Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. ak40seven Level 30

    not really
    you forum dummies are giving me aids
    i hope it kills me asap and i wont have to witness this idiocracy
  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Because playing a super hero was their second-to-final fantasy. :cool:
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  3. zNot Loyal Player

    Im glad you and other toxic exploiting players are banned forever.
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  4. Dene Devoted Player

    I know (and regularly play with) a couple of them and they are some of the most honorable people i know in this game - they also love the game and would never cheat.. just my experience

    Corny? maybe. True? Absolutely!
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  5. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Someone (I don't remember who sorry) made a post about this basically. A couple weeks ago they were discussing their concerns about some testing feedback not being transparent and being reported privately. Of course we know historically a lot of the time testers (especially in the hardcore player community) often test exclusively to find exploits they don't report or report after it goes live and they already benefit from it. Hence the issue with any lack of transparency.

    This issue would appear to be more relevant now.
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  6. ak40seven Level 30

    who told you I was banned, sherlock? another classic example of forum monkey operating its own assumptions as if it is the ultimate truth
    I am sorry to dissapoint you, but I am not banned, yet my ingame experience is being violated by devs actions reducing half dead eu server's population at the new episode release
  7. Proxystar #Perception

    Someone else came on and said EU was fine, maybe just find new friends that aren't exploiters ;)
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  8. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    SO you're not banned, but you play with people who are; and you're upset *they* were banned for cheating. Not sure this is the winning reply you imagined it was when you clicked reply.
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  9. Sword- New Player

    Your entire argument is based on what you believe to be true to fit your own delusional perspective of the situation, but none of it is based on reality.

    I went to Final Fantasy during Metal Part 2 dlc, and played through ARR to Shadowbringers, and had a blast, and Endwalker was nothing short of an amazing amalgamation of a decade worth of storytelling and content by a team that puts their entire heart and soul into their product, you probably can't even fathom how refreshing it feels to have such a change in environment, and that's because you are are still stuck in your ignorant ways, doing free PR for a dev team that just can't get out of the habit of releasing broken content - if you're into that, I'm not judging, if you like having broken content, broken raids and game breaking bugs every raid, then I don't understand your logic, you do you, but don't expect everyone else to just sit there and take it, if that makes you salty then that's a you problem. The devs even apologized for it to some extent, so you are in the wrong here, the devs know that the game can't keep going on like this, and if they had your negative attitude, the game would be doomed.

    I do care about DC, and have done for almost 12 years, for the sake of all those left after the massive player loss, I hope the game does improve significantly, even when crazy people like you are blinded by weird euphoria. I will enjoy FFXIV, its fantastic and I won't cheat on it, because I don't cheat on DCUO. I hope you enjoy DCUO, when the population is so low you are running content with speedhackers, or maybe running survival mode season 3 with speedhackers like a lot of you did last time, which is cringe, you might look back and regret trying to throw temper tantrums with the players that did care and did take the content seriously. It's not my fault you have too many reading comprehension issues to get the overall point - I already quit this game a long time ago, when NerdofPrey left, the game lost direction and has been on a wobbly tight rope ever since.

    Leopards do never change their spots, that is exactly why you will be sitting here 10 years later making the same snarky comments when the game is being kept alive by skeletons, and I'll be on FFXIV doing ultimate raids. Because I'm an endgame player who has already done more than enough legitimately, who is sick and tired of being dragged down by inexcusable P2W bullsh*t and seeing a game that I cared about for over a decade nosedive in such a spectacular way and you are just looking for any excuses that keep you in your little bubble of denial, so you can't possibly fathom that there might actually be real reasons why some people are frustrated with the business model, or that the playerbase is solely responsible, even paying players who have potentially paid more than you have - I mean look, you have even brainwashed yourself to believe that the people that got banned are all cheaters and never played legitimately and will never play legitimately, that's some messed up gaslighting if i ever saw it. You can't confront reality so you have to make up a narrative of your own, to make yourself feel better.

