Armory & Base Items Placed All Gone and Won't come back!

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  1. Atzec-Rasta Level 30

    Hello All,

    Please help as I log on to my Gerlah character and she is missing her 3 armories, amenities and various placed furniture pieces. I was able to get back the amenities but all the items are now gone and not even listed including my 3 armories.

    The character is a USPS Hero named: Gerlah

    I am unable to use my 3 armories still, even after using in game options such as relocating base, resetting items and just looking through all the menus. Please help and escalate this. I am Super Legendary and do not enjoy this.

    Thanks for reading.

    Best Luck to all!

    PSN: aztecrasta
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  3. inferno Loyal Player

    They believe they found the cause, they're trying to fix it; no timeframe.
  4. CaptainColdilocks Dedicated Player

    USPS. When I logged this morning, my armory imprints were also gone. It was easy for me to fix tho... Just hit circle on them and it brought up the list of which imprint was there. My base items were all fine as well.

    Just chiming in, that's all
  5. Atzec-Rasta Level 30

    Thank you guys!

    Guess waiting is the next step.