Artifact breakthrough purposely failing

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  1. EK1975 Well-Known Player

    So after trying to breakthrough with my artifact, it failed, and I lost all my catalysts. I put in a support ticket. Apparently the developers thought it would be fun to code in a chance at random for the breakthroughs to fail on purpose. There will always be those who dissagree. This is not challenging, this is annoying. Getting the catalysts only one week at a time just for a purposely coded in chance for the breakthrough to fail. When the developers put in stuff like this, they wonder why people are leaving this game.
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  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Your point? We were all made aware of the chances of failure per milestone. Did you not use a Seal of Preservation to protect your catalysts in case of failure? Do you not use alts to farm for catalysts? Are you aware you can purchase catalysts off the broker?
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  3. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    The breakthrough chance is shown before you start, and you can buy Seals of Preservation from the marketplace or broker (and you even got the first one for free). If your breakthrough succeeds you don't even lose your seal. If you try your odds without using a failsafe then don't cry if RNG doesn't swing your way.
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  4. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Ive only used the one seal I received from the mission.

    I'm level

    Have I really just been that lucky....?
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  5. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    RNG at it's finest...They did tell us about the seals upfront though.
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  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I have an artifact at 100 and one at 80...I only had one fail, but I've used seals for all of the attempts. It also shows you the percentage of risk before you do it. This is really on you, man.
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  7. Yvtq8K3n Committed Player

    I thought the ideia artifacts was free of charge, but guess its was 2 edge-sword all along, when u realise the fallacy of cataclys. When u buy a product and its says tax free, to only then u realize those same taxes are already being charged.

    The main ideia of artifacts was, u dont need to replay to improve your progretion, however once u reach the breaktought point in the end of the day u are confined to replay the content in order to get the catalyts.

    I still think the ideia of u face harder challenges for the amount of level it requires. Level 20 lets go to Khandaq! Level 40 lets go to Power Core! level 60 lets face Black Hand! and so on. Would be a nice aquicitance to the artifacts. Not this, where here we go again, replay time... Very Disapointed.
  8. TestReporter Loyal Player

    This is not on him lol... Since it's random, he can spend over 1 billion years trying to level up his artifact and never be able to do it, ofc the chance of not being able to in a long period of time is small, but still. The only reason it's random is to get more money from the players, just like OP collections (and elite/normal sharing loot locks).
    I'm always agains't any method of progression that involves money, so, you may not agree with me on this post.
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  9. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    I think the complaint is that the Seal protection is deliberate. A dev did extra work to actually design, and code and then monetize this; such that Constatine is now an insurance man.

    Are there other ways to earn a seal through playing the game after the first is used up. Plus the first one is cannot trade so you can't give them from your alts to your mains. With another round of artifacts coming; they're counting on folks to head to the marketplace.

    Lastly; regarding announcing it upfront. I can announce to a stranger that when you buy my fruits, there's a chance that i take you money (mats), but not give your item (breakthrough) and no refund unless you also buy insurance from me. Fair much?

    Do you think someone's toe will hurt less because i warned him before I stepped on it.
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  10. Fed up player #10 Well-Known Player

    I had one of 4 fail at 40, all others have been okay past 80. League mate had one fail 6 times in a row at 100. He had to buy extra seals just to keep trying until he finally got it to work. We all know random chance is not so random with the RNG. But also remember not everyone has alts to farm the catalyst with and I agree that having to pay real money to get extra seals isn't right. Should be a way in game to get them. As always yes keep them available to those that want to just buy them outright but not everyone has extra money t o spend on this game.
  11. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    You thinking that was an error on your part for reading more than what was presented, which was straight forward. From the livestream to the announcement thread it was made clear that there would be a chance of breakthrough failure. Which meant if you didn't have a seal of protection and/or lost your catalysts, you'd have to go farm those instances and get more...or go to the broker to get more...or go to the marketplace.

    Nowhere was it stated ANYWHERE that you would be required to replay anything. You have the option to buy catalysts in the broker (and seals too)...and contrary to the popular opinion, they're not all that expensive. But if 500k to a million or two is too rich for your blood you can always wait for the weekly reset. Don't have the patience to wait...well, then you can pay one way or another, either through replays or buying catalysts and seals in the marketplace (patience is rewarding, but if you lack it, you will have to pay...that's par for the course with this game from day one). But you aren't required to do so, so there's no reason to play victim here. Daybreak didn't promise one thing and do another...everything was laid out pretty clearly...and you have options.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot...if you have more than one toon, you can significantly reduce your wait time by using your alts to run the content for Catalysts and trade them between toons...which is exactly what I do when time permits. Options to avoid replaying or paying are there...and they are generous. They could have forced people into buying something, but they didn't. Take advantage of your options instead of creating a false narrative that you're being forced into replaying.
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  12. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    But there are in-game options that can easily void the need to spend money in the what's the beef??? And anyone playing an MMO, but especially this one, should always be aware that there will be RNG involved. As it is, it was spelled out for everyone that breakthrough failure was a possibility. It even gives you odds of failure before you make the attempt to breakthrough.
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  13. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    You can get seals on the broker currently, and catalysts are not that expensive either...and farming for them is incredibly easy. And your analogies don't correlate with the situation here. You know it was designed that way on is everything else around here, and it was presented up front. So why the surprise??? RNG is par for the course in this game, and yeah they are monetizing everything they can, as is their right. Despite that, they have given us several ways to sidestep that aspect. If you're too impatient to wait for the weekly reset or can't be bothered to work the broker, you should pay. If the marketplace were the only option for players, I could understand being upset...but it's a longshot.
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  14. Schimaera Devoted Player

    I have four artifacts on 100 now. Never spent a dime. Ran the Catalyst Instances weekly on three toons. Doesn't take that long, really.
    Bought five Seals off of the broker and i still have six in total (never failed lol).

