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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. inferno Loyal Player

    [quote="The Drama Club, post: 4469362, member: 248"

    At first, I don't really want to comment on the severity of the punishment on all those that used the glitch. I will just try to communicate as honestly as I am capable as to how I feel.

    @drama - it appears you are not alone. There have been other players that i have seen on the forums do similar actions. They've posted their situations and explanations. Sincerity is difficult to comprehend in life, much less in text; but i tend to err in the side of hope. I have no say in anybody's level of punishment nor in their sincerity of asking for forgiveness; for those that are, I can only hope that the punishment would fit your situation.

    I DO NOT envy the DEVs in making this decision.

    @drama - I also want to say that as sincere as your post may be, it still makes me wish that people like yourself, in however way you found out about it, should have reported this to a DEV. For everybody else who are regretful of your actions then, when you abused the glitch; my anger lies at the days when you all were silent. When the entire community was intensely affected by the desperate actions of the DEVs to shut the spread of this abuse and things got worse and worse. When they were trying to pin down the steps on how this glitch was being replicated, there was no one to say anything.

    The offense is not just the few minutes it took to level up how many artifacts, allies or whatever in how many toons. We are talking hours and DAYS of complicity by everyone who knew how it was done and decidedly kept quiet about it this whole time.

    I guess, i am just angry. Angry because I do feel that everyone must pay for the consequences of their decisions and actions. Angry that at least 800 accounts was involved in this whole thing. Angry that this is the whole TC stabilizers all over again and they were let off easily, in my opinion, but they were allowed to come back in and here we are today. Angry because I don't know what permanently banning 800 + accounts will do to the DCUO playerbase community. Angry that I almost want to say, "just roll back the damn things and give them a month long suspension and let's just get over this. Glitches will happen again in the future and people will take advantage of it again."

    I don't envy the DEVS for the decisions they need to make.

    It's the holiday season. The end of 2021. We got through crummy 2020. 2021 was not the better year we all hoped it would be. I just want to play my DCUO.
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  2. JConstantin3 New Player

    I love this post. Very clear.
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  3. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    Smashbang Wallop said:
    “Then there's nothing anyone can say to sway you. They are trying to act here and you're shooting them down. I'd go as far as to say it seems like a stealth attempt from you to stick up for the banned.”
    I replied "Nope, I'm all for it. And fully support it. As long as those who truly deserve it get what's coming to them and no innocents are accidentally caught up in search parameters. There will be a public After Action Report (at least that's what we call it where I work) on the methods for selecting the players to be banned. Transparency has been assured to us.

    All I'm saying is mistakes can happen. So I am just weary of it is all."
    Mepps said:
    For the folks worried about the innocent, I did it by accident, I only did it a few times crowd getting suspended - they were not. The accounts suspended right now are a fraction of the people who used the exploit. The total number of people who used the exploit is a miniscule fraction of the players that logged in over the last week.

    Most people did not exploit the bug. Most people who came across it used it a couple times, likely with curiosity or mistake, and then stopped. Some people used it quite a bit. Some people used it quite A LOT.

    We can see everything you did - in regard to what happened in the fortification systems and also surrounding behaviors about getting the bug to show up for you. In this first pass, we erred on the side of caution and only banned the most. egregious. offenders.

    There is no accurate narrative where johnny-day-one stumbled into the exploit and got suspended. Now, that said, there will be further investigation next year before these suspensions get converted into permanent bans.”
    I believe Smashbang Wallop owes me an apology for falsely accusing me of sticking up for the banned.
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  4. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Sometimes DCUO wont get to the login screen, not exactly unusual, contact support.

    But that glitch can last up to 24 hours
  5. Tolly Well-Known Player

    This would not have happened if the devs had taken the problem seriously and acted as they should have by closing the game for maintenance and performing a roall back.

    Even if they cheated, it doesn't mean they're evil or have a "bad" background. They just wanted to put an end to the artifacts that weigh heavily on the backs of the players and create a certain "discrimination" between them once and for all.

