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  1. Prime New Player

    Name is Prime Rage
    Power is Celestial 96cr 94SP
    I do have a turtle beach headset.
    About myself. I'm a father of 2, a full time Firefighter Paramedic, and a muscle car enthusiast. Most pertinent, a 15+ year MMO player. After 10 years with MMO's my daughter was born and I made a promise I would not game while my daughter was awake. This led to me quitting MMO's completely as my competitive nature could not let me just play casual. I work 1 day on 2 days off and my daughter is in school now so I have days to game again and build cars. I am a day player mostly. I get on at 7am ish and am on most the day. I am also on any night that I am needed but I am not on every night. I have read and studied every forum post website dedicated to the class I play to be the best I can for my own personal satisfaction.
    Looking for in a League. Good people. Have fun and get it done. I can not say it any better. I know I have a long way to go and I have been spending every day on SP as I know that is important. I earn 1-2 a day. I'm not looking to be carried but I do want to surround myself with great people and great players. I can read everything and test everything but the best teacher is experience and the people I have met in Aristocrats have it. I would like a chance to speak with you and I hope I am a fit. Thank you.
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  2. Doc Holliday New Player

    This guy has been messaging me in game like crazy. Been trying to get him in a raid when leaders are on.
  3. Bamf 7 New Player

    I got your in game mail, and will be online tonight. Work has been keeping me extremely busy.
  4. Bamf 7 New Player

    Hit me up in game and we can talk
  5. Bamf 7 New Player

    Hit me up in game and we can talk
  6. Doc Holliday New Player

    Finally back at work so you know what that means dont you?

    Party Time!

    Tired of being stuck in a 20 min raid for 80+ min cause your league is too business casual?


    Dont mind being in a league that is run my a dirty old drunk guy?


    Then ask for a trial run to join the Aristocrats today, contact any leader that posts in this recruitment thread for a try out!

    *Warning this is an End Game Content league so bring ya "A" game dawg.
    Dont choke under pressure.

  7. xJenovax Well-Known Player

    I am interested in joining the Aristocrats. I remember fighting you guys in the old days I played this game when I was a villian. My 2 names were XxWadeWilsonxX and xJenovax (Both Villians Wade was electric Healer/DPS Jenova was Nature Healer/DPS both 115SP) I stopped playing after DLC Last Laugh. I recently came back a month after Sons of Trigon was released. I am a 100CR Celestial Healer with full PvE DPS/Tank gear as well(Thinking of going Rage Lantern in future unless healer is needed, also debating of maybe going Nature depending on how things turn out.)I have 99 SP with 10 more feat points to get 100SP.

    I know how to play the game, could always use experienced players who never stopped playing to get completely caught up on the way things are now. I am currently in a League called Regime with a friend of mine that recruited me, I like the people they are really nice and cool but most of them are French Canadian and speak French. I am American and don't understand French I only speak English. Some of them can speak English a little bit but feel a little out of loop since I can't speak French.

    So get at me on this post or msg me in game (XeroTheImmortal) would feel comfortable joining a league I know has been around for awhile and will look forward to helping out and learning whatever I may needing to learn.

    Past leagues (NML server) NinjaLooterZ,(1 of the 4 founders) Ravagers, VersatileGaming, ArchEnemy, DejaVu, Exclusive(or whatever FinalChapter was called when fused with Ravagers(Worbeast league) I think that is it. Left all the leagues ONLY because they either disbanded, or fused with another.
  8. BigCreep New Player

    That was a great Canadian TV show! They made a couple of movies as well I believe.
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  9. xJenovax Well-Known Player

    Do I try to get ahold of you guys in game?
  10. Doc Holliday New Player

    Yes please do some of us are super busy and get ninja-ed into raids the min we log in.

    Add Ionic, Dump Truck, Bamf7, Gorbo and I LoveMepps.
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  11. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Sup playa?
    First, I have to say performance reviews sound awesome.
    I'm curious, seeing as how you guys (and girls, if you have girls) get through all the end game content with such alacrity. What do y'all do with your free time after running end game content yo? Are members still on rerunning end game content or is this more a "get our stuff done in DCUO so we can go race chocobos (or whatever)" in the other games y'all dominate. Also, are performance reviews as awesome as they sound yo? Finally, what are your league's plans once the current end game content gets reduced in difficulty yo? Do you have any other plans on how to help the community now that most players won't be struggling with Nexus and Paradox anymore? Thanks!

    You're Friend,
    Red Krampon (aka MetaMax75 aka Murphy AD aka Smellofwetdog aka ...)
    Leader EL SOLOLOBO
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  12. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Yeah, we have female players.
  13. xJenovax Well-Known Player

    I would like to just come in here and show a little love. Thank you for accepting me, I am quickly enjoying being apart of you guys. I know it's still really soon but from the few guys I have talked to so far, great group of players and really cool people. I think I found my home till this game's servers are literally no more.
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  14. NaturesRemedyxX New Player

    XxNatures RemedyxX
    Nature (healer)
    CR99 & 92 SP
    I do have a mic

    I recently just got back to the game after a little break. I also have a lot of free time since I'm currently without a job lol. I'm 26 years old and I have been playing for 2 years. I know my role and enjoy playing it too. I'm a dad 2 days of the week since I'm recently divorced.

    I'm looking for a league that runs as a league and for the league first. I'm big on running end game and I would love to run with you guys and gals. anywhoser if you think theres a spot for me in the league somewhere message me in game or on here. I will be looking for a response or something.

    Thank You in advanced,
  15. NaturesRemedyxX New Player

    OH!!!! I forgot to say that I will be on later this evening if anyone sees this today.
  16. YodaDog New Player

  17. JokerSharp New Player

  18. Jax Al New Player

    Jax Al

    Quantum DPS - 98CR, 103SP

    Have a mic

    My real name's Alex, and I prefer when people use that instead of my character name. I've been playing DCUO on and off for about two years now. I'm just looking for a league that actually knows their stuff and that is actually able to run the T5 raids without taking all day. I'm also a sophomore in college and that affects the overall time I can spend online. The connection is crap in my dorm and I'm trying to buy a network tower for my room, but until then, about 80% of my play time would be on the weekends (but right now I'm on holiday break so I'm on like all day). I'm making a conscious effort to raise my SP so don't think I'm just satisfied with that number. Message me in-game if I have a chance.
  19. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    You might want to keep checking this thread to see if you get a response from an officer.

    Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be here all night. How about a round of applause for tonight's special guest.
  20. Dump Truck New Player

    Still recruiting... please note we are an end game league.
    PVP role players (not dps) desired
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