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  1. xJenovax Well-Known Player

    What healer did ya drag? Damn sure wasn't me!
  2. xJenovax Well-Known Player

    I feel special I'm in that! My boo was a beast tank too!!!
  3. Dump Truck New Player

    Still looking for healers specifically for pvp. Would like to have three or four two healer 5's groups going or several 3 healer 8's groups during peak hours.

    We're stacked with DPS's at the moment so we're really interested in those that know how to play, and are geared for, their other role.
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  4. LisaLoeb New Player


    Bump for a group of true gentlemen, well deserved, and fine players. If you fit the bill, pm one of the leaders in the op. You won't regret it. :)
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  5. Ionic New Player

    Thanks to the new members who joined this month, you've all been great and I'm looking forward to meeting even more great players in the future.
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  6. LisaLoeb New Player

    *Not being paid to say this* lol

    But seriously, these guys are amazing. Ionic is on top of things and makes sure people get their raids done, even at the expense of his own time. And he is there to give friendly support. I have never felt more welcome in a video game than with the aristocrats, true, feel good atmosphere here. I was deathly afraid to solo heal the new t5 op, and admittedly, people died while running it. But, the team I was with were truly supportive and awesome, and we beat the raid! Such a good feeling. I truly feel like I am getting better as a player by association and surrounding myself with great players and gentlemen.

    Do you have what it takes? Join the aristocrats!
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  7. Ragnarok Well-Known Player

    My experience with the Aristocrats:

    I just ran a half-pug of Assault and Battery with a league I can't recall and one of your members whose names I shall leave out for purposes of anonymity. I solo healed successfully despite people making relatively simple mistakes (not blocking or avoiding Atrocitous' charge, standing in aoe - the usual, forgivable errors). When we reached Sinestro about 45m later, the trolls began to struggle with locking the manhunters down and there were a series of 5% near victories. Some people dc'd, others had to be replaced. Despite the fact that I am full 90 and only needing the feet to complete my 'vestments' set (for healer), I stuck with the raid because people were generally in good spirits and working well despite our failures. I don't need to do this raid, there is nothing more in terms of personal benefit to me being there, I was simply helping out. In any event, server reset time neared, we lost a troll and another of 'The Aristocrats' was called in. This individual was immediately belligerent, asking if they should replace the tank or healer, because you know, "I clearly wasn't doing a good job" or "I was spending too much power with only 3 million in heals". I explained that I was doubling up the HoTs (clipped admonish combo and consume soul) to keep the group topped up - because as a solo healer you do not have the luxury of relying on someone else to do this, so yes not everyone receives healing but it is there if they need it from doing something stupid, which pugs do, a lot. These are not my leaguemates, not people I run with on a weekly basis whose habits and defensive capabilities I am confident in, so I try to provide as much of a security blanket as possible when in pugs. But alas, this person was convinced I was burning too much power and bad at my role; and what is key here is that they never once even saw me perform. This person did not take the time to understand the nuances or history of what had been going on, they simply bulldozed in and made uniformed noise. I wasn't about to get into it with an internet warrior, so I said that I would bow out and wished the team good luck. I was promptly booted before I could vote myself out anyway - probably by the second member of the Aristocrats who hijacked the group.

    Unlike Lisa Loeb, my experience with this league has been the polar opposite of what she has described. The members I met were not helpful, kind or respectful in any way, but acted like your typical 'leet', CR screaming bullies (of which mine is 103 with 5.1K worth of resto from modding and feat grinding - so I am certainly a devoted player in terms of advancement, but I do not see the need for the ego inflation that comes with that). I am sure that there are some great players and personalities within the Aristocrats, but I have yet to meet many of them and there are certainly some rotten fruits amid their ranks too. Respect is the cornerstone of teamwork and success, and I did not see any of that demonstrated from these particular members today. Food for thought, to those considering a league. Look before you leap. That applies to all leagues and not just the Aristocrats.

