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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Do people realize that they postponed the EoG update to allow players to actually test things out and give actual feedback. At this point they may decide to release it as is if no one wants to provide actual feedback.
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  2. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    Would it be possible to change to sc regen to .75%,1.5% and 3%. Right now I don’t see a point in using a 25, when 6 of them or even 3 50s equal a 100.
  3. Mr.W Committed Player

    In most gameplay 100% sc are absolutely useless. That's why healers don't use their 8 man shields. Even with scrap + gem the time to build a 100% is ridiculous
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  4. Mr.W Committed Player

    I'll be on again tonight if the server is up.
  5. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    I think you’re missing the point. Right now you receive 12% sc back regardless if u hit a 25% or 100%. So using a 100% sc to spam greens makes no sense. But if the original changes go through a 25 (.5%) would only only grant 3% back, compared to 18% for 100. So 6 25% sc = 1 100%. So it is more efficient to use a 100% sc. that is why a proposed the change the values to make it a little more even and give options on which sc(s) you want to use.
    There are other variables like head mods and the scrap 7% back if u wait 30 sec for cooldown.

    If the original proposed changes go through, green spam would turn in to healers running quislet, black Adam ally, a sc generator, and 100% sc. this would yield a sc every 35 - 40 sec, even quicker if you have 2 healers running greens.
  6. Mr.W Committed Player

    Hey Ranmaru, I hopped on test & I'm comparing the tool tip to live & it appears identical. I'm going to try heal role vs tank role to see if we can get a closer middle ground but I would like to know if the changes on test are active & the tool tip just need to be updated.
  7. Mr.W Committed Player

    Hey Ranmaru, been messing around with healers & there's definitely a change from live the tool tip just need to be updated. ((Very important detail) I haven't gotten into an actual mission yet as it's late), but based off of test dummy testing pheromone bloom I think you got it close to right (IF) a gem spamming healer uses a sc generator (and) a weapon attack that gives a good amount of sc regen. (I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how practical this is in the field.) I would like to test it at 1% though (I think 1% would feel more natural)

    For 50% sc I think we should try to bumped it up to 1.5% regen. with it currently at 1% I don't think anything will help players sustain sc.

    For 100% sc can we at least try 5% to at least make them practical to have on the bar again Lol?

    If another player beat me to the field test please post your findings
  8. Mr.W Committed Player

    Forgive me for not seeing your full context of your post, I been working late for a little while now & been tired lol. I see what you're saying I think the numbers should be upped a little as well but I 25% sc should go up to 1% sc regen even if (for healers only) castors watch only activates every 20sec.

    I agree with 50's being put at 1.5%

    I would like to see 100% sc buffed a bit more though generally most ppl wouldn't use a 100% sc for just 3% regen & I can see most healers not wanting to use the artifact if left at 3 percent & that became the only optimal way to use it.
  9. XBARRYALLEN777 New Player

    The whole point of these changes is to nerf the strategy of constant uptime of sc's/greens/oranges/stacking. Keep the changes exactly the same. Stick to your guns & implement the changes. If healers & tanks want some extra help from it, you can add another section to the art that is specifically for tanks/healers. You can add 5 extra effects to Lazarus pit water you can do the same to eog regarding tanks & healers. Thank you.
  10. Mr.W Committed Player

    The current numbers would be too harsh of a change making artifact useless. It's more streamline & less prone to glitches to just get the numbers right from the start as opposed to adding a different effect for every role in the game.
  11. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I wonder if people realize that it is completely possible to complete content without anyone using EoG...
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh yea, let's see the videos of omega level pardon, the convergence of unmaking speed feat, perpetuas anguish with no EOG spam going off.

    Got any videos, keen to watch
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  13. L T Devoted Player

    This was precisely my thought. EoG still more or less required for Healing, plus swap out Soul Cloak after hitting your shield super.

    For Healers who don't like EoG healing, is this really an improvement?

    The ugly side of this conjecture is Nature players don't have a 10,000 cost heal super.
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  14. L T Devoted Player

    It's possible to complete content without Manacles of Force too, but all the Tanks I know use that artifact. It's possible to complete content without Amulet of Rao, but that artifact certainly tops the list of everyone's Controller build. Some artifacts are just really good.
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  15. Hellclown127! Well-Known Player

    So I've skimmed through this thread, and considering it was ominously mentioned by the developer hosting this thread. I am really interested in the mention of Bastion. After the 8 months I spent posting about the cooldown of Bastion being 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds like the rest of the controller group shield supercharges, as well as the ridicule and abuse I took from this community while just asking for a cooldown adjustment. This statement bothers me and I'd really like to know why Bastion is being brought up like this. What are the problems with the supercharge? If none then why mention it that way?

    I couldn't care less about Eye of Gemini, whatever happens to it happens to it. It's not an artifact that I use. However I have been a Mental player since 2013. I fought for the cooldown change that occured upon the release of B.O.P. and I took a lot of heat from this community over it. It definitely does not need nor require any sort of nerf.
  16. Braniac Killer New Player

    I could not care less what 90 percent of the forum say this art needs to be changed/removed from the game. The meta is extremely too stagnant right now. Only powers that spam supers off cooldown can compete in dps, and healers are literally just gem spam bots. I don't like how much hate this post got and think these original changes go through with the one change of being supp roles getting their own super regen kept the same.
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  17. SonGoku Level 30

    Will you release an *updated* change of eye of gemini to test server before the changes go live? It’s 2 weeks until the next GU and unless the coming changes are set in stone barring bugs then it would be nice to extensively test it
  18. you and me we got this New Player

    Ranmaru i got a very very good idea.

    Power = troll
    super charge = healer ?, make it = troll and add a blue circle (ngl i just want a blue eog )

    and maybe add tank circle that gives damage reduction or smth for tank . just a suggestion

    main feed back ,

    damage can be less 5, 10 , 20 .
    as i think now eog will be more cordinated now , so you will see people just coordinating it and it will be a group eog spam

    healing generation , can we change that to like damage reduction same stats , id rather have 5 % damage reduction than heal , will also be good for tanks

    as for super charge , ngl id love to see it get removed i cba to being forced to eog spam to play raids
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  19. Hateful Scrub New Player

    Why bother nerfing any artifact? The devs are just going to alienate legitimate players that have worked hard to get their gear to the level it is. Instead, the time could be spent fixing what is probably the most major problem with the game: DCUO is littered with PC gamer speed hackers that can do millions of damage within seconds by running an app on their computer. They ruined PvP a long time ago. Over the years, I’ve queued for countless raids and, in many of them, have seen these guys burn a boss in less than 60 seconds. If the devs truly want to make the game balanced, fair and challenging for everyone they should start with trying to figure out how to rid the world of these cheating PC players. It may be as simple as running a script to monitor players for excessive weapon attacks per second. Then the players account can be flagged and reviewed individually by a dev to determine if cheating actually occurred. If it’s discovered that the player was cheating, his account and/or ip address could be promptly banned.
  20. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Sorry but no. Changes should always be made to over performing and under performing elements within any game. Leaving something clearly over performing in such a state because there are other areas that also need attention just pushes back an issue. Yes speed hackers are a big problem. But they wouldn’t be such an issue of the community didn’t accept them. Every time I’ve random qued any content where there is a hacker the group defends them and refuses to kick them. This is a key reason why they exist. If players refused to play with these players they wouldn’t be at such a state where they can easily run things.
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