Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Bubbla Active Player

    Literally made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that.
    To those complaining. The worst exploiters got banned not the relatively innocent. Stop shedding tears for them. If you are one of those, you got what you earned. If you want to keep playing there is always new character creation and in game cash.
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  2. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Back on planet earth, you are writing in a public forum (which is privately owned; this is not a difficult concept) and addressing everyone who reads it. That's the way privately-owned public forums work.

    If you want to address a specific person, send them a private message. Otherwise you're posting publicly and all forum members get to respond to you as they wish. You have zero say in who chooses to respond or over what they say. Nobody is under any obligation to agree with you.

    And, surprise, everyone also is free to judge as they wish. That's how human beings work.

    Welcome to planet earth. Enjoy your visit and your impressive "courage" at writing a message to an internet message board. Your bravery is noted.
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  3. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player


    It's pretty funny how self-important so many players are. Players are replaceable. There are always new players streaming in. There are always old players moving on. Enjoy some other game!
  4. Stark23 Committed Player

    They’ll all be back, every single one of them, they’ll buy someone’s account if needed.
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  5. Smashbang Wallop Well-Known Player

    I guess you're also fine with rigging a boxing match, or a football game.? Maybe a US election? It all starts with the small stuff and bar the (very) odd person, it's unfortunately the case that....

  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Oh, oh, I was forced to cheat because I could! Pity me, it's all someone else's fault that I decided to cheat!

    Yes, your actions are your fault. Not a complicated concept.
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  7. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Dude, turnover happens every day at the same time, and so does the daily maintenance shut-down. It's happened for ten years. It's on you that you haven't noticed.
  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Passive voice. We didn't "end up losing 800 players." 800 players chose to cheat and be banned.

    Their actions are solely their own responsibility. That's how life works when you're not whining at mommy and daddy.
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  9. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    No matter how many times you repeat your excuses, your opinion continues to matter to absolutely no one but yourself.

    If banning is bad for Daybreak, it'll be bad for Daybreak. Your babbling of claims changes nothing and will change nothing. It's pointless. Enjoy wasting your time repeating yourself. Sea-lioning is always somewhat funny. You care so much about the welfare of Daybreak/DI!

    Sure you do. How very completely unbelievable.
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  10. Tolly Committed Player

    Thank you for understanding what I am trying to make understood and yes, I understand the choice of this punishment, it is not because I am trying to defend people that I am not trying to understand the sanction. ;)

    I'm all for punishment, but banning is in no way productive for anyone, either the player or the studio, and banning without considering player loyalty is not a good idea, you would like people to get one. lesson and it makes sense, but we must also see that frustration leads to this type of action.

    The community is very easily stigmatized because of the level of their artifacts, you also need to understand why they did this, the community and the devs are all equally responsible and I will say it again to myself, but I really hope the devs remember that and that they will take action on the artifact system, such as, for example, the extremely cruel failure system.

    I don't expect some people here to heed what I'm trying to say, they have their levels of reasoning, but if the devs at least realize that I would be very happy and at least maybe we will move forward on something more positive with what happened with the artefacts!
  11. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Who's this player of yours that your getting bent out all of shape from? If he feels like he's been wrongly banned, he needs to take that up with the dev team himself; not get one of his buddies to go on here. Unless you mean to tell me that his ban was actually legitimate so he can't submit a ticket himself?

    A lot of you people constantly tell DCUO that their content is too easy; that it should be harder; but how do you expect a game to grow when you as a player don't grow?

    Amazon fury part II-Cheated via quantum exploit.
    In-game cash flow-cheated via exploit, inflation is mad stupid on USPS right now.
    Cheated when it came to time capsule unlocking and got slap on the wrist for it.
    Cheated again on fortifying artifacts and now once again, you people want another slap on the wrist for it.

    The very same people who throw out the phrase "The devs are greedy." are the ones getting banned because they were greedy and abused an exploit, ironic. That's not a healthy game, that's not a healthy community. You want your buddies to stop going through the motions stop going through the reporting process? Stop cheating That's the answer.

