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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. myandria Item Storage

    Personally, I like this change for EOG, especially for healers.

    In my opinion and from what I have tested so far, this version of EOG is now more of a "tactical" artifact; not for tac swapping, but for actual tactical playstyle use. For a dual role healer, I can see myself using this version of EOG to help with heals when in DPS role. For a solo heal character build (which I usually play) EOG has never been necessary, in my opinion, and it really shows with the new changes.

    As others have stated before me, the EOG artifact sits in the back of my inventory, collecting dust for all of my characters that have it. I have yet to test it on a controller; however, from what I have seen from the healer side I don't think any of my controllers will be needing it as well.
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  2. Ranmaru Developer

    I've spoken with systems at length, and decided to make a minor change that should assist with tanks ability to regen themselves.

    oHealing Generation restructured to 1.5%/2%/5% (Changed from 3%/s flat)
    Changed to
    oHealing Generation restructured to 2%/3%/6% (Changed from 3%/s flat)

    While I don't imagine this will move the needle much for those who have chosen to move away from the artifact, this should assist sustaining yourself when using it.

    Additionally I have read the feedback concerning Supercharge related issues; and while I would like to review our supercharges (Looking at you Mental group shield) These kinds of changes will take time to investigate what changes if any should be made to them as a whole and I would like to do so given the time, so I'd like to ask for your patience while I take the time to do it properly.
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  3. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    That word, "constant" -- it does not mean what you think it means.
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  4. Tree Well-Known Player

    I’m sorry but could someone explain to me this ominous statement directed to Bastion? What’s the problem?
  5. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    Hello sir.
    I have some questions.
    How about being fair and making damage effect restructured to 10%/20%/40% ?
    and supercharge generation restructured to 1%/2%/4% ?
    also what will happen if 2 tanks activate eog? will they still get the % increased health,resto and dom from their own circle?or there will be no field nor the stats increase ?
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  6. Jinran New Player

    QUICKLY!!! TELL ME HOW YOU WOULD HEAL IN DPS ROLE? Seems like you don't even know what you're talking about since EOG is used by anyone who is good at the game...
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  7. TheBlackCanary New Player

    Isn't there a way to make adjustments without making the artifact completely useless? Basically, the artifact would be useless when you look at the change in the numbers. It essentially gives no supercharge nor additional damage, so the artifact is just generating a beautiful green or orange circle on the ground. There has to be a more effective way to create new metas without completely destroying another. Knowing that changes like this are on the horizon definitely makes me decide maybe this is the time to end my subscription and stop giving any more money to DCUO.
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  8. Ekaterina Committed Player

    As an end game player and maining multiple roles I’m not upset for changing the eog artifact. Just a little concerned on why the changes are happening now and why so harshly. I’ve been playing dc since 2011 and I’m not sure why artifacts were even introduced seeing as though powers aren’t balanced or close to being balanced. With that being said, we completely ignore the fact that some powers operate at a higher level than others with these artifacts, which causes a bigger imbalance. With the recent changes to eog are we going forward going to be looking at a power balance or are we going to just randomly keep choosing dps meta items to nerf?

    It's really hard for me to react to this because I feel like as a consumer and someone who wants to see dc do great its hard for me and a lot of others to trust the devs especially when leaks of nerfs were brought up and it was mentioned by mepps "that no change to eog is finalized and they may see adjustments in the future" posted on march 22nd. then boom eog is being changed not even two and a half weeks later.

    I am here for balancing arts but not nerfing to the point of it not being useful especially when most spent money and dedicated a lot of time in farming exp for arts that have been around for years, specifically eog. biggest focus should be power balance then arts.

    Also how can we test eog if the updated version isn't even on test?
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  9. zNot Loyal Player

    Dont revert any of the nerfs the crying is expected and normal its part of the process of accepting a balanced game.
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  10. myandria Item Storage

    Well, since I have never chased a leaderboard in ANY game, my playstyle of DPS role in ANY game is to have at least one heal power if possible for my character; this way, my DPS can stay upright if the healer cannot do so.

    Last I remember, you can create ANY type of loadout in a test server and give feedback about it; it's not there to only test the cool kids cookie cutter loadouts. The devs do not give specific testing parameters when it comes to testing anything for this game; so, any and all loadout possibilities are valid.

    Does that mean that I dont know how to play the game? Nope. It just means that I don't follow the meta when it comes to roles. You know, some people do play outside of the sandbox and hold their own very well.

    Your reaction is typical; "Oh, she doesn't use her loadout like everyone else does; she doesn't know anything about the game! ROAAAR!"

    Ahhhahhaa! Makes me laugh every time.
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  11. VariableFire Loyal Player

    Ironically, this be the second time EOG has been nerfed. They can never get it balanced right it seems, always one end or the other.
  12. Opal New Player

    Same person here (Jinran) under my new IGN. Not sure why I couldn't log into my other account.

    You are correct, the devs do not set any parameters for testing things, but how silly would it be to consume feedback from someone who uses healing abilities in their DPS loadouts. Nobody does this, not even the worse players, so imagine the laugh EYE had reading your post.
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  13. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    In my eyes this is one of the updates that goes down in DC History like GU36, if you know you know. This change affects everything in the game because for the past 4+ years the content we've been given was tested with eog users and the allies we've been given to level pair well with EoG. Below's my breakdown of how each will change: Dps, Tank, Heal, Content

    - Dps: The amount of greens we'll be receiving is 75% less, consequently reducing Dpses dmg output by at least 20%-30%. Probably more once you factor in everything that gains from fast super regen like Krypto on attack, Aquaman on Support, Shazam Support. I do like the idea of the damage effect restructuring. Then the big hitter, "Players will no longer be able to activate a field of the same type effect when near another field." The change should be "EoG damage no longer counts towards Pollux's Gaze." This way it still keeps that team style gameplay. If this is released players are either going to make this a swap artifact, not run it at all, or only have 1 person use it. All depends on what the final changes are.

