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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    Lol OhMyGosh. U seem to be the Only one here that apparently doesn't understand a word I said. I'll try one last time to help u.

    Whose fault is the glitch? It's the devs. Everyone here agrees with that.

    Who's fault is the exploit? The ones who Exploited, of course! That's my point all along! I'm not blaming the devs for the decisions that these cheaters made okay? You got it now? I don't understand why such a simple fact is Soooooo hard for u to grasp!

    Listen... Or read... The. Devs. Aren't. Responsible. For. Any. Stupid. Cheating. Decisions. U. Make... And by that fact, I can't just double back and say that it's the devs fault for the cheaters. All they are at fault for is the glitch's existence.. remember my analogy for these cheaters blaming the devs for Their willful decision to cheat? This entire discussion would not even be happening if you simply read in context. It's like a Robber blaming a homeowner for not unlocking their doors.. it's stupid. Now let me break this down.

    Just because the homeowners knowingly or unknowingly left the door unlocked, does not mean that they are responsible for their home getting robbed. The full responsibility falls on the one who committed the crime, right?? The Same. Exact. Thing. Applies!
    Now if the homeowners would have kept their door closed and locked, then Maybe, just Maybe, their home wouldn't have been robbed. That doesn't mean it's their fault tho. Cuz it's the Robber who made a conscious decision to rob them..
    The same thing applies here. Your are sooo focused on the cheaters and Their foolish decisions, that you won't even look at the problem that the Glitch actually existed. That's my point. And you seem to literally be the Only One Here that just can't grasp what I'm saying.

    So now I'll end this with what I said earlier.

    It's the devs fault that the glitch existed.
    However, they are not responsible for any decisions these cheaters made. They are in a fault of their own, and have been dealt with accordingly.

    I will no longer continue this. If u don't understand them it's on You, I'm not responsible for that. You may have the last word.
  2. AvatarofCake New Player

    Alright, now I know I'm confused.

    What do you think this is?:

    I assume you're going to take Mepps' word that they've tried recreating it and failed, why would you not take his word that it was reported?
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  3. Soul Dedicated Player

    I've gone out of my way making assumptions? His very first response to me was assuming I'm a cheater. Clearly you two don't know each other and you are totally unbiased.

    It wasn't a shtick, I really am tired of repeating myself - we should be directing this energy towards making the game better, not cheering at the executions. That's Dev territory not exploiter territory.

    I wasn't mixing anything, If anything I was separating the two so people would stop bunching other people together based on their views on this matter. You are the one mixing the two together.

    The exploiters got what they deserved, now it's time to ask for more than a half-hearted apology from the people who made the exploit possible.
  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club
    They were aware of a bug but they were not aware that it could be exploited. They couldn't reproduce it on their end so they probably assumed it was just a 'hiccup' in the system. Once this super rare 'hiccup' passed onto the live servers, a small army of players figured out how to reproduce it, exploit it and market it for themselves. Tracking down this bug required assistance from the player community.
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  5. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    When a bug appears, if you go to the bug section, they always ask for details of how to reproduce it. If they can't reproduce it, they can't figure out how it occurred. This happens with every bug in the bug forum. Do you follow me so far?

    So the fact that a single tester has the fortify menu glitch one time doesn't mean the devs are able to magically solve the issue. The next step would be to ask that tester for more information, such as what were you doing, where were you in the game, has the issue appeared again for you, literally anything that can help uncover what went wrong.

    That's why I asked, do you have any evidence that the exploit was reported to the devs on test, or that any of the testers were able to even make the bug appear again or list steps leading to it?

    If one tester reported a bug once, but yet, even trying, can't make it appear again, and the entire internal testing team, trying, can't figure out how to reproduce the bug, what do you suppose they should do about it?
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  6. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    If nothing was done to the cheaters, the people who spent money and grinded out the artifiact system would feel like they've been cheated since someone else got better stats via an exploit. Cheaters getting banned is making the game better, that's why the cheering is there.

    And you know the minute they do any kind of an apology for the exploit going live, it's just going to be ammunition towards the cheaters to use to ask to get themselves unbanned. Bans don't mean anything if history is repeated with another wrist slap.

    The only thing I would agree with is some rewards going out to those who reported the bug and help them track it down to fix it; those are the ones who should be compensated.
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  7. Sword- New Player

    A few days before this banwave happened, I left my league and quit dcuo for Final Fantasy XIV, and have only briefly been playing dcuo since then, because I instantly realized just how less toxic the atmosphere and business model is in comparison, it felt freeing in a way, like I had been rescued from being trapped in an abusive relationship, no more did i feel stuck with a business model that only serves to perpetually exploit it's playerbase, and it made me realize, by quitting dc I lost absolutely nothing compared to what I gained. DCUO didn't always used to be like this, it used to actually be quite good, that's why I subscribed for the first time back in 2011, on my old account, and continued to play from 2012 onwards. Episodes used to be launched with plenty of content and nothing ever really felt copy and pasted, because the devs used to care about the game and play it. I am no longer under the impression that either of these aforementioned statements are true anymore. To the devs, this game is merely a revenue generator, where the most anticipated content is a new booster bundle, time capsule or something that will cost players money in some way - and that's when I asked myself the most important question. What do I gain, by supporting these devs and the existing business model? My answer to that, is... Nothing... absolutely nothing...

