Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    There is such a saying - measure 7 times, cut once ...people make mistakes, any tool has a margin of error ... and people also lie trying to maintain a reputation ... I just hope that this is not more than my fears ... I at least do not state anything for sure about the motives of other people as many of those present here, I don’t confuse punishment with mockery, I don’t row everyone with the same brush ...
  2. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    XD these guys are getting funnier and funnier..
    Yer basically saying that cuz Everyone has prolly done something illegal in their life (a truly shameful judgement to pass on everyone tbh), that we should just let them go? And if we had that opportunity, we would have cheated too??? Seriously?? who are you to judge others and throw such a horrible assumption as that? I'm not gonna risk all the time and money I spent to ((Legally)) play the game just to get a bit stronger in the moment. That is just messed up. Just cuz You would have done it if u had the chance, doesn't mean Everyone else would have to. You are not the standard, at all..

    You were saying that they "Took advantage" of something that was already there, and asked "who wouldn't do the same thing?" Uhhh... PPL who don't Cheat? Duhh. I know of a certain that I wouldn't have done it.
    And then you got the freekin nerve to assume that the Main reason why we are Judging these cheaters is cuz we "Couldn't do the same thing"...? You've officially lost any credibility. That's a complete slap in the face of the integrity of those who are truly against it....

    The ToS Clearly says that Taking advantage of glitches for Unfair advance or Unfair gain is a blatant violation. And those who violate the ToS will be dealt with accordingly... How is that so hard to understand? Just cuz You would straight up cheat the system if u had the chance, doesn't me we all would be right behind you and do the same thing, cuz, y'know, I enjoy Not being Banned.

    You really need to pay attention to the words you use. Cuz it's really looking like yer straight up defending these cheaters, and that doesn't put a good jacket on you... Straight up.
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  3. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    I noticed the glitch on my Ice toon, who is sitting on some artifact breakthroughs between 59 and 99. I thought this is fuggered up. As soon as I thought to myself tons of players are going to exploit the **** out of this are going to have a field day. My eyes wandered down to chat and sure enough they were talking and laughing about it and how many people are logging in and out etc. Then I foresaw the hundreds of accounts cry and lash out and offer up their justifications as if they were going to get banned/perma banned etc.

    ... Now if only I were apart of those gosh darn Gucci smash-n-grabbers and sold of those Gucci goods for big big munnies. I would have bought enough booster bundles to outfit all my toons with the shaded comic material. But that darn tootin moral compass.

    I will now post this replay, stand up, walk away, go outside with my hands in pockets, my head down and kick rocks walking down the road while the Incredible Hulk theme song "Lonely Man" plays.
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  4. Fednigor New Player

    Play elite, if you can´t, its because you don´t want to or can´t. Stop crying.
  5. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    On the contrary: banning cheaters is entirely productive for the company because it disincentivizes cheaters and removes the accounts that have benefited. It produces a game with less cheating and fewer cheaters.

    Of course it is. Loyalty is irrelevant to stealing. You can be a loyal customer of a bank for forty years, but once you pull a gun and demand money that isn't yours, that loyalty becomes 100% irrelevant. Commit a crime, do the time. Not "commit a crime, but don't do time if you're loyal enough."

    "Must" doesn't mean what you think it means. "Must" we understand the frustration of thieves? Absolute nonsense! Of course not! It's not as if we're talking here about starving people stealing food to survive. We're talking about defauding a computer game company. There's just no excuse for doing so.

    Bull-pucky. The only people responsible for cheating are the cheaters. Period, end of story.

    Just for the record: "levels of reasoning" is a meaningless phrase.

    Meanwhile, people have been offering the same blame-anyone-but-themselves rationales for cheating DCUO as long as this forum has existed. People have been offering blame-anyone-but-themselves claims since the dawn of humanity, but responsibility for the acts of an individual remains with the individual. All the excuses in the world won't change that.

    Your time spent in these forums attempting to blame everyone and anyone but the cheaters is time wasted. Blather times ten, or times one hundred, or times one thousand, is still just more blather. Enjoy the results you get.
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  6. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    The Throne glitch actually made money for the game, from replays and power tokens. People weren't banned, they just lost progress (gear & feats). This artifact one is different, in that it partially circumvented the monetization system. It's no surprise that a heavier hand is being applied.
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  7. Tolly Committed Player

    oh, they're criminals? send them to the criminal faction!
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  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    A. N. A. L. O. G. Y. "Analogy."

    Google it if it confuses you.
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  9. Krys Ptoleny Ii New Player

    So… is it possible some people didn’t think it was a glitch?

    I remember when the started augments and I could use simple materials, complex materials, exabytes, exceptional recovery kits… everything had som experience. So… is it possible to think they went back to a ****** system? Yes. Is it possible to think they went back to a ****** system to try to sell breakthrough catalysts and seals of preservation? Yes

    And are they cheaters? Not so much… more robbers who stole from Dimensional Ink. They did not get artifacts to some new beyond 200 level… they avoided paying cash for something they could pay for and do.

    If I were running it… I would lock the account until they pay for it… send them a bill… it’s called restitution.
  10. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    This might explain your questions. This is the post from Mepps on Sunday, December 19:

    For the folks worried about the innocent, I did it by accident, I only did it a few times crowd getting suspended - they were not. The accounts suspended right now are a fraction of the people who used the exploit. The total number of people who used the exploit is a miniscule fraction of the players that logged in over the last week.

