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  1. echoalphadelta New Player

    Some people in the league probably know me from One Pieced.

    My hero is Ice, 157 SP, and I'm not sure of my CR since I don't play him often but he's full T5+
  2. Ghost of Ghost Dog New Player

    Sup playa? Still waiting to hear back from you guys. 101 CR celestial DPS. I know the 5 stages of grief. I know the way of the samurai. I hear all the stuff I have been reading about your league in trade chat is false. If that is the case (while my expertise in dealing with death may not be needed) my expertise in damage dealing surly is. As stated before I tend to free-style rap in league chat about samurais and ish.

    The Way of the Samurai is found in death. Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day, when one's body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears, and swords, being carried away by surging waves, being thrown into the midst of a great fire, being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease or committing seppuku at the death of one's master. And every day, without fail, one should consider himself as dead. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai.
    -Ghost Dog (before I became Ghost of Ghost Dog.)
  3. Dump Truck New Player

    Join one of the top USPS3 hero leagues today. Learn how to keep subs up in Dox without cheating and actually do it. PVP wins all day long, and run with players on top of their game. Message ionic in game and apply today.
  4. Bamf 7 New Player

    Hit me up in game and we will see how things go.
  5. Bamf 7 New Player

    Hit me up in game and we can talk
  6. Ghost of Ghost Dog New Player

    Still haven't heard back from your master in regard to me becoming his loyal retainer. 1-h celestial DPS. CR 101. 170 SP. Looking for a just lord to serve. I don't have time for shenanigans. I like to get in and get my business done, with as little frivolity as possible. I also like to rap about samurais and ish. Holler at me yo.

    The man who would be a warrior considers it his most basic intention to keep death always in mind, day and night, from the time he first picks up his chopsticks in celebrating his morning meal on New Year’s Day to the evening of the last day of the year. When one constantly keeps death in mind, both loyalty and filial piety are realized, myriad evils and disasters are avoided, one is without illness and mishap, and lives out a long life. In addition, even his character is improved. Such are the many benefits of this act.
    - Ghost of Ghost Dog
  7. Bamf 7 New Player

    Hit me up in game and we will talk.
  8. shermantank813 New Player

    Hello guys, I'm a 99cr ice tank with 138 sp , Im looking for a active League To join. I'm so sick of pug groups I can never complete dox and I'm sick of it. Lmk if you need a tank that knows what he is doing. I'm on usps3 server the name is Shermantank Thanks
  9. Bamf 7 New Player

    I will be online tonight hit me up in game and we will see what kind of trouble we can get into.
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  10. Han Lower Level 30

    Han Lower
    134 sp
    100 HL Troll/Dps
    Looking for a good active league
  11. Doc Holliday New Player

    Mainly looking for geared and knowledgable tanks.

    Hit up some one who posts on this thread for a trial run today but beware this is an end game content league so bring your A game.
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  12. shermantank813 New Player

    Sorry guys work has been keeping me busy.I just changed to fire so I need so time adjust to it but so far I don't Like it for tanking but I'll let u know.

    Hit me anyway usps3 name is shermantank
  13. AZAZ3L New Player

    hello my friend an myself want to join your league i'm a cr 99 ice tank 118sp my friend thefallenspartan has a cr of 100 quantum dps 108 sp we are tired of puggin t5 content we are helpful to other ppl who needs feats and etc in other words we are looking for league to make us stronger to benefit team and overall become a better player also i have no experience in paradox just letting you know people rather kick than give u a heads up my friend on the other hand runs dox all the time i mostly run nexus may falter at times the league we are in are sporatic cant remember when last we did a league run also i have a cr of 84 for pvp my friend has a cr of 83 for pvp hope u will consider this application my in game name is AZAZ3L and my friend is TheFallenSpartan i think he also got traces in time for trolling also
  14. Gobbler New Player

    CR 100 Gadgets Troll and DPS looking for an active league, my vit is 2027 on my troll not sure of my might/prec. I have 155 SP. I'm looking for a competent league that runs Paradox daily so when I get on I can get what I need done. Let me know if you guys are interested my in game character name is Gabralter.
  15. Zacriel New Player

    Gabralter you can hit me up in game, I'll be on tonight starting around 5:00 pm EST.

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  16. Zacriel New Player

    Doc H.....we need some gifs on this forum;)
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  17. TheKent Well-Known Player

    Dude you should start using this for recruitment....no one could resist it :p


    From one of my favorite Disney Classics - The Aristocats
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  18. MrLuckyCharmZ New Player

    1. MrLuckyCharmZ
    2. 100cr Gadget Troller 159sp (also 100cr in DPS as well)
    3. Yes I have a mic
    4. I love helping my league and running content as a league so all the drops etc stay in the league
    5. Looking for a no BS or winy league that runs content effiently and gets stuff done as a league

    Im also full T5 in PVP as well for DPS and I'm working on my Troll PVP

    If you have any questions jusy hit me up on here or in game
  19. Doc Holliday New Player

    I just got back to work today so I'll hook us up on Tuesday fo sho.

    Still looking for tanks peeps.
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  20. Dump Truck New Player

    I prefer the Penn & Teller version.