Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Soul Dedicated Player

    The word you're looking for has been used here a million times - Exploited.
    Idk where this need to see other people get punished come from, but it won't change what actually happened - there was no stealing.
    Some people paid with the wrong currency, some of them did that on purpose and they get what they deserve. Why is this a cause for celebration and how does that answer for the mistake that led to them being able to do so?
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  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    You could be suspended for a completely different reason.
  3. Proxystar #Perception

    By all means keep trying to "lawyer out of this", truth is, no one held a gun to your head, you ****** up and exploited the artifacts.

    I mean, no offense either, but really, exploiting the artifact/fortifcation system of all things, even if you are to argue "meh exploiting stuff ain't that bad" exploiting that system probably has to make you one of the dumbest mutha ****as on the planet, well actually correction one of the 800 most dumbest mutha ****as on the planet.

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  4. Soul Dedicated Player

    This just goes to show where you're coming from. I'm still fully active and so is my entire league on EU side.. I actually agree you have to be a special kind of stupid to go after their main source of income. But seeing pathetic responses like yours going after other customers rather than the people responsible for this exploit is just a depressing sight. Especially when your real interests shouldn't be measured by how other people get treated but rather by your own experience in the game.
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  5. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    I can understand the stand you are taking and a few years ago I may have felt that way as well because I am sure there is no love lost between me and the devs with some of the comments I have made over the years.
    But regardless of what words may be used (Cheating, Stealing, Exploiting, etc.) the fact of the matter is those who have been suspended and eventually banned still broke the terms of the TOS by doing it. Right or wrong and regardless of whoever anyone feels is to blame, all arguments are invalid as a result.
    You and I and all the others in here can say what we want, but we ALL have to agree to the TOS to play this game and with that, Dimensional Ink can do whatever they feel like to remedy the situation.
  6. Proxystar #Perception

    Actually not at all, this threads just 30 pages long now, I've been pretty reasonable throughout, even expressed sympathy for the few people that came in and apologised, I hope the devs actually do cut those people some slack - they deserve it.

    As for the others you adequately speak of "pathetic" , that's exactly what the rest of the people are when they come in here blaming the developers for leaving the cookie jar open when they couldn't help themselves but to eat them all, no, that's what's actually pathetic.
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  7. Soul Dedicated Player

    Oh great another metaphor that doesn't fit at all..
    I guess the cookie jar is somehow the fortification menu but instead of taking out cookies you put different kinds of cookies inside it that don't fit quite right?

    Getting on here just to see people burned at the stake is pathetic. Every second wasted here on regurgitating the Devs words instead of questioning them on the why, how and what now with regards to their mistakes.

    What is the point of acting like a boyscout for Dimensional Ink? How does that improve the game for you? Now that people who needed to get punished got punished - why are you here regurgitating their words? What about the cause for all of this and the state of the game because of it since episode 42 launched?

    How are you not seeing this is just mob mentality at this point? This issue didn't start with the exploiters, it started with the exploit.
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  8. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I'm just stating that there are different consequences for everyone involved. I must admit thought ,I do have more empathy for the business side in this situation because I know how hard it is to create a complex product. The 800 or so knuckheads that took extreme advantage of the situation and then, lost their toys don't even register as significant in my mind.
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  9. Proxystar #Perception

    If you think I'm some kind of dev apologist then you're mistaken, I'm not happy about the way this DLC launched and Mepps has apologised for that, short of a few freebies I'm not sure what else can be reasonably expected...

    HOWEVER, that does not mean, if something is broken the players should exploit it.

    We are duty bound as players under OUR AGREEMENT with the devs to refrain from exploiting a bug, it would be normal for a person to perhaps do something by mistake once, I get that, everyone gets that, but usually a mistake isn't going to tip in to "egregious exploiting".

    As Mepps pointed out, the people presently banned were obvious and serious offenders, they weren't people making mistakes and if they were it will likely get sorted out.

    I'm sorry if any of these people are your friends, but if for any moment they're suggesting to you they are innocent or only did it a "little bit" then I'm sorry but I'd suggest they're lying to you.

    Let's also for a moment consider the "true offenders", without the hypothetical "newbie doing an accident" unicorn.

    These were likely experienced players, who knew full well exobytes weren't or fortifying artifacts, could clearly see something was not right with the system (this is the open cookie jar) and decided of their own volition to instead use them to fortify not singular artifacts but rather numerous ones (this was them eating all the cookies) , hence their immediate suspension.