    Edit: Also worth noting is that celestial healers have very short HoTs, and therefor consume more power in keeping them up (as they have to be cast more frequently). But again, the disruptive individual wasn't concerned with specifics, or knowledge of the topic in question, only his own foot-stomping.
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  8. Blue Spectrex New Player

    I would like to join. I'm a CR 101 DPS/troll
  9. hardlightX2 New Player

    I agree 100percent if your not in that click then there's no room for errors with the aristocrats because it's never there fault it's yours some are generally nice but others there a name for them.
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  10. jordanfuzz123 New Player

    name: Krystalline Tank USPS3 HERO
    Im a CR 98 Celestial dps and i know how to use it.
    I have 82 skill points currently but am working on getting more
    i have a mic that works good
    I am pretty active and i will help anyone as long as im not trying to run something myself
    Im looking for a league that will help me run the T5 content and help me get more feats
    Im a premium member but i plan to get Rage DLC when it drops for premium and i have all DLC except fight for the light and last laugh.
    hope i can join
  11. Ionic New Player

    @ Ragnarok one bad apple. i would like to apologize on behalf of this player. pls pm me his name, this individual may be in a tryout phase. And if you would like, msg me in game for a run with a FULL group of Aristocrats.

    on a side note: we have had a few infiltrators in the league this month. they convinced others they had clearance to enter. the only way to enter shall be thru me. pls send me ur requests because any sneak-in attempts thru others will be met with failure. best story of a sneak in ever... "ionic, you don't remember talking to me? you must of had a good new years eve party."
  12. Public Enemy Active Player

    I have wanted to join the aristocrats but everyone I talk to says there is way to many people in the league and there are little groups that play together in the league. I have been in there to see or run with y'all but I would like to run a few runs with y'all and see how it is.
  13. Dump Truck New Player

    im sorry you had that experience with us. I would be interested in more details if you feel like private messaging me. While I cannot account for the behavior of others, it would concern me if others are treated this way. I save most of my elitist ism for the forums as many who know me in game can attest.
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  14. Dump Truck New Player

    We are a large end game league. We've averaged 30 online during peak hours and generally have at least a dozen on at all times. As with most large leagues, there can be groups within our league. Those could be age and gender wise, times when online, or groups based on length of time with other players. These are unavoidable in large leagues. My encouragement would be to become an active member to know everyone. Start groups, respond when 'need a dps' etc. The benefit, is we're never waiting for 'x' person or more people to run any content in the game.
  15. Public Enemy Active Player

    Ok sounds good I would like to run with y'all soon! I will message you today when I get on.
  16. Dump Truck New Player

    We got you. I was in disposed, in AB run at moment and wife agro after when you messaged me.
  17. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    I would love to get in this league, and have harassed ionic in pms a few times about running with you bunch. I have seen you guys in action and you dudes are amazing. I am a controller and been dying to get in.
  18. Ionic New Player

    When we recruit, we are mostly looking for positive, friendly and willing to learn players. It's not all about combat rating, skill points or play time. You will have the help needed to achieve the very best for your character here. I have seen players come in this league with under 100sp, at minimum cr for content, minimal knowledge of their powers and how the new raids work. One month in, they are very high on sp, maxed out cr, full knowledge of their powers and how the raid mechanics work. All this is because when you run with great players, in turn, you want to become even better. As in life... don't settle for less, always look for something better.
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  19. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    I want in, haha. I'll send you my weekly tell in game later.
  20. J Zmooth New Player

    1. What is Your Character Name? J Zmooth

    2. What is Your Power Type and Combat Rating/Skill Points? Cr 100 Sorcery healer 65 sp

    3. Do You Have A Mic? Yes

    4. Describe A Little Bit About Yourself. I'm a very social person who loves making jokes. I recently left a big league because they weren't social at all and no one wanted to run anything. Im an active player with lots of patience and easy to get along with.

    5. What Are You Looking For In A League? I'm looking for cool people to run t5 content with. People who can socialize while playing instead of it being quiet the entire time. Also a league with stability.