    Most people did not exploit the bug. Most people who came across it used it a couple times, likely with curiosity or mistake, and then stopped. Some people used it quite a bit. Some people used it quite A LOT.

    We can see everything you did - in regard to what happened in the fortification systems and also surrounding behaviors about getting the bug to show up for you. In this first pass, we erred on the side of caution and only banned the most. egregious. offenders.

    There is no accurate narrative where johnny-day-one stumbled into the exploit and got suspended. Now, that said, there will be further investigation next year before these suspensions get converted into permanent bans.
    I hope this answers your questions and settles your concerns. :)
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  11. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    If that's how it works, I suggest you try explaining, after you've shoplifted some items, that you'll give the items back and be on your merry way, no harm, no foul.

    Best of luck!

    But here's a hint: thieves, including theft of services, don't actually get to determine their own punishment. Weird, isn't it? Who knew?

    By the way, some of us are coming by your house later to take your computers and consoles and phone. You should have better locks and not tempt people; clearly, our taking your stuff is your own fault for not protecting it better.
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  12. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    File a support ticket and have patience. The forums can't help you. The current problem isn't the only way to violate the TOS or be perceived to have, correctly or incorrectly, fairly or unfairly.

    And you may not have noticed, but Customer Support is going to be more than a little busy for quite some time to come, thanks to all the cheaters. Patience will be required.
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  13. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    If you didn't do the exploit it could be a number of things.
    Like mentioned above, submit a ticket and wait for a response.
    You won't really get much help here in the forums to be honest.
    I would also say try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if that helps.
    Also, if you were mass reporting, that also could have played against you and someone you reported could have reported you if they found out.
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  14. Soul Dedicated Player


    Oh wait! This could have.

    This thread really brought out the most pathetic responses out of people, from both sides of the argument.

    This was a known issue, it got pushed to live anyways and when it was called out the excuse was how inconsistent it was while tracking on test server. It was then ethically engineered from "We f*d up" to "You guys f*d up" and now we're standing at "You know how we f*d up? we're sorry not sorry but go the f* out".

    So many comparisons to theft, fraud.. almost clairvoyant insight into strangers intentions.. what the actual cwap are you people even on about? Yea sure no one is buying people who played this game for years didn't know what they were doing, understandable.
    But how does that absolve the people responsible for this mess ever getting to live? How come you're all satisfied with an announcement about player actions taken with no regard whatsoever to days of malfunctioning core game systems, botched instances and sub-par service/product while handling this whole mess they themselves created?! By that same logic we all paid for a service that we didn't get - is that theft or fraud? I guess this doesn't count tho because there are many small letters In the ToS I'm probably not addressing, and these completely and utterly reflect how ethical this whole operation is even when we pay for nothing.

    If everyone here with an argument for the people who abused/exploited/used by mistake the fortification menu while the Development "oversight" was active is a "cheater/exploiter sympathizer", then I guess everyone who's vindictively arguing against them is a "brown nosed developer fangirl".

    Clearly this is a black and white issue like everything else in life, there's no grey.
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  15. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    I also want to say this thread has devolved into an episode of COPS. (And I want to get this in before Mepps shuts it down as it is getting close to that with some of the replies.)

    "Officer, they weren't standing at the register, so I pushed the button by accident and the cash drawer opened. The money was just there to be taken. You shouldn't have stopped me."

    Honestly, I want to see all of the banned people in here crying and whining go before an actual judge and see if their arguments would fly. (Hint....It wouldn't.)
    It would be sooooooooooo funny to see them get shot down repeatedly.

    Some have come in and expressed honest remorse and they should be commended for owning up to it.
    But the cheaters who are banned that are crying non-stop and their supporters who think that the cheating (a.k.a. - Stealing) was actually an offense that should not be punished is extremely laughable.

    Be thankful they will be reviewing the cases after the holiday.
    They didn't need to have that happen.

    The cheaters didn't have to use the glitch, live or not.
    Those who did not are people that actually have some class and are honest.
    When it is a glitch that goes live and extra marks, xp or items are rewarded then it is on the devs.
    This glitch was purposely exploited by a portion of the player-base, so the argument the devs let it go live doesn't stand.
    The exploit did not have to be used and yet it was, that falls solely on the players who did it.
    It was there, there was an actual trick to doing it with multiple steps and guess left a very catch-able trail.

    Honestly, the ban needs to be permanent and not able to be overturned just like the massive glitch ban in 12'.
    Otherwise those who cheated will keep doing so and there needs to be a current example made of breaking the rules.
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  16. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Dealing with the stress, time lost from the bug, community backlash and loosing players is how the developers are punished. It doesn't change what players did with the exploit.
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  17. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    Still waiting for the 'sorry the game was a hot mess for 10 days, here's some reward' post..nope all about the punishment for ppl taking advantage of THEIR error.
  18. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    This post is so full of falsehoods I'm not even touching it. Good job adding a levelheaded, well-reasoned take, lol.
  19. Soul Dedicated Player

    Fixed it for you.

    You're not their psychiatrist, you're their customer. I appreciate you being capable of empathy but if that's the case you should consider distributing it equally.

    Were you under the impression someone was waiting for you to touch it?
    Thanks anyways.
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  20. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    No, you didn't.
    They CHEATED and STOLE of their own choice.
    Plain and simple.
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