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  1. Celtic Tiger New Player

    (Preface: if this post would be better suited under a different category, please let me know)

    Hey All, I'm brand new to the game so forgive any apparent ignorance I'm still digging in and learning but...

    Not really knowing what the best armor was for my Ice/Storm/Brawler (Meta) Hero, I got to 30 and purchased the Tier 1 Archangel armor from Hawkgirl. I was much more powerful and had much greater survival in PVE than with the random armor drops I had accumulated. However, I've since learned that PVE armor such as "Speed Force Spectrum" is technically more appropriate for PVE I worked and earned all the Marks of Triumph needed and suited up. Lo and behold I ran the solo Scarecrow mission and got lit up! Three knockouts later I switched to my Archeangel armor and dominated. What am I missing here?

    I will say that I did add two or three mods to the PVP armor which added some Precision stats, DPS, and Critical Hit ratings but I wouldn't have thought that would have made as big a difference, (but maybe it does?).

    I'm at a loss, but basically have chosen to play PVP armor till I figure this out.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Delta795 New Player

    T1 PVP gear is actually better than T1PVE gear in PVE content. Its a long story but in fact it is so most of us just accept it. This is really only true in T1 PVE .
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  3. Celtic Tiger New Player

    Thank you! My OCD, was going bonkers! Thought I was going nuts.
  4. XtreemeKill Well-Known Player

    This was a problem for me too since i play a fire tank, are you playing an Ice tank or a dps? Either way, the PvP gear is better for you until about T2.5 or T3 PvE gear. I would give you more detail if you would tell me if you are playing a tank, or aren't role specific.
  5. Celtic Tiger New Player

    I currently have been playing as a "scrapper" (COH reference) but would be open to tanking. I've just been focused on more solo play, so haven't been as focused on my role in a team. I'd like to know more about Tank builds and options.
  6. ZestyGreen New Player

    i need help where can i find green lantern item like his t shirt and green aura
  7. XtreemeKill Well-Known Player

    Well then PvP T1, T2 gear and so on can be more effective up to some points in game, but it can be boring to constantly pick up pvp gear while doing only arenas and legends, and not to mention that you won't be able to do bigger tier content! So my advice is to take armor periodically, it would be more interesting, and you will be able to do harder content. Just look at your primary stats when you buy new PvE armor and see is it worth equipping (except for style of course). :) Have a nice game!
  8. Aridian New Player

    The hoodie is a vault drop and players can't get a green aura.