    Now, what I really hope is that the devs will look at the question "why did so many players do this?" and really, really take it into account, if around 800 people did this, it must mean something!
  6. Trykz Dedicated Player

    I can respect the integrity of this post a lot.
    We all make mistakes man, and you owning up to yours means more to me than the fact you saw an opening and took it even though it was wrong.
    I hope the 21 days and forfeiture of all progress made is all it comes to for you.
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  7. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    The devs handled it poorly- that’s a fact, yes. But cheating= bad and bad background. In order to egregiously exploit the bug you had to have had the resources to put into the artifacts, and the people with that amount of resources knew it was not intended for artifacts to be leveled in that way. You’re defending people that wanted to “put an end to the artifacts that weigh heavily on them” without thinking about how messed up it is to the rest of us who did it the right way and got slapped in the face when little Timmy had all 200 arts in a span of 30 minutes.

    If 800 people did this (I am 99.9% sure it was more than that) what it shows is that this community thinks they can get away with cheating by getting a slap on the wrist, and not banning accounts that abused this exploit does nothing but reaffirm that idea. The people who cheated needed to be banned. Sorry not sorry.
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  8. Tolly Well-Known Player

    [quote="Sentiency, post: 4469416, member: 407881" In order to egregiously exploit the bug you had to have had the resources to put into the artifacts[/quote]

    Ok and when you have ALL the resources and that finally, you have more chance of failure than success, it is normal for you to undergo that?

    When you have 3 or 4 fortifications in a row, but you have as many failures in a row, is that normal for you?
  9. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    The resources I’m referring to aren’t nth metal. It’s everything else they were using to exploit their artifacts to 200. If they had all of the traditional resources needed to level their artifacts then they wouldn’t have needed to do the exploit in the first place. Yes, it’s normal for you to fail multiple times in a row if you’re not using completion seals. Welcome to the world of artifacts. You know… the system that the rest of us had to endure and often times spend money on in order to get where we are.
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  10. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Although dude did crack me up with the I only went 180-200 3 times.
    Lmao yea that’s the hard part haha. That 180-200 be making people crazy
  11. the solowing Steadfast Player

    The fact is people knowingly exploited the game, and thus violated the terms of service
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  12. Tolly Well-Known Player

    except they just used what he already had legally and in any case, the tiers could not be cleared with the bug, he had to follow the usual fortification path.

    When the devs blocked the fortification tab, the 1st time, the first time the fortification tab came back online, the artifacts miraculously cleared all the tiers when the tab came back up, without any player action, Besides what they broke in to give xp to the artifact, X action done by the devs, allowed the artifacts to automatically pass the tiers where the artifact was blocked, depending on the amount of xp acquired by the items broken in. .
  13. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    The shear amount of apologia present in this thread is breathtaking. And very depressing.

    I think 800 people were thinking to themselves "Oh hey, I can do this. I wonder if everyone else can too? I better do this before I miss my chance." or thinking they might be the only one affected and could get away with it not realizing how many people were in the same situation... instead of thinking "Oh hey, I can do this. I probably shouldn't; because it gives me an unfair advantage over other players and I'm probably going to get caught."

    I think that's the real problem here. I don't think anyone was acting maliciously so there's no reason to poop on people or insult or vilify them etc, but rather they were opportunistic in a culture that rewards this trait usually so they don't see the moral issue behind their behaviour now. They were more concerned with not being able to benefit from the exploit and losing out on the opportunity rather than it being wrong or being caught. And I think there's so much to unpack there, and none of it is good, or says good things about any of us (since these people don't exist in a vacuum and we're all a part of this shared culture).

    Having been here from the beginning and having a good idea about most of the personalities of the players in DCUO I wish I could say I'm surprised but I'm not at all. I think this was very predictable. We see tells of this "everyone for themselves" and "I got mine, so eff anyone else (or repercussions/consequences)" mentality in every part of our daily lives at this point and in game and in forum posts too.

