Armories Arrive in DCUO Next Week!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Captain Liberty, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Doc Holliday New Player

    I wouldn't say dying down. They have a lot of people mad about the servers being offline today, they will be back.

    Plus if this thread stopped today there's enough feedback to change the price and they know it.
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  2. BriWi Well-Known Player

    This is one of the first times that I haven't looked forward to a feature going live. It feels a bit too much like the old 'carrot on a stick' routine used to make donkeys work harder at pulling the cash cart. One armory is the carrot, giving you enough of a taste of the feature to want more armories to realize potential functionality, while the cost of additional armories is the stick that makes you pay what I feel are unreasonably high costs, especially in relation to other items sold. Now, I do think that it is fair for SOE to charge for them, but I believe that prices should take into account the product's overall functionality in relation to other items sold and modify prices from there.
    Something my father drummed into my head as I grew up is be constructive in my criticism. So rather than just say the pricing is bad, I make suggestions as to what could be a better setup for Armory prices. I did one several pages back, but didn't take into account what was being sold already, or single character players. So, I'll put this one up to see how people think about it. I would propose a two-tier approach for buying Armories: one tier for single-use consumables and another tier of account-redeemable purchases where all characters on an account can claim them. I set consumable plans a bit low since they're permanently tied to the character on which they're consumed and deleting the character deletes the purchase.
    (note: consumable means can be traded between characters on an account, redeemable means all characters can redeem without being able to trade)

    Consumable Plans:
    • 1 armory for 300 sc
    • 4 armories for 1000 sc (250 sc each)
    • 7 armories for 1500 sc (bout 215 sc each)
    • 10 armories for 2000 sc (200 sc each)
    Account-wide Redeemable Plans:
    • 1 armory for 800 sc
    • 3 armories for 2100 sc (700 sc each)
    • 5 armories for 3000 sc (600 sc each)
    This lets people choose to buy specifically for a single main character or invest in multiple ones, give flexibility for people to mix and match plans for main characters and alts, all while still providing both revenue to cover armory development costs and funds for future content development.

    I have been playing SoE games since January 2000 (starting with EverQuest 1 and 2) and I've always been a fan of the quality that SoE provides for the price they've charged. Personally, I would have liked setting up equipment loadouts that would be toggled when I switched roles, much like a utility version of the style equipment tabs that EQ1 and 2 have, which would have been 'paid' for with equipment or bank slots. I know most people, including myself, just want to play without having to worry about how much more we can afford with our real-life bills to worry about. New features are nice, and we understand that there is some cost associated with it. We just want the costs to be more consistently applied in terms of new vs current content.
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  3. Oel Em Well-Known Player

    I've worked in sales for over 2 decades, trust me, never in all that time has any company I have ever worked for backed down after 48 hours especially when the volume is dying down so fast. If they do change it, I will be shocked.

    Its no different than the cable companies. They arent reducing their prices even with the success of things like Netflix, Hulu, Google Fiber. The reason is, for every person who leaves their are at least 3 others who not only stay but dont even bother to change their price plan. They just chug along at full price without a care or any knowledge of their options. Armories will be the same way, for every person who refuses to pay, their will be several more who will complain and still buy them at their current cost, and still more who will just shell out the money because its what DCUO tells them to do.

    JustSome_Chick nailed it on the head when she explained there is a lot more disposable income out there than people realize, in a much younger market where nobody cares enough to fight or protest when they feel they are being wronged. They throw that money away with nothing more than a "meh, that was more than I thought."