    You cannot blame that choice and action on the developers - doing so is classic blame shifting so that you don't have to accept there's consequences to a choice.

    The truth is, they hoped that they would be seen as "immune" and that the devs wouldn't notice, unfortunately they did and when you put yourself at the mercy of the devs "sole discretion" to take punitive action against you, you're risking coming off second best and that's exactly what happened.

    Based on previous encounters the devs haven't banned, they've shown mercy and perhaps that sent the right short term message but the wrong long term one.

    These players erroneously thought they could do what they wanted with no consequences, guess not; and maintaining their bans especially for the most egregious ones and certainly least remorseful exploiters sends exactly the message the devs now want.

    Stop glitching and exploiting and everyone should heed that message going forward
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  10. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Try, oh, I don't know, reading?
    You were saying?
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  11. Soul Dedicated Player

    Are you on their payroll or something? What wasn't clear about my reason of being here?

    You claim you're not an apologist but that's exactly what you're doing. I don't care about the people who exploited, none of them were my friends and no one I play with was affected. You keep making assumptions about me and my surroundings ignoring everything I say.

    Maybe if I start highlighting sentences or choose different fonts and colors this message will get through to you.

    Our only duty should be to ourselves and our experience in the game, as long as other players aren't ruining it for me I honestly don't care what they are doing - that is the Devs business to handle - and they did. What they didn't handle was the feedback leading up to this, owning up this specific mistake and the repercussions on players who had nothing to do with it.

    Getting your nose brown here won't improve the game or your experience in it - constructive criticism of the game and its handling will.
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  12. Proxystar #Perception

    • To be a dev apologist one would have to mindlessly support every decision they make simply because they made it, that isn't an accurate statement of me, I support the devs when they make a decision I like or is generally positive and I vocally oppose decisions that I perceive as negative - that is the very opposite of being an apologist.
    • Supporting the ban doesn't make someone an apologist you should really refrain from drawing that conclusion.
    • With regard to "our only duty is to ourselves and our experience", you'd be wrong, I'd refer you to clause 7.1 (12) of the End User Licence Agreement which explicity states not to exploit.
    • Whether you realize this or not other people cheating in game does impact your experience, it can skew difficulty settings, it can skew and negatively impact game features, it can undermine effort and reward it almost certainly does impact your experience in a tangible and negative way, irrespective of whether your vision is so tunneled it blinds you from perceiving it.
    • I am not on their payroll ;)
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  13. Enemy Ace Well-Known Player

    There are very few things more nauseating than a "sincere apology" that slowly degenerates into a self-serving plea for undeserved mercy.

    If you were really sorry, you'd embrace the punishment you rightly earned. Being sorry means feeling shame, and the shameful don't whine about their circumstances.
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  14. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    What makes you think that I am acting like a boy scout for them?
    Maybe I feel like acting like a responsible adult instead of a whiny naive brat.
    Grandstand on your soapbox all you want, those who took advantage of the exploit knew better.
    They did it, got caught and are paying for it.
    What part of that do you not understand?

    There have been glitches and exploits in this game from the very start.
    You think I haven't had friends, league mates or even family get banned from getting caught up in the "it's SOE's/Daybreak's/Dimensional Ink's mistake"?
    Maybe I am smart enough to actually realize that whether or not a glitch/exploit was live at any point in the lifetime of this game that I KNEW it was not a smart thing to use and abuse it.
    That I actually had the COMMON SENSE to not risk my account on doing something so stupid and asinine that I could possibly lose my account.

    I understand from your posts that you cannot accept the fact that it was within Dimensional Ink's rights to have made the decision it did.
    It shows that you do not grasp the basis of the TOS or even that if it was the dev's mistake for having a bug that could be exploited that it was still wrong to do so.
    Please, by all means keep replying to my comments as well as the others so we can see the depths of what you can or cannot comprehend.
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  15. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Nobody has been "celebrating."

    We're just sick of all the folks using holes in their rear ends to blather on and on here in the forums about how terribly the cheaters will suffer from their bans and why banning is a terrible, terrible, mistake, because reasons.

    I've been reading this crap in the forums since Feb 15, 2013, almost nine years; I'm snarky at the same old bull pucky because it's literally just the same claims made over and over and over and over and over again here by children with access to teh interwebs. It's amazing that Mepps doesn't burst from the strain of keeping his temper.

