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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stag, Dec 12, 2021.

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  1. Wallachia Loyal Player

    2 days ago, Paypal in Brazil did a coountry-wide promotion allowing people to gain a discount of $50 to whatever they bought via Paypal. People could redeem a ticket and go happy. However, due to a glitch, it was possible to redeem the ticket repeatedly. Over 2,000 people scammed the site and the promotion was cancelled. There was a guy who redeemed 276 tickets himself.

    So yes, you are just being romantic and dramatic. 800 people can and WILL scam the game, and even more would if the info on this bug was widespread, which, thankfully, it wasnt.
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  2. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    Someone getting mad and blame the devs cuz they were punished for clearly exploiting a known or unknown glitch, is like a burglar blaming the homeowners for him robbing them at court.
    "Throwing me in jail for robbing a house that YOU LEFT UNLOCKED!! ridiculous..." Certified Bruh Moment! Doesn't matter if the homeowners thought that their door was locked shut, or if they knew that their door was wide open, that burglar made a conscious decision to exploit that opening, and they will be guilty of breaking an entering, and robbery, REGARDLESS if the doors were locked or not... It's the same thing here. Sure, there may have been some folks who really didn't know...and I surely hope they are allowed to return. But 9/10, if you exploited this bug, you knew full well what u were doing, and you knew full well that it was wrong, but u did it anyways... I'm not kissing up to the devs, not at all... Yes, there was a bad glitch (one of way too many), but whether they knew or not, the folks that exploited it knew, and we're judged accordingly. Please stop blaming devs for actions YOU took with your own conscious free will. It really doesn't look good on ya...
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  3. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    This isn't the time of year to pull this crap...

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  4. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    Ridiculous comparison.

    Going into a house and taking things whether locked or unlocked shows intent. Just because the house happened to be unlocked makes 0 difference.

    There is absolutely no way for any one here to know what the intent was of every person who met the “egregious” threshold.

    A more apt comparison is if you go to a store to and the clerk says “blank is on sale and you can get as many as you want” so you buy 100 of them. The owner comes in and doesn’t blame the clerk (at least publicly) but instead bans the person from the store because even though the clerk gave bad info the customer “should’ve known it wasn’t intended”.
  5. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    dude, Intent is not the point... It's The Action that matters. And I'm not talking about those folks that didn't know. I'm talking about those that DID. I already said that there may be folks that didn't know about it that got hit with the SuSpension, but most of the folks who did knew very well about it. I mean, c'mon.. you are never ever allowed to do this, then suddenly it bugs and allows you,? Something is apparently wrong, but ya go along and exploit it... You completely whiffed over my point. I do like your analogy tho, as You made a good point if the individuals didn't know, but the devs have given out the facts about who they banned. And it was those who Exploited willingly and knowingly. You can tell alot about someone's intent by their actions. And I'm sure the devs understand that... Or I hope so.
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  6. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Mepps knows. That's why 800 accounts are presently suspended.
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  7. darry3275 Well-Known Player

    I'll probably get a bunch of hate for this, but what the devs are saying is that once it was obvious something was wrong everyone that wasn't trying to cheat stopped.The accidental fortifications are not the ones they are after. Any suspension from an accidental fortification will be reviewed and they won't get banned. Most of the ones that are getting a ban were probably given another chance previously. At some point they cannot let it slide anymore or it could lead to a worse problem. The devs found a way to make it possible to do everything for free because we asked. It's a little irresponsible to overlook what amounts to their paychecks getting stolen. The marketplace is their main source of revenue to keep this game going and pay everyone. Not only did the glitch itself slow down their revenue, but having to remove a HUGE part of their revenue for a week cost them substantially. Permanent bans are not unreasonable for the worst cases of exploitation.
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  8. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    Intent is not the point.

    You’re just talking about the people who knew that it was an exploit.

    LOL. Gotcha.

    No he doesn’t.

    Read what he’s written.

    They don’t know intent and they don’t care either. That’s their prerogative of course. It is what it is. I just disagree with two things that I’ve seen in this thread. 1) Generally everyone knew it was not intended 2) Everyone/mostly everyone that got suspended exploited intentionally.

    I don’t believe anyone knows the answer to those things.

