra defense against QOL changes we'd like to see and against giving out more nice things. Why should they produce content that we ask for when they have to ban a large amount of players on the regular for exploiting the game? It hasn't been a year since the vendor glitch (May of this year, if memory serves me right).

    How many hard head players must have their backsides softened (temp/perma bans) before they realize it doesn't help them or the game in the long run when they take advantage of exploits?

    All that is left to do now is to wait for January for the "transparency" report about this glitch.
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