    So, since I'm rambling a bit here; incase it's not clear, I support the bans totally. The petition to reverse it is hilarious and I thank the comments on it for a good laugh. Plus it was flat out stupid for anyone who abused this system to think they would be allowed to considering it's one of the game's most lucrative monetization paths (if not the most lucrative). smh.

    Now. All that said, considering the problematic nature of the DLC launch, I think that the DLC should have been rolled back instead of allowed to stay live. Keeping it live with these types of exploits present was always going to end up this way. We can't count on people to be honest, or intelligent enough to not use an exploit. My only hope at this point is that some of my least favourite community members were curated through this suspension (and hopefully permanent ban). But I'm not that lucky.
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  14. Blue Active Player

    I got suspended because It autoleveled my arts I had saved up from last double art xp at level 1, waiting for me to have enough enough money to mas fortify them. It is what it is tho.
  15. Teals New Player

    im just going to say it......

    you banned 800 people who probobly already spent thousands and thousands of dolars on this game. You banned a person from my league and I KNOW he spent thousands.

    I have spent thousands. I have over the Pandemic while at home and locked down personally spent over $3000 on this game.

    All the people complaning here "BAN THEM" are most likely F2P'ers sorry....... Thats the Truth.

    The game is not fair......

    Time capsules are Gambling soon to be ilegal

    Episode Augments are Pay to do Elite content

    Artifacts are pay to play or wait 6 months per Artifact.

    We all know it we all accept it. We Pay to keep you Guys employed because we know its an older and smaller game. and Keeping games alive is expensive

    Yo Mepps if you are really really really interseted in making money for the Game and Day Break. Honesty is.......... You litterally banned 800 of the wrong people.

    If you have the Logs to see who did it to Ban them. You have the logs to go back and reset them. it might be against the terms of service blah blah blah yes. they took advantage blah blah yes. but good God! its some extra Artifact Exp THAT THEY WERE GOING TO BUY REGUARDLESS!

    un ban them Please..... reset their dang artifacts and make yo dang money :D

    you made a mistake even if it was a glitch. and then you Banned your cash cows

    BTW I didn't get banned. and I never come on the forums. I am here for the ones that did get banned. because the Forums are a Cesspool of Crying and not an actual representation of your actual gaming community no were close to a representation of who actually keeps this game alive monetarily.
  16. Trykz Dedicated Player

    If they spent that kind of money their arts would already be maxed.
    It’s not f2p players mad about the exploit, it’s the ones who’ve spent thousands (funny how everyone claims to spend thousands huh?) on their artifacts to watch people exploit to get the same benefits as those who really do keep this game alive.
    You’re friends saw an opportunity to do something against the terms of service and he got caught. Boohoo.
    Dcuo will be just fine without these players.
    If they were true whales they wouldn’t have arts left that weren’t maxed. You’ll find no sympathy here for people who cheated and haven’t owned up to their mistake.
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  17. Teals New Player

    unless! o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O Their hope is that Banning these people will force them to make new accounts and spend that money all over again.....

    I guarantee that wont Happen. Because in the eye's of the people that Got banned it is Theft of actual monitary value not some in game artifact experience.. and it kinda is.....
  18. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Your logic is not sound at all.
    I don’t know why I’m bothering with all these “new player “ apologist. Enjoy the bans ;)
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  19. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    Plenty of us have spent hundreds to upwards of thousands in this game, myself included. Not something I’d personally like to admit but dcuo has just been “that game” for me over the years. Doesn’t mean I have any more of a right to being unbanned for cheating than anyone else. Why would you take advantage of an exploit like this knowing you have so much to lose? For those who DID get unrightfully banned- they’ve already stated they will be reviewing the suspensions before converting them to permanent bans. What you’re asking is just to blatantly disregard the rules they’ve had set in place (this isn’t the first time this has been begged for and it won’t be the last).
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  20. Teals New Player

    nawwww there is always more alts and always more Arties to level.... you know it never ends be honest
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