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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. Ranmaru Developer

    Howdy everyone, with the release of EP45 we have the changes of a widely discussed artifact, the Eye of Gemini.

    Below I'll be listing the changes being made and discuss why we decided to make the changes.

    •Supercharge Cost Standardization: Currently Eye of Gemini functions at full capacity regardless of how much SC is spent, the listed changes will bring it more in line with similar items in its catalog

    oDamage effect restructured to 8%/16%/30% (Changed from 20% flat)

    oHealing Generation restructured to 1.5%/2%/5% (Changed from 3%/s flat)

    oSupercharge generation restructured to .5%/1%/3% (Changed from 2%/s flat)

    •Effect stacking removal: Currently players overlap these effects with each other gaining massive bonuses. Players will no longer be able to activate a field of the same type effect when near another field.


    Update: the Eye of Gemini changes are still not quite finalized and will not go live with Episode 45. We now expect them to go live with our next Game Update after the Episode, but that could also still change.
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  2. IonHero Committed Player

    Is it possible that in this process or shortly afterwards that we could look at re-re-balancing of the shield powers that were adjusted to cost 10000 SC? reference
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  3. CassUV Well-Known Player

    Is it open for opinions and changes or it’s just an announce?.
  4. UnboundHeavenlyDemon Well-Known Player

    I agree with this.fix every super you guys nerfed because of Gemini
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  5. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    Without explicitly commenting on how bad the changes the are, will we get some sort of compensation for the artifact? Everyone has missed the opportunity to feed EoG into something else since 2x week just passed. Some sort of community discussion and feedback on the changes would be nice too.
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  6. UnboundHeavenlyDemon Well-Known Player

    EOG is still op it’s just the stacking that is getting everyone salty I see
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  7. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    You know they can and they will change any artifact to their discretion? In fact they dont even need to do 2x week ever again. Its a nice bonus but they don’t have to offer it.
    So maybe test it, leave feedback and then if you dont like it, well just feed it to another artifact next time there is a 2x week or maybe if there isn’t one use it when you want :)
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  8. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    I don’t see how. The SC regeneration is essentially cut by 75% for support roles?
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  9. Kickback New Player

    Compensation? Oh please, everyone knew this was coming and talked about it daily, leading up to and during the 2X arts week. You intentionally didn't take advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself. You're not owed a thing. :rolleyes:
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  10. UnboundHeavenlyDemon Well-Known Player

    at max is has more benefits than previously.If you’re under 200 then yeah it’ll cripple you a lot but that’s why there’s x2 arts exp and it took me 3 months of playing to get the nth metal to level up 3 arts from zero to 200
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  11. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    Maybe I’m just confused about the description of the post? I was under the assumption that the three sets of numbers (0.5, 1, 3) were for the 25%, 50%, and 100% supers respectively at 200. I haven’t hopped on test yet to see.
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  12. Noxious Flora Well-Known Player

    I think you're misunderstanding. That increased benefit isnt for rank 200, it's for 100% supercharges. 25% supers will generate.5% sc /sec at all ranks.
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  13. UnboundHeavenlyDemon Well-Known Player

    where in there of what the dev posted said that?
  14. Noxious Flora Well-Known Player

    The third sentence.
  15. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    This is a thread for feedback on the changes and reporting bugs. Not for begging for compensation. A thread could be opened elsewhere.
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  16. El Ferchos Active Player

    Hi, I've got a question regarding the changes made based on SC spent: Will power/mana generartion also receive an adjustment?
  17. JailhouseBat Active Player

    Can I get some clarification on a few items?

    1 - You said you'll discuss why you needed to make the changes but you don't mention the why part here. I'm especially interested in hearing why the healing component needed to be lowered. What are you trying to stop from happening by lowering the healing that Gemini does?

    2 - "Players will no longer to be able to activate a field of the same type effect when near another field" So if two dps's with Gemini's are standing right next to each other and both use their supercharges at the same time what exactly will happen? Do they have to be a certain distance away from each other?

    On a side note this change is a disappointment. The 10k power cost supercharges have been rendered useless due to how long they take to fill. To tie the Gemini to the Supercharge you use honestly makes me wonder do you all play this game? I apologize if that sounds disrespectful because that is not my intent but I have been a customer for years and it is frustrating seeing constant nerfs.
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Hi Ranmaru

    Can you say whether the developers are going to go back and review all the burn check feats in the game as a consequence?

    At present numerous feats have probably assumed the ability to EOG stack and with its removal it quite possibly makes burn check feats harder than they ought to be.

    Also something to consider when using a burn check mechanic in the future.

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  19. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    This isn't going to change anything for me. I like the EoG. I like the animation, I like its rallying effect on the group more than anything. I appreciate it when I'm dpsing or controlling but I don't spam it as a healer. If I fired it off every time I could I wouldn't have my super charge at the ready for when the group really needs it which could lead to a wipe. This philosophy has kept many groups I've been in from wiping. For me its just business as usual. If this is as bad as everyone thinks all I can say is mental says "hi!".
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  20. zNot Loyal Player

    Interms of the changes to EoG using a 100% SC seems to be slightly overtuned,i dont see why it gives tripple the SC compared to using a 50% SC? At the very least id put it 2.5% instead of 3% Especially keeping in mind that art swapping exists. The 30% damage seems also too high id suggest it at 25%.

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