    - Heal: With how much of a nerf this is to supercharge given, it's almost pointless to run EoG as a heal and instead go with a battle heal build. Healers are already solo healing elite and elite+ content with 3-4 powers and 2-3 scs so switching to a prec battle heal ain't too hard. Increase the supercharge generation to 1/2/4, this makes it somewhat reasonable to still keep in slot. Possibly even make the 8-Man 100% Healer shield's into 50% again, with a 45 sec CD so it isn't too OP. This could help with the problem i'm about to talk about with atomic tank.

    - Tank: As a tank I usually only use EoG as a swap art for when I'm low on supercharge, if I want to give SC to the group, or if I'm atomic. For basically every power except atomic I use Manacles/Scrap/Laz and only swap to eog when i'm below 50%, for people only using eog they will have a hard time in long fights. As Atomic I replace manacles with EoG for more sc regen. Atomic is already a very weak tank so now that sc regen is going to be nerfed, Atomics' usefulness will also be nerfed. Atomic tanks usually run Mass Density and Dash attack/Perfect Poise at end-game so it NEEDS SC regen to be effective.

    - Content: Last but not least the content. All the content since EoG has been released has in some fashion factored in EoG whether people like to think so or not. From Dps checks, largers health pools, SC stealing ads, etc. Once this update releases, all the old content will still be tuned as if EoG was the same. I don't need to explain any further why that's a problem.

    - Change the supercharge generation to 1/2/4.
    - Change the stacking removal to where EoG damage doesn't count towards other EoG damage.
    - Extra: Change 8-Man Healer Shields to 50s with a 45 second cooldown from a 100 with a 30.
    - Extra: Look back at prior content to updates release. Basically everything.

    Extra Thoughts: I like a fast style of gameplay and art swapping/popping alot of SCs is what we have today that offers that. In the old days we had a bunch of clips and jump cancels to offer that but they were taken away too. It's like every few years people get used to the game and boom it changes, another 2.5 years goes by and boom another change and on and on. We had jump cancels, phase dodge clipping, karmic hex clipping turned into weapon mastery turned into Advanced Mechanics turned into stats revamp turned into artifacts turned DCIventoryOnline. I'm not this biggest fan of art swapping but it's simply what this games offers to me as end-game player and increasing my characters usefulness. These are some videos of my favorite times of Dpsing:

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  14. Warped Discord Moderator

    It’ll likely be updated in the next build. They have to submit the changes first and Ranmaru likely just posted what those changes would be for when the next build is released on public test.
  15. myandria Item Storage

    Well, if "nobody" does this for testing, then I am proud to be the first one to do so! Yay me!

    Players do not know exactly how the dev's deal with feedback, so it is safe to say that any and all feedback related to the thread will not be ignored. Just because they may not use it, doesn't mean that they will not read or consider it. Everyone does not play this game the same way, believe it or not; this is why you can pick and choose how to build your character and why feedback from all types of playstyles/loadouts are acceptable on the test feedback forums; as long as the feedback supports the thread (which is about the changes to EOG and testing it's new stats) I don't think the devs will have an issue with it.

    If you think that having healing abilities, especially self healing abilities on a DPS is silly, that is your opinion. It doesn't mean that a player doesn't know anything about the game. There is no harm with thinking and building outside of the meta loadout sandbox.

    Also, to point out, I made this loadout on the "test" server; I never said anything about going live with it so I don't understand the "arrow to the knee-jerk" reactions. Still, it makes me laugh :D:D and I may consider building a live character with the DPS/Self heal loadout just for kicks.

    Ahh well; back to testing. What shall I try next? SCIENCE!:eek::D
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  16. Warped Discord Moderator


    Keep EOG as it is currently on the live server but with the following changes:
    • Remove the effect stacking for the same fields - Pollux’s Gaze and Castor’s Watch.
    • Castor’s Watch no longer generates supercharge for other players and only regenerates your supercharge.
    • Maybe have Pollux’s Gaze damage buff scale with the supercharge (2500/5000/10000) used (20%/30%/40%) with the removal of stacking and the percentages could always be fine tuned and adjusted if the numbers are too high (something like 10%/20%/30% instead).
    These changes would be fairly simple and EOG would still retain its use for tanks and healers and the dpses would still get the buff from it - just the damage wouldn’t stack with other players. It would essentially change this from a “group” artifact into an individual artifact and these changes remove what EOG was primarily being abused for in the first place.
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  17. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Don't electric dps players use Arc Lightning in their load out? Does that power not heal in any role? It's a rhetorical question by the way. I don't see anything silly about it.
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  18. zNot Loyal Player

    I do like this suggestion but Pollux“s Gaze should still scale with the SC used.
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  19. Warped Discord Moderator

    Fixed it - of course the damage percentages could be further discussed as it would involve some fine tuning. It’s just an example of what it could look like.
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  20. Trykz Dedicated Player

    I see no mention about using it for the 1k supercharge with rage tanking.
    Will it still work as if it were a 25% sc?
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