    You're not really in danger of losing catalysts if you can spent 1-2 mil on 1 or 2 Seals and be done with it :p
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  15. TestReporter Loyal Player

    And that doesn't mean it's right to have RNG in this or in any game, even more when it's about your money and involves gameplay.
    It shouldn't be. It's the exactly definition of gambling, you pay for something and you can lose everything, if DCUO was a famous game or the community talked openly about this it could cause the company serious issues in the media, but it's just DCUO, so things like that are ignored.
    Everything in this game is being monetized this days, and the community seems to be just accepting it. All i will say (besides my daily forum complaining) is: That's sad
  16. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Lol ppl starting to believe a chance of something is gambling no matter how it is presented.

    If THIS is gambling, I'd like casinos to do it the exact same way.

    It would mean I could increase my chances by just not-spending actual money in a totally leagal way. Rofl.
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  17. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Exactly ... They even tell you that the higher you go.. level 80 or level 100 .. the more of a chance you may fail but even then the odds of success are much greater than those for failing

    Nope not at all.. I have 9 different alts I am leveling artifacts on at the moment. All of them have at least one Artifact about level 60 and I have three above 80 working on 100. The other day was the very first time I actually had a Breakthrough failure. I used up my original seal and had to use ONE of the extras I purchased during the Black Friday sale to reach level 80 with my third alt.. .. ALL of the others are still using that free one Constantine gave me when I completed the tutorial.

    Okay first of all it was explained right up front on the tutorial there was a chance you might fail trying to break through which was why Old Johnny boy gave us that free Seal of Protection to begin with. As for the catalysts.... you have several options

    I personally started out playing the missions that handed them out with 9 different alts and then handed what dropped to the Lat that needed it next. That can take a while as you get to higher levels but does "eventually" allow you to get any and all catalysts free.

    Then as mentioned here by others.. head to the broker and shell out a few million in game cash a piece and just buy what you don't already have there.

    Use replays and you can reset the catalyst so you can do any mission as many times a DAY as you like and grab the catalyst.. Now keep in mind that means you use up 87 replays for one catalyst off a raid.

    Go to the market place and click on the tab marked CATALYSTS AND ARTIFACTS and you can buy a complete set of whatever catalyst in required to break through any level.... AND can also buy more protective seals if the first one saved your catalysts when a break through failed. JUST a heads up.. the prices at the Market are relatively cheap and will run you a whole lost less Real Money than using a huge number of replays to get those same amounts of catalysts in game faster replaying content over and over and over again. yes that means that artifacts are another way they created to hopefully get extra cash out of us.. but guess what? I do not like Time Capsules . I will not spend tons of money to buy stabilizers and open a pile of those and still not have everything I want for them. Its basically like playing a slot machine. ON THE OTHER HAND go to the market and buy a catalyst pack and you get.. CATALYSTS and enough to allow you to break through to what ever level that pack is designed for...20, 40, 60, 80 or 100. No gamble and the fee is not that great.

    No one tried to fool you and the absolute only thing you can not earn in game aside from that first freebie you get during the tutorial is the Protective shield..... If one fails on you the only way to get another is to buy one. And there is even a way around THAT..... just take the chance and hope the breakthrough does not fail. if it does then go back to running missions to gather more catalysts. AGAIN .. I have 9 alts all with at least one artifact above level 60 and three above level 80 and I have had ONE protective seal fail... I have never lost a single catalyst at all.
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  18. Korlick Loyal Player

    I breakthrough to 80 without any problems. But when i had to do it at 100 i used 4 seals to do it.
    Second artifact and 2 alts, im at 80 without failing.
  19. C3alix Committed Player

    About the same with me when I got to 100. I used maybe 3 before saying WHOAAAAA OK STOP.
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  20. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    The only time you can claim a form of gambling is in regards to Time Capsules and Stabilizer Keys, and that's debatable (in a thread of that topic, not here). Having said that, RNG has been a part of this game from as far back as I can recall (I started a year after the game's release). They have never had any intentions of removing RNG from this game, so it seems pointless to get upset about that in particular. As for the monetizing of Artifacts, I find that with all of the in-game options available, it's not as heavy handed as replays were when best gear was in raids. So it's easy to accept since it's not a necessity. I mean, there's no RNG involved when it comes to farming you can always get more. And because of that fact, people are farming extra to many are doing this that for the most part, prices have remained steadily decent on the broker. While there's some randomness to Nth metals, they can drop anywhere, including the vault and stabilizer duo. And the ones that drop in instances or open world are account bound, and you're not forced to go to the marketplace for them.

    People already complain endlessly about how easy the game is, and how fast everything can be basically done with. Imagine how much faster things would get without RNG, if everything was just that guaranteed. Or worse, imagine how much more they would stretch everything artificially because of lack of RNG. Want proof of gear in vendor. Since RNG was no longer a factor, content longevity was stretched out by raising vendor gear prices significantly.