    Your lack of self esteem or belief that you don't deserve better is my case in point, and it's the result of stockholm syndrome. If you want to lose sleep over my comment, you do you... I never asked for your approval or permission to speak my mind and maybe you need to find a better hobby than being salty on online forums when someone says something that upsets you. I've already said my piece, and given my candour to the devs. If you want to believe I'm desperate and really want to come back and am just using FFXIV as a means to circumvent a ban, and if you have assured yourself that that's true, just because the idea of someone else not having the energy to deal with a game you like anymore is too much for you to handle, then idk what to say to you other than, believe that if it makes you feel better, but um, it's kinda weird. I've been playing many games recently, and its bizarre that you think we are all as addicted to dcuo as you are, or are part of some cult where nobody plays anything else, um no I've been waiting for endwalker since it was announced and am glad to be back, I have no desire to come back to dc at the moment. This is here for the devs to read, so they can at least get a perspective from someone who did the glitch, and if they agree or disagree, then that's their business, but this is a forum where we are free to speak about issues related to the dlc, and just because you disagree with my comment doesn't mean you have to be obnoxious about it and try to make up some fake narrative.

    Also, for future reference, a lot of people took time out of their day to test this content before it launched and tried to communicate bugs like this to the devs, there aren't enough players on test to really make a difference, and a lot of those players are now banned which means test server needs players now more than ever. I'm not interested in your petty attempts to do damage control for the dev team, but if you really care about this game, why don't you try being more useful than a forum dwelling fanboy and actually get on test server and help them next time so issues like this have a chance to be fixed. If you have time to sit here on the forums being snarky, you sure as hell have time to actually contribute something positive for the game you are blindly defending. Take care, I wont be replying to any further comments so your input will not be necessary. I've said everything that needs to be said and am busy doing the new raid tier on FFXIV.
  10. Proxystar #Perception

    So many words when all you really wanted to write was "Let me out!"

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  11. Tolly Committed Player

    your comments on a forum are 3 times more toxic than a cheater who exploited a bug, he (for the exploiter) did it silently and without being insulting to anyone! ;)
  12. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    Hey sis. Sounds like you could use some holiday cheering up!

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  13. Proxystar #Perception

    Almost like putting 3 times the experience into an artifact thinking it wouldn't be noticed?
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  14. Tolly Committed Player

    this has nothing to do with toxicity!

    You want a toxic player experience? I invite you to go and play on R6S ;)
  15. Proxystar #Perception

  16. zNot Loyal Player

    Cheaters disrespect the company of the game. There are devs like Charon,mepps who work for the game day and night also on weekends and you come here cheat while others spend money on it shame on you and other cheaters you cant get much more toxic then this. Enjoy the bann.
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  17. Tolly Committed Player

    That's no reason to treat people like that and I'm even willing to bet that you were quite happy to find them to carry out some kind of instance, There, however, at that time, they were not cheaters for you!
  18. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    A lot of judging going on.

    Cheating shouldn't be allowed in the game. People cheated. People got caught. Action was taken. That's how it should be.

    However, as a wise man once said,
    “Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.”

    I may not be guilty of anything in DCUO, but I know I am far from a perfect person. Probably would behoove everyone to spend more time on self-reflection and less time on judging others.
  19. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player


    Look at a piece of paper.


    It has two sides, right?

    Are they somehow *not* opposing sides?

    Can there be "two sides" of the piece of paper without the two sides being opposing sides? Is that physically possible? Is it?

    Can you grasp that the only way there can be "both sides" of an issue is for them to be two opposing sides?

    No? Okay, I give up. I'll accept that you live in a different dimension than the rest of us. Enjoy!
  20. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Your claim:
    Asked for evidence, you write:

    Which part of "the exploit was NOT reported on the test server" confuses you?

    Because Mepps wrote in English, and I speak and read English fluently, and Mepps said the opposite of "this exploit was reported."

    He wrote that it was NOT REPORTED. What part of that is difficult to understand?

    The number of people on this forum who literally cannot read basic English, without an apparent excuse of English-as-a-second-language, is beyond belief. Ditto those unable to use or follow the most basic elements of logic. OMG.
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