    Cheating in a game is a theft of services. "There was no stealing" except for using an exploit to generate items that to otherwise be gotten in those amounts and with that speed could only be done spending hundreds of dollars is stealing hundreds of dollars worth of services from DCUO. That's not "stealing" except in the sense that it's literally a criminal offense. Not that anyone will be prosecuted; being deprived of their ability to benefit from their cheating is a very small penalty indeed.

    But keep explaining why theft isn't theft. It's always useful to be able to easily tell which people justify cheating, lying, and thieving.

    "But someone left the door unlocked, and they're as much to blame for my stealing as I am!"

    Yeah, right. It would be pathetic if it weren't so feeble-minded and pathetic.

    Theft of services.

    No, this doesn't mean anyone will wind up charged with a crime here. No one is saying that. It simply means that the fact that nothing tangible is involved doesn't mean an act can't be wrong.
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  16. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    What these people seem not to get is: they are not the only ones playing in an MMORPG. If they cheat in Assassin's Creed or any other single player video game they can do it for their "own entertainment" as long as they want imo. But if they "take advantage" in a public space like an MMORPG they show no respect for others and slap them in the face.

    In both cases they are breaking rules but in the first example they don't hurt others.

    These kind of assumptions i find very insulting. Just because someone is an opportunist does not mean everyone else is!

    It is really hard not to judge by reading such posts. Sorry but not sorry.

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  17. Soul Dedicated Player

    I can only judge you based on what I'm seeing here, so you'll have to forgive me - but right here you are being an apologist and for no evident reason but to gloat.
    Supporting the ban isn't, wasting time here defending the Devs for it while ignoring their fault in it is.
    What I meant by that was that you shouldn't be concerned with how other people are being treated for their actions.. It's just pathetic and petty at this point.
    Some cheating does, in this case none at all.. unless you're arguing content isn't balanced around artifacts being at all ranges, in which case its another thing you should be putting up with the Devs rather than the players.

    Either way I'm all for exploiters and cheaters to be punished, I just think it's sad people are spending their time gloating and defending the Devs for actions like these when in this case it was absolutely their fault it was made possible.
    Not like it matters, but I believe you. That's what making this so much worse.
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  18. Soul Dedicated Player

    Actually if anything you don't seem to comprehend I have no problem with the actions taken against them. I have a problem with people like you spending time here defending their actions and gloating instead of criticizing the Devs for their part in it - you know that little part that actually enabled this whole mess to begin with.

    You're welcome to try and belittle me as much as you want, maybe it will even make you feel better about yourself for a while, it won't change how pathetic this all is on your part.
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  19. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I can assure you Proxystar is NOT an apologist for Daybreak or Dimensional Ink, she's probably one of the original gamers of DCUO.

    She has explained her position and backed it up with quotes from the Community Liaison Mepps.

    She has been respectful to you and attempted to answer your questions of her to the best of her ability so please stop attacking her.

    And yes, I do consider Proxystar my friend.
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  20. Proxystar #Perception

    In response to your first 2 points, let's not confuse ongoing public forum discussion with "wasting time" or "gloating".

    I'm not really here to waste time (well maybe I am a little to be honest, it does help pass the time) or gloat, it's simply an interesting discussion and that's what discussions forums are for. My intention is not to come across as "gloating", although I will admit a few posts are possibly a little facetious and/or sarcastic but is somewhat driven by the oblivious approach some people have brought to the table with the whole "woe is me" mentality.

    I think what you'll find is the underlying tone here from players, is that they're sick of some other players, just doing what they want in game, ripping off the systems and more often than not actually causing the negative impacts we're discussing and then continually seeking to "get away with it" only to do it again later.

    They're advocating for the bans because they want it too stop. This particular glitch may not have 'as much' direct impact on other players (outside of the point raised about difficulty balance) as some others, but it's about the longer term implications.

    A lot of genuine players have sat through multiple exploits now that have demonstrably ruined the game for them, multiple money glitches that everyone only has to take a look at the economy to see the impacts of ($2bil shaded comics anyone) along with time capsule glitches and ill gotten gains that weren't removed, also causing in game economy impacts - just to name the obvious ones.

    You'll find time and time again, it's also the same players doing it, everyone in game knows it and everyone in game largely knows who they are, you have to appreciate other players have had enough and it isn't that they want to gloat or congratulate the devs, it's that they're worried that without advocating for bans to stick history only threatens to repeat itself until this game is just so #$%^ and absent of integrity it's just a waste of space on the hard drive of any genuine player. ;)
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