    That is why all this has really been rather pointless, and DCUO hasnt and wont respond. They are still going to get their money. Companies always win in the end. Vocal minority always loses to the Paying Majority.
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  4. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Yes things have gotten a little quieter around here but given all that was said over the past few days that was inevitable. And yes people will still buy armories, that was never really in doubt, it's just how much will they spend? Like I said in a previous post I will buy an armory at $8 for CJ but I would have spent much much more if the value was there.
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  5. Nemisor Committed Player

    things have got a bit quieter. but thats cause we should only have to say it once. i mean the same people could say the same thing 50 more times but we shouldnt have to.
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  6. Anti Bezz New Player

    Getting to quiet doesn't mean they aren't out for our money than actual doing something for the community, and they all know it. People want to say $8 isn't that much, but in all reality it is. Seriously thought it would be priced at $4 or even $5 with people buying around 3 per toon. Specially with those who do use a lot of alts. Just pretty ridiculous how they are more concerned with making money than anything else.
  7. IvoMnik New Player

    1st . It is TOO

    2nd. No one here is talking about THEM being quiet , we are talking about us being quiet - this topic had reached 50 pages before hitting the 24 hours mark since the news were posted , and now , 25-ish or so hours later it has grown only by 14 pages or so - which means ( maybe) people are not giving a darn that much anymore and (maybe) have given up - either of those is not good if we want the price to change.

    3rd . As I have just said one page back

    Ain't it convenient that they just gave us another "Anger Target" at this exact time ? Namely the failed maintenance
  8. Anti Bezz New Player

    I apologize grammar police, and I never stated it was them being quite :) but since you seem to be the know it all type I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and will assume my thought process about what I was thinking about typing was wrong since it isn't what you thought of when reading my post :)
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  9. Doc Holliday New Player

    Your truth hurts.
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  10. TrueOlympus New Player

    its not dying down, the sensible people already said what needed to be said. why continue?
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  11. Doc Holliday New Player

    It's fairly simple people will buy them however:

    1000 could buy 4 armories @ $5 each
    500 could buy 2 armories @ $8 each

    If I were the sales rep and it's my job to make sure my company gets the maximum profit potential, I'd know which price I'd set using the above logic.
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  12. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Wow failed maintenance? Kinda glad I chose to make money today instead of play *chuckle* (Not a slight on anyone it's just that I decided to take advantage of the kiddo being back in school post-vacation to grind out some work while I could focus.)

    Another way to look at it (versus conspiracy theory) is that they had their hands darn full. Also, I doubt they will change the prices.. but if they do, we probably won't find out until just before the release.

    I think they will release them as is (price) to see how many people buy them at that price. MOST of the players don't come to these forums. I've actually had people in HoD chat tell me they've never heard of or been to the forums. Many times. Most players don't have a clue what's coming or going or what their options are.

    Those are the people who will be buying for the most part on release day. They will see the notes and go "Wow, what's this, cool!!"

    I just hope those of us who have been vocal about it will stick to our guns and not waste money on overpriced stuff. If the noise in this thread dies down, it's to be expected, considering people can only say the same thing so many different ways - and no official response (other than Mepps saying "we are reading this") means it begins to feel like shouting into the deaf wind.

    However if people really DO vote with their wallets staying shut and sales fall flat from projections.. that MIGHT actually lead to something.

    Big IF there.
  13. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Because screaming in vain at a brick wall is so fun it should be illegal?
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  14. BigGreenBudz New Player

    only $8 a piece, what a deal! for only the price of 80% of a DLC, i can have the ability to do something that should have been a default feature since the start of the game! And im assuming unlike inventory slots i need to buy them for each character i have?

    Also, i read that as legendary, i get 1 for free, which is awesome, because when given the ability to switch between multiple setups, 1 is all you need for the feature to be functional.

    This sounds like something EA would do...
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  15. TrueOlympus New Player

    screaming is not the correct description for the civil and constructive complaints in this thread. It didn't get slightly unruly until a small load of people in defense of the price came onto the thread around page 51-ish.
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  16. JustSome_Chick New Player

    I almost choked on my soda when I read that. You have no idea how many times I've thought EXACTLY THAT during this thread hahahah
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  17. Myrdin69 New Player

    this, beside repeat te same argument over and over is pointless, we said what we had to say now its up to whoever is in charge to respond
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  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Hi all. Please see this thread for an update from Executive Producer Larry Liberty, and continue the discussion there.
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