    Do I miss dcuo? no...
    Do I feel like I am missing out on Episode 42? no...
    Thats what's so bizarre, it almost feels as if dcuo never existed at all. Perhaps I just have so much apathy towards the game at this point that I simply couldn't care and was simply having fun watching the game burn in a way. It felt almost relieving to do it, because I didn't actually have to do anything for the glitch to work. I simply logged my alt in the new open world after doing my dailies, and I could level any artifact to 200. That's when I realized, dcuo isn't getting any better, the devs have been quite lazy and slow to crack down on bugs and in a way, especially in the raids, karma was waiting just round the corner and look what happened. In the space of like 2 hours, over 800 people did this glitch, that is about 2/3 of the active population of EU server and all they had to do was log in.

    See I'd already paid for 2 level 200 artifacts on my alt, paid replays to get my alt's sp up, so it felt amazing for once that I didn't have to spend another $150-200 just for a third - or go through any more of these almost never ending financial hurdles just for my alt to be able to be powerful and I only created my alt out of necessity because a lot of endgame players have been quitting. Maybe one day you will have played long enough to understand why I am disgruntled with the unscrupulous side of dcuo's development and why after this point, I think I can make a case that this isn't really stealing moreso than it is being compensated in a messed up way, for the money I have given to these devs over the last decade. The playerbase has been patient with these devs and given them many chances for their mess ups in the past, and yet here we are - almost 2022 and almost nothing has changed.

    Meanwhile, I can see you are still suffering in a way from stockholm syndrome, which is fine, because you are still enjoying the game, but it also means you are looking at this situation through a lens in which you can't truly understand why this frustration with the devs exists and why it has been building up for years. I already had my last straw with the devs when they ignored testers, released Episode 42 in a diabolical state instead of doing the sensible thing and delaying it, and then blaming the playerbase for their mess up with no apology, no commitment to making sure this never happens again. I have no trust that this wont just reoccur and reoccur due to what seems like a persistent neglectful attitude in the team towards content. I feel more sorry for the tiny amount of endgame players left on EU server, because I've seen the damage myself, entire leagues are just gone, I've seen the laments of frustrated players that didn't do the glitch but are quitting because their friends are gone and it just makes me feel like, damn. Maybe I did the right thing by getting suspended enough to cut any loose ties with dcuo that were going to potentially bring me back.

    "The reality is, the rules state you are not to take advantage of an exploit, if you do so then you risk account sanctions, no "if's or buts" about it and remember you agreed to that by clicking "accept" on the terms and conditions before playing the game."

    I think you misunderstand, or rather I don't expect you to know my personal reasons for doing this. I already knew this was going to happen before it happened and at the point I did it, I'd already quit in advance, and done this glitch as a means to vent frustration. I was already fed up of the game, and just leveled up some dumb artifacts on my alt, you know, a lot of the ones that aren't worth it but still cost almost $300 per one, like the lasso xd I had a blast doing it and anyone here who says it wouldn't be fun to see artis at 200 is kidding themselves, it was funny as hell, funny seeing people who couldn't afford artifacts with like 10-15 artifacts at 200, I don't think I have ever been so amused at a game - it was like watching the small people revolt against a tyrannical system in a way and if Marx himself played dc, he'd be rolling in his grave i'm sure.

    For me it was more about making a message, that I'm fed up of being exploited and having my loyalty to this game taken for granted. It was more a way of trying to guarantee that I will be free of this game. I've already done everything legitimately on my main character and regret nothing in hindsight. A loss of near enough 1000 players or more will truly hurt the business model of this game, dramatically more so in the long run compared to what the devs lost in the short term, a loss like that would sting any small mmo, let alone dc. The devs were in the wrong from the moment they launched this dlc in the state it was launched in, and only have themselves to blame for not cracking down on this earlier - they can't blame anyone else, because none us can fix their bugs for them. We can't fix this game, when the devs launch things in a broken state so it's completely irrational to blame the playerbase. Only the devs can fix this mess, and it's their responsibility to do so and make sure this never, ever happens again. Until they take accountability for their mistake here, until the delusional players that are defending episode after episode of broken, unsatisfactory content snap out of that trance and start asking the devs for better, this game is doomed to go out, not with a bang like ffxiv just did with endwalker, but with a whimper.

