Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Controller Devoted Player


    This thread needs some Q, lol.
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  2. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    But not so busy that you can't write literally a thousand words in a wall of text. Check.
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  3. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    For everyone defending exploiters I just wanna ask… how do you expect this to get resolved other than banning, realistically? So far I’ve heard rolling back arts. How? Who is going to dedicate the ridiculous amount of hours it’s going to take to go through each of the HUNDREDS of suspended accounts to revert back every single artifact to what it was before? Who is going to pay for all that extra time to do so and why should they? And how do you expect them to do this and still manage to find time to ever balance out powers, continue to roll out content, push out new materials, auras, etc?

    I’ve also heard reset all their artifacts to zero. The main defense of allowing them back in game is that we won’t have enough players, do you honestly think people are going to stick around if the biggest grind in the game other than feats is going to have to be restarted because all their artifacts are reset? No, people are still going to quit and once again, who is going to dedicate all the extra time to do that while maintaining any deadlines for new content, time capsules, etc?

    The reality is that a good amount of people really messed up and that’s on them. The sensible thing to do is ban those that broke the rules and hope that population issues don’t become a long term problem. If they do, a big portion of that blame falls on the players who took advantage of this exploit.
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  4. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Moral equivalency for everyone, bartender! My treat!

    Would that "less time on judging others" include judging "everyone" who isn't you as all equally at fault and all equally worth reprimanding?

    The two sides here are the people supporting cheaters being punished versus people supporting cheaters getting little or no punishment.

    But "everyone" should spend less time "judging."


    Moral equivalence.
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  5. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Personally speaking (mileage will vary of course), I don't need these accounts perm banned or my pound of flesh. I'd be personally satisfied if all detected users of this exploits were returned to the game (after their accounts are properly investigated) with their *accounts* rolled back to the date of their exploits and are given a final notice on their accounts against any future activity. I think that's sufficiently punishing enough.

    This would mean, they're suspended pending outcomes of DI's investigation and any progress (natural or exploited) is rolled back to that date. They'd lose everything since that date.

    I don't think permanent bans in this situation are really the solution. As I said previously, I don't think any of these people acted out of maliciousness; they were opportunistic and simply thought they were the only ones affected, no one would notice, and they'd quietly benefit from it and get away with it. If it wasn't wide spread they probably would have.

    So. I'd rather see perm bans reserved for toxic behaviour and limited to "crimes" against players. But. again, this is just my position.
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  6. ak40seven Level 30

    Oh really? Well, and if that someone else said smth about your mother? Maybe just find new friends somewhere outside DCUO ;) I believe it really is a viable advice for someone with 15k+ messages on the IQ decreasing forum
  7. zNot Loyal Player

    You should add „my friend got banned so imma defend them“ :p especially you thats always one the devs side all of the sudden not weird
  8. zNot Loyal Player

    They should stay banned if the devs see a dramatic drop in players MAYBE as a last chance reset every single ally,artifact (no matter if they got it legit ) and ingame cash they got and take all nth/ally xp from their inventory then unbann them depending on the severity of the exploiter or just should stay banned and save ressources and time and money.
  9. ak40seven Level 30

    Imagine what would the amount of suspended accounts be if devs actually did smth about the glitch within first hours after update release. And by did smth I mean either shutted down the servers or hide the fortify menu what they eventually did but too late. Yet they let players exploit for 2 days or so.
  10. ak40seven Level 30

    thats what they were saying back in 1939, holy cow dude you do need help
  11. zNot Loyal Player

    I thought you werent banned so why does it hurt u?
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  12. zNot Loyal Player

    Its your own fault dude! It was obvsiously a bug and keep in mind they didnt bann the people who only did once by mistake we are talking about actual players who did countless amount of times theres no excuse for this!
  13. ak40seven Level 30

    there is no win in here for me whatsoever, in a place where 9 persons outta 10 blindly support devs actions and throw tomatoes at those, who dont even protect exploiters, but simply appeal to reason
    and cheezus stop with this arrogance dude. Did your presence at forums, represented by 1.5 k messages, spoil you so much or you always been like that?
  14. L T Devoted Player

    800-ish banned accounts. Seems like 900 new players here on the forums.

    Hey Mepps! Y'all should do this more often! It's great for the population!
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  15. ak40seven Level 30

    this is false I know 3 persons who got suspended for 1 artifact or ally. get your facts right
  16. ak40seven Level 30

    the only thing thats hurting me right now is witnessing that bs you post in here
  17. L T Devoted Player

    Good luck with your Christmas Wish.
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  18. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    How many more times do the devs need to be lenient with punishments before we stop ending up back in this scenario? This has not been the first time loads of people have taken advantage of an exploit and minimal punishment was given. It’s getting old. If anything, it’s sending a message out that cheating isn’t a big deal.
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  19. ak40seven Level 30

    that wouldn't teach them
    how about resetting sp on top of that? what do you think?
  20. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    I’m not defending the actions of the devs. I’ve made several posts (especially during the points where the glitch was active) in regard to my discontent with how they were handling things. I even asked in my own thread if shutting down servers until the problems were resolved was a possibility. I’m well aware and agree that the handling of these incidents have been subpar. But that doesn’t excuse the exploiting that went on. People need to be held responsible for their own actions.
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