Artifact Glitch

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    You admitted it after you got caught.
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  2. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I'm not sure whoever this MEEPS is will appreciate your post but you just made me laugh this morning so thank you. GL and all
  3. Smashbang Wallop Well-Known Player

    I've re-written what you mean in green, hope it helps...

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  4. mwhite1069 Level 30

    It was known on test server, I've watched a video of someone trying to fortify the necklace and you saw that exos and everything were on the list, he even says something about it.
  5. mwhite1069 Level 30

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  6. mwhite1069 Level 30

    Ted Bundy's neighbors said he was a great guy, John Wayne Gacy played a clown at kid's birthday parties.....whats your point?
  7. mwhite1069 Level 30

    Quick question, how many MMORPGs have you run in your career?
  8. mwhite1069 Level 30

    It's like "Kinda pregnant"
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  9. zNot Dedicated Player

    If you play for 10 years and exploit then you deserve that bann,also im sure u will start a new account.
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  10. zNot Dedicated Player

    You do And mepps and daybreak can do whatever he wants too if u break their rules now deal with it. Enjoy the Bann cheater.
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  11. zNot Dedicated Player

    So true i think hes one of those who did it in the past and got away withit seriously its so Satisfying to see them get banned
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  12. zNot Dedicated Player

    No you deserved that bann stop trying to make it personal.
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  13. mwhite1069 Level 30

    Rank 23, every single player goes through Constantine's mission, where he tells you, nth metals level up artifacts, and catalysts are needed for breakthroughs. Prior to Rank 23, you have no artifacts, no fortification system. After 23, you've been informed exactly how the system functions. If you ignored him, oh well.
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  14. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    " I didn't mean it! "

    don't care.

    " it was only once! "

    don't care.

    " I'm a good person! "

    you're a cheat.

    " I've spent loads of money on this game! "

    you're still a cheat.

    " what if it was your friend? your mother? your brother? "

    I don't care if it was Santa Claus handing out roses to starving babies on a sinking ship. if he's cheating, he can f**k off, 'nall.

    you took liberties & you got rumbled. my dear old dead dad always used to say to me, " if you can't do the time, don't do the crime." take your licks. have some bloody self respect.

    nb. my dear old dead dad also used to say, " if it floats & sez 'quack!' chances are it's a duck."
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  15. Tolly Well-Known Player

    The most childish reasoning, from a person where it doesn't make him anything!

    What you need to know is that these players that you see as pariahs now, are players that like to play MMORPGs and chose DC Universe Online as their own personal entertainment and for entertainment, they could have found another game, but no, they decided it was DC Universe Online

    Sure they cheated breaking a rule, but honestly, who hasn't done something that is considered illegal in their life? In life, there's bound to be some sort of overflow and well in a video game, where you spend part of your life as well, they just took advantage of an opportunity as has already been said and who wouldn't do the same thing? You're judging them ridiculously because you couldn't take advantage of it, but if you would have taken advantage of it like they did, you certainly wouldn't be here, and when something is as tempting as this bug, we'll see if you don't take the plunge too.

    Those who say they got rich should be banned, how many of them took advantage of their players without knowing it, to make instances afterwards? At that time, you were quite happy to be with them though and it's weird that you didn't think what you think now, on the forum.
  16. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Using it was a choice. Many of us chose not to take advantage of it because we knew it was exploiting.
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  17. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    I dislike cheating. it's wrong. full stop. I don't care how you want to try & excuse it. no one should be cheating. I don't give a monkey's who it is & I don't care why they did it. cheating is wrong. they knew it was wrong. but they still did it, & they got caught.

    I dislike cheating. but what I dislike more is people that won't take responsibility for their own actions.

    they did the crime. they can do the time.
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  18. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    Tolly, I appreciate your position you have taken, and will not disparage you for it, but I can not agree with it for the following reasons:

    First: The ones who have been banned were the most egregious of offenders. Theirs was so severe it warranted their banning. Mepps was kind enough to explain in prior post I can not immediately reference how these were not accidental or one time case scenarios. They were described as being very egregious. I too was concerned about the players who took advantage of the exploit without knowing it but the post by Mepps I just mentioned alleviated my concerns. These 800 accounts are the worst of the worst.

    Secondly, no one’s bad behavior should ever be excused because “we need them”. This is a premise that basically elevates some players above others. They are too important to the game to punish would set a bad precedent. These are players who knew better. Even if they have spent thousands of $$$ on the game in the past what they chose to do in the present has negated that.

    Bad actions have consequences. Hopefully the ones who own these 800 accounts will learn a valuable life lesson that will keep them safe from a more sever punishment they might face in the future for doing something they know is wrong, and will instead chose to do the right thing.

    I hope you better understand why these players were banned. Perhaps some of them will be allowed to plead their case, that is up to Daybreak. Daybreak is the judge, jury and executioner, we have to abide by the rules they set or face the judgements they levy.
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  19. Tolly Well-Known Player

    hmm, if ever his players are doomed to come back, we'll see if you don't care about them. If, for example, you are missing a tank or other to launch your instance and one of them asks you to invite him, we'll see if you still don't care about them when this happens. in front of you, there, you will not trample it, on the other hand ...
  20. Trykz Dedicated Player

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