    I'll end this with a question for you all to think about. Why should I consider supporting the dev team and what do I gain out of DCUO that I don't gain from FFXIV? Because, I've already pondered this question many times, and can't really see any light at the end of the tunnel for DCUO. The retaliation from the devs, even though they are most likely acting on their policies and procedures and maybe disheartened that this happened, almost ensures that EU server will be on a steady track to die slowly as more and more people are losing motivation and hope in the dev team. I don't need to justify my actions and I'm not here to do that - but I am gonna ask the devs to say sorry to everyone that still plays. Because dcuo's playerbase deserves better than this.

    Im not trying to appeal my suspension, I'll take it. I'm not against doing time for what I did but at the same time, I'm simply looking for even a crumb of hope that maybe one day, the devs will understand - and I mean, truly understand - the frustration of the playerbase, and do something positive to change it. I've already had almost 12 years with DCUO, and for what its worth its been a pleasure, but I don't have the energy or motivation for it anymore and seeing EU server in the state it's in right now, was like the end of infinity war; a marvel vs dc crossover would have been super cool, but I wasn't expecting a Thanos finger snap when the population was already so low and it might have just killed the game. That's why the devs have to evaluate this situation carefully and not let anger blind them to the fact that DCUO needs symbiosis between the playerbase and the devs to survive, even in moments of strife and chaos. I don't know how many players will come back after the suspension, we may have permanently lost some of them. But what I do know, is that the devs must maintain a closer relationship with testers, and take feedback more seriously. If a glitch like this is reported on test the dlc needs to be delayed until its fixed - and ultimately, even if you are one of those crazy people that think the devs have done no wrong or cant do things better, even you surely must be able to see that this is an error on two fronts, and not just a bunch of greedy people stealing from the devs for no reason.

    You don't need to agree with me, I just need you to understand and think about why a lot of us did the glitch, think about how testers feel when they report stuff and feel ignored, and I want the devs to think about what they can do - within reason - to alleviate some of the frustration that caused almost 1000 players to do this glitch in the first place. If they can't do that, well, dcuo was fun while it lasted, but Eorzea is calling.
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  8. Tolly Committed Player

    One inch, just for the size! :p
  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    No one got suspended for what you describe.
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  10. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    I have to say I appreciate and respect the honesty in this post and it does clarify things a bit. It doesn't make the actions right but this shows a level of real contrition and consideration I haven't seen much from others who took part in the exploit.

    I hope the devs give you another shot.
  11. Trykz Dedicated Player

    You can level 4 artifacts for $200.
    Check the artifact leveling guide in my sig.
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  12. Trykz Dedicated Player

    I’m just here for my cookie.
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  13. Siramez Well-Known Player

    you here are starting a new argument instead, I have no issues with the other person and we have ended on last comments, but here you are, restarting the same argument and adding more useless points you make. this is why forums is just the worst place to be in.

    my guy, what are you on about? are you saying its ok for some people to tell other people what to and what not to spend on anything? am I not allowed to speak on forums because you told me not to? why should I listen to you at all?
  14. Proxystar #Perception

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  15. ak40seven Level 30

    cheezus you actually cant comprehened elementary statesments, its pathetic and irritating at the same time
    prime example of an average forums resident
  16. Proxystar #Perception

    Are you Okay?
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  17. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Mepps wrote:

    That's three apologies: how many are necessary? Five? Twelve? Forty-five?
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  18. Sword- New Player

    You forgot the part where I was on the dev team, and chose to launch Episode 42 even though I was aware there was a game breaking bug, and you also missed the part where I deliberately programmed the glitch into the game so I could cheat all my artifacts and steal them, and yeah ofc I'm going to exploit final fantasy, a game that has no P2W mechanics and was amazing because I'm so sick and tired of ffxiv, even tho it just released arguably its best expansion, find out more on next weeks episode where I sell stray Lalafells into slavery, for massive profits.
  19. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Patch 6.01 is out with the new Pandemonium gear set, YAY! Of course I still have to deal with a min. 2 hour que wait to log in on PS4. Everyone else seems to really be enjoying Endwalker.
  20. Proxystar #Perception

    Nah, the truth is you're putting on a tough front, pretending like you don''t care, but instead came to the official forums for a game you just got banned from, writing a massive novel, only proving entirely the opposite, you care a lot; certainly cared enough to come here and attempt to validate yourself and regain face.

    Truth is you didn't go to Final Fantasy out of choice, you went there because you had no choice following your ban and you're looking for a new game outlet; it's got nothing to do with the perceived quality of Final Fantasy and we all know it, including you.

    Leopards never change their spots though, you exploited here and you'll exploit there too, not because of any issues with the game but simply because that's what you do.

    Enjoy Final Fantasy ;)
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