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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. Mr.W Committed Player

    Thank you for giving us additional time to test & find a middle ground.

    Additionally, i think ppl will appreciate a 2x weekend to trade it in when changes go live or some kind of artifact transform token.
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  2. MisfitCircusInc New Player

    no 2x weekend necessary. I’m sure it will still remain a viable artifact after the re-works. if people only leveled it for exploits, then maybe it will be an opportunity to learn how to use it skillfully.
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  3. zNot Loyal Player

    They want to continue to gatekeep other players and make the game defined by a meta and im curious to see if the devs will continue to allow these vocal elitists players to dilude the devs into thinking they actually care about balance.

    Simple fix just make EoG red and green circles only benefit the user and tanks see no change with this and healers cant feed SC anymore to anyone.
  4. Mr.W Committed Player

    Can't really gatekeep anyone when you can build your own group lol. I also asked earlier will the game be readjusted since all the content had become tuned to EOG so I'm a bit confused what you mean here.
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  5. Mr.W Committed Player

    I think a 2x or artifact transformation token is fair since this change is coming after a 2x before many ppl knew. This was also done for the VWD
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  6. MisfitCircusInc New Player

    Or make it a Controller Role artifact. I think that outside of stacking (which is broken), it’s the team buff that should only be available to a Controller. Perhaps you’re onto something that it should only apply to you when you’re in other roles. In that scenario, you can eliminate the circles entirely.
  7. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    On your test server tests were you in a league with the Proficiencies? because you get 5% extra SC regen and all your basic hits tests being off by 2% are all within approx that 5% of your results and then obviously your rotations would be less regen as well missing that proff
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  8. zNot Loyal Player

    Build your own group what a argument i hope that sentence is enough for the devs to see what your agenda is trying to gatekeep others.

    Minor changes to EoG will do nothing the problem is that its a group buff benefiting everyone if EoG was a individual based artifact it wouldnt be a issue which also why the tanks using this is different topic then healers using it because tanks use it for themselves.

    EoG will continue to be a requierement if proper changes arent made and youre trying to avoid that,you simply only care about your „own group“ not about balance of the game and the devs need to decide if they care about crying vocal players who promote toxic meta gameplay and allowing players to be be kicked of groups cause they dont use eog or start caring about balance and promoting skill based gameplay with a wider range variety of builds.

    But you can continue with giving your feedback to them,we will see what they choose and and actually care about.
  9. MrK Active Player

    Nice catch, But on Test server i aint in any leaggue (so no extra%).
    On Live Server i'm in a leaggue but today the Supercharge ran out and i checked that no 1 activated it before i ran the test's.

    Good catch though ;)
  10. zNot Loyal Player

    LOL. What a coincodence.. or more like purposly not have that buff to make EoG look weaker then it actually is? Got it.
  11. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    see this right here while I don't believe that is true because I know the difficulty of the content. but the fact that people believe it is just one more serious issue with the artifact. it has deluded players to think they cant run the content successfully unless they do all the cheese to make it happen.

    which to me means

    the players dont know what they are doing, and have lost how to play the game with the powers given to them and now rely on excessive damage again just like pre clamp to do well at the game.
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  12. MrK Active Player

    You can say what you want though.
    But i did the test just today because i waited untill it ran out..
    But not here to convice you.
    Just funny how everyone starting about i should a lied?
    Your missing even double hits melee sc and everything.
    And not even 1 post i can find about these tests.
    We're all here to make the game a better place.
    So why dont you run the test yourself.

    Hope the dev's take this seriously. i thoroughly tested this.
  13. zNot Loyal Player

    Thank you for your video about EoG you litteraly spoke out of my mind :D its deeply concerning that balance means nothing in this game.
  14. ViiCTORY New Player

    Respectfully these changes need to happen. Players are often kicked for not having this artifact and it runs the game for them. If you need it after the launch of the new DLC I fear it’ll only exacerbate player complaints since they’ve gotten used to doing the content with such a crutch artifact
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  15. OGMyDpsIsBetter Active Player

    This is extremely disappointing. Another DLC where you see chat being spammed “LF EoG heals for xxE” I was looking for forward to this making runs fun again then this DLC itself
  16. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    That was not done for VWD. They gave you something else entirely for VWD.
  17. Mr.W Committed Player

    Exactly, an exchange for it
  18. Stag Active Player

    You really delayed the changes because of these weak crybaby clowns lol. Literally the changes are fine
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  19. Mr.W Committed Player

    I feel like you're just ranting b/c you don't like me now lol or you don't understand the context of what I said friend.

    I'm not being rude or anything, but it's true that everything in the game has been scaled to the EOG & things more than likely will need to be tuned after the EOG changes go live.

    I thanked mepps & the devs for allowing us more time to find a middle ground with the artifact in each role.

    I'm not sure where the rant is coming from.
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  20. zNot Loyal Player

    Its not a rant and nothing against you personally,they probably shouldnt have done EoG and episode on Test at the same time plus both are only one week to Test im not sure whos idea that was but thats terrible.

    We couldve gotten this a month ago and it wouldve been way less complains especially announcing nerf right after 2xp so mepps just made people more angry then they wouldve been otherwise.
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