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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Sore, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Sore Well-Known Member

    You need to finish your Home Turf sequence of missions. This includes the "I Love Lamp" mission that has you decorate your base. Once you complete "I Love Lamp", you'll see "Lock and Load" mission in your journal. Complete that and you have an armory in your inventory. Collect that. Place it in your base. Make sure you have at least all but 10 SP and 3 PP spent in your spec. Imprint, Activate, Rename, and Change Icon from your armory. Go to your Generator and play around with changing the button assignments. Keyboard players should check their keybindings for activation. I think that's the numpad keys.

    NOTE: As of typing this, you can't get a second armory without doing a glitch that isn't effective.
    NOTE: As of typing this, the server might be resetting your toon upon each login (undoing all test server progress)
    NOTE: Those issues might be fixed if you're reading this well after I've typed it...
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Additional Armories will be purchased on the Marketplace on Live, and we'll add a way for you to get them once we've tested the single.

    NOTE: As of typing this, you can't get a second armory without doing a glitch that isn't effective.

  3. Sore Well-Known Member

  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Thanks. Seeing that now. :)
  5. NayrTheWise Member

    Posting this here since there isn't an official armories feedback thread yet... feel free to move it when that gets started.

    For the starter armory given from the quest, it's no trade, no sell, no delete, but when I clicked it I got the standard base item message, which says something along the lines of "You will no longer be able to trade this if you consume it", which is odd, since I can't trade it anyway.

    When you try to imprint with fewer skill points/power points spent than allowed (which I think is a silly "feature" anyway, partial imprints would be very useful), it tells you "You don't have the required minimum of 12 power points spent". (Similar for SP). However, the UI doesn't tell you how many you have spent, just how many you have free and how many you have total. To be consistent, it should message using the UI numbers: "You have more than the required minimum of 3 power points unspent"

    The default PC keys are numpad 1 through 4, which only work when Num Lock is on (And often don't work well at on a laptop). Just by looking at the key bindings screen, you can't tell that, it just looks like 1 through 4. I anticipate a great many shouts about how to get them to work. What about using N, M, comma, and period as the defaults? (And remap Renown to unmapped by default... it's hardly used anymore, and you can get to it through the Deeds menu.

    As someone else mentioned, you can trigger armory 2, 3 and 4, even when you only have one. However, once I go to the generator and configure which build goes where (Meaning, where I put my single build), if I attempt to trigger the other builds, I get the error message "An error occurred while imprinting the Build" in the text box, and I don't get any animation. (Note: I'm not imprinting, I'm hitting the key to switch to a build I don't have mapped)

    On the Armory Builds tab at the Generator, I can place my single build into the four slots using the mouse by dragging. When I click on one of the empty slots, it highlights like an inventory slot, implying that it will swap with the build if I click on it. However, clicking on the build does not swap it. Nor does clicking on the build in the list move that build into that "selected" slot.

    When renaming my build, I get an Invalid Build Name error for "Damage" and "Staff" and "Staff Damage", but it's just fine with "StaffDamage" or "S D" or "Enstaff Damager". Why on earth would those be invalid names? I can name it after myself, so it's not conflicting with player names.

    When you imprint a build, it asks if you're sure, but after that there's no feedback at all that it worked. Maybe play a short noise or something to make it feel like something happened?
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  6. JustaWolf Member

    Just Curious, how much will additional armories be in the market place once it goes live?
    thanks in advance
  7. Veritas Active Member

    When I go to move the Armory after imprinting it I lose it. Does not allow to place another either. Completely delete it for me.
  8. Starbrand Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the noob question but...

    If I just intend to play as DPS and Tank, both with fixed gear, spec and loadout, so I just need 2 armories?

    I am seeing ppl talking about having 4 or 5 armories, for what purpose?

  9. Shadowdragon Well-Known Member

    Armories can be used in many different ways. Some players may just opt to use it for purely style changes. You might also have different settings for different situations. A solo loadout & armor config can be very different from a raid one in the same role. There's also PvP vs PvE. In an alert, I may use 2 different tank settings where I have higher damage for the adds and higher defense for the bosses. Those are just some ideas.
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  10. Starbrand Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the answer.
  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Thank you for the reports. Keep them coming!

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