    But whatever. I’m done here. Folks will believe what they want and the world will keep on spinning.
  9. nawanda Loyal Player

    I can’t believe some of the nonsense and whataboutery in this thread from cheats and their apologists.

    Here’s my take: 800 dickheads have been banned. Good riddance.
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  10. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    Yes, that's exactly what I was talking about... Don't understand what ya got me on, as I, like u said, was talking about those folks who knew, and partook in it anyways. There's no "Gotcha" moment anywhere... Regardless, those who partook has been clapped, and I'm sure that the devs have the data they need to make the right calls.... Or at least I hope so.
  11. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    The problem with not banning people who abuse an exploit is that allowing them to continue playing means they will likely do it again. Any punishment other than a permanent ban is survivable enough that a real cheater will 'risk it' the next time. The next exploit could affect the entire playerbase, like the money glitches messed up the economy.

    I'm certain the dev team doesn't like banning people. Egregious, is a high bar to meet.
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  12. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Which is why the accounts are only suspended for now, and a fuller investigation will take place next month to decide which accounts will end up with a ban.
  13. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Like i said before devs should figure out how much each baned player exploid was worth then say to those who were baned "you want account back? pay us double the price for what you exploid" and then people who did it by "mistake" and fortify a "litle" might pay them and get account back . I mean all those who fortify 10 toons X 20 artifacts could pay them too becouse devs deserve extra money for spending extra time to fix bug and damage that exploid caused i wish who ever did that GOOD LUCK ! sale yours car becouse yours mother credit cart might be not enought :D .

    By the way i would like to see that list who and how much expolid in $$ :)
  14. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    in a neat little nutshell, this is basically my take on the whole thing. it's the same old same old. there's a glitch / bug / exploit. people rinse it for all it's worth, then cry " no fair! but. . .but. . . " when it all comes on top. screw them. screw them all. they knew it wasn't right. I'm not buying the "what about poor new guy" argument. a "poor new guy" wouldn't've had the currency or exos or nth to take proper advantage of it. that was no accident. they're poxey cheats, & if it comes to the worst & they get perma-banned, I will lose no sleep or waste not one moment of sympathy for them. I'm not arguing with anyone. I'm not discussing it with anyone. it is what it is. if you cheated, f%*k you.
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  15. darry3275 Well-Known Player

    On an unrelated note, is it normal for hamsters to borrow your car? I think mine stole my wallet too. I would disipline him, but last time there was a hostage standoff, and I'm not doing that again.........
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  16. BugReporter2000 Active Player

    What happens to all the items/cash of these 800 players? I would take the responsibility and protect it in my inventory.
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  17. wowlock New Player

    So I got a suspension it seems. Dunno the time for it. Just says suspended. Even asked on the forums on what the heck is going on...and didn't touch the stupid bug after that.
  18. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Theyve gotten smart (or dumb) enough to harbor cheaters in their leagues and vet anyone who takes issue with them out first.
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  19. Mr.W Committed Player

    Thank you for clearing that up & i apologize for the mention not knowing it was something similar but still different.

    & I'm not saying there weren't ppl who wanted to purposely & knowingly do wrong (doing whatever to "make" it happen) but from talking to some ppl (who keep up with forums & didn't try it) they said they just logged on & had the option of exos without jumping through hoops & that makes me feel like some ppl (clearly not all) could have assumed it was a part of the new game update.

    In whatever decision is made in January i just hope the investigation will be extensive.
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  20. Tolly Committed Player

    Anyway, you can't ban them for a vulgar abuse of glitch 1 forgetting overnight all their past and future loyalty career, everybody knows that banning is unproductive and stupid, and that they will be ready to come back by changing their IP, on the other hand they will probably come back without spending, the damage has been done and the developers are all equally responsible in this case, you should release them as soon as next week.

    The sanction to do, can be simple, depriving them of daily rewards for a defined time, subscribers included, but banning is ridiculous.

    As for the hasty and immature judgement of certain people here, this should be taken with a pinch of salt, moreover, how many people here pretend to be innocent, while judging these people? one cannot blame them as some people have fun doing it here, the human temptation for the easy way has always existed and will always exist for the slightest occasion!
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