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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Wildfire, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Wildfire New Player

    Just wondering if people have any tips for farming these collections.

    I have used a few scanners to try and find the spawn points and be able to camp them, but they rarely ever drop. Its not like there are swarms of people trying to get them either, most of the time theres only 5 - 10 people in the nearby area.

    Are these collections glitched? From my understanding all of the collections (Phobias, personal collection etc) are randomly assigned to a collection ticket and those tickets only spawn every 10 minutes. Personally i dont see how this works as i see maybe 1 every 30 minutes.

    Does anyone have an accurate time for the re-spawn of these tickets, and whether camping the spawn makes a difference to the time, or if phase switching is more effective etc.
  2. SirLimbo New Player

    If I remember correctly from when I did these. Only 1 spawns on the island at a time, so those 5-10 people is actually quite a lot.
  3. Wildfire New Player

    That cant be right, as ive seen 3 collections in one area at a time. I think that only applies to the older Arkham collections, im talking about the Home Turf collections on Arkham, maybe i should amend the title
  4. Kal~el Committed Player

    I do not know how often they spawn, but I know they do not spawn often enough. I camped one area for almost 30 minutes and nothing showed up.

    I say they should just let you buy the amenities it would be alot less frustrating.
  5. twist New Player

    And good grief! Who stole all the sporks at Strykers? LoL
  6. X-zero Loyal Player

    Camping only works when there is a lot of people hunting for them. I think now only one will be up at any giving time and as soon as it is collected a new one will spawn. And if you find more then one in the same area it is usually because the new one randomly spawn close to the last one.
  7. NeKoBe New Player

    Well in personal experience, its true that of only one Colection point per zone, so all u need to do is know the diferent point of each zone, Ace its realy easy, then steelworks, then Arkham and last and most difficult is strykers but, once u get at least 70% of the diferent spwan point all u need to do is pass over and over the same places, once more in my experience in Ace once u take one point the next one will spawn 10 secs later, and take the rare ones of each colection just like the normal rares, if u get only onw spawn per zone and normaly 2 or 3 colections per zone, rare have 2 to 5 % of drop so ull need to do at least 50 or 70 spawns to get the 2 or 3 rares of all colection in the zone. Ive done this whit printed maps, then i mark every time i find a new spawn point, if interested, let me know and ill pass u guys the point i have... hope ite helps
    P.D: Spanish speaker here so sry about the perfect writing... jeje :)
  8. Comixfan Committed Player

    That's the way it used to be when it was just the Depths of the Asylum collection. Since the addition of the new collection sets, the respawn locations & time on Arkham are the same as everywhere else.
  9. DeathRogue Well-Known Player

    I Agree they need to have a sooner respawn time. Im always trying to get the ones from SteelWorks and even AFTER the reset they are rarely there. it also seems to me that they drop the same stuff I already have.
  10. Eternity's_Girl Committed Player

    Ugh those can just make you want to pull your hair out. I keep finding new spots that never spawn there again. A lot of the time its like its just one that moves around on what seems like an hourly or daily rate. Oh and then there's Striker's think I tripped over one once.

    There seems to be many issues with all the Home Turf pick up stuff. The Investigations and Briefing show up when they feel like it, such as the one out in the shipyards that is rarely there.
  11. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    I go to Arkham daily just to do the mbot bounty... I always seem to find collection nodes... They did increase the spawn rate... its so much easier now... How I completed this was, my league mate and I farmed arkham in a group.. We needed what we needed and passed in rest... Sold whatever we got... I bought the last collection.. He got it from farming with me!!! Try that...
  12. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    They moved the briefing from the shipyards too strykers...

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