    I don't care what role you or anyone else fill up, If a group's determined to cheat the content and progression made to just get by; I'm not running with them.
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  12. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I would just like to add to what you have said if I may. Those who cheat their way to progress have actually not progressed at all. This is taking a lazy route without putting in the hard work and developing skills to achieve legitimately their progress.
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  13. Shark Dental Devoted Player

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  14. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    In this situation, I am currently concerned about three things:
    1. The guilty must be punished.
    2. If the innocent were wrongly punished, then in good conscience they should receive an apology and compensation.
    3. The ban of exploiters should not directly negatively affect honest players (example: the league and the league hall were built by the joint efforts of the whole league, the leader was banned and did not transfer powers, as a result, the whole league suffers ...).
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  15. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    I could have. I saw it. I immediately knew it was a glitch. I didn't take advantage of it because I'm not a sweaty wannabe edgelord who will do anything, including cheating, to get ahead of other players. I recognized it as a glitch and I closed the fortify menu and didn't use it at all until it was fixed because that's what normal people do.

    You are claiming that I'm as dishonest as you are. You are incorrect. Please stop insulting all the people who didn't cheat and didn't get banned in order to justify your own bad behavior.
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  16. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    What a bad take. None of this is true. Ask anyone who's been banned.

    Banning sends a message to the remaining members of the community that there are consequences to anti-social behaviour and discourages remaining players from engaging in that behaviour. Whether you compare with parents disciplining children or the punitive legal system, all of these systems function the same by discouraging unwanted behaviour by using a threat of taking something valuable from the person away. At least to some extent. They don't address the root causes, of course [and that is an entirely different discussion], so they can't eliminate the behaviour entirely but it is an effective deterrent.

    To your point about departing players caught up in bans though. Yes, they can find ways to circumvent a ban but that doesn't mean it's pointless or a failure. And it's not an argument in support of not disciplining them. They will come back with nothing and have to start all over again from scratch. Any money they spent is blown and wasted. And the social aspect of their friends knowing they cheated and got caught, and then still came back is another layer of punishment. Because the friends might superficially be okay with them returning, but quietly inside they've lost respect for that person and trust. And coming back against a ban under the radar is just as sketchy as the behaviour that earned them the ban, so friends aren't going to look at that with admiration -- it'll just be further confirmation that the player is awful. But those friends will still smile to their faces and say they're okay with it. At least where I come from, my actual friends have no problems calling me out when I'm in the wrong. It sounds like we may be defining "friends" differently though and you probably have a more casual and less meaningful interpretation of friendship.

    Most of the time, coming back with all that context ends up not lasting long. The person loses interest and moves on on their own because they lost their original account and connections to the game and then they've also lost the relationships they had with their ingame friends. And no, none of their friends is going to give up the game for them--especially if they've spent a significant amount of time / money / investment in the game. If they're new to the game; sure. Otherwise not at all.

    And I think that's the real and most effective punishment of all; In the end they'll have nothing and just walk away on their own.

    Oh and for the record; a game putting their foot down and banning antisocial players is a form of setting boundaries. People are always going to be angry and complain when they can't get what they want [by exploiting people/places/things] anymore.
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  17. Harlequin Devoted Player

    I would LOVE it if every toon who had a suspension lifted for this exploit were forced to wear a scarlet C on their character so I could ignore them on sight. I don't give a squirt of warm tinkle about them.
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  18. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Permanently set their title to "THIS PLAYER CHEATS" and put a Dunce Cap on their player's head with the word "CHEATER" on it.
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  19. C3alix Committed Player

    Even better.

    For 1 month, they're only allowed to earn half the amount of marks in every content and are excluded from any double marks/xp week.
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  20. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Everyone that is currently suspended is confirmed to have done it intentionally multiple times. No innocent or accidental users have been suspended.
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