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  1. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    Sup Dump, took off for 2 months as the last DLC really did nothing for me. When I got back I was surprised to see that most of my league stopped playing. I was talking with Evilbird, and I think I'm ready to step over. Let me know.
  2. Dump Truck New Player

    Cool, message ionic in game.
  3. Doc Holliday New Player

    Still looking to host some tryouts before the relaunch on 15 Nov.
  4. Lantern 1388 New Player

    Hey I'm kinda between leagues right now and I think I could be a good fit for u guys. My character's name is ring masterxx. I'm a hard light troll cr93 64sp. I do have a mic. I spend a lot of time on this game and love to run stuff with a group of friends rather than a pug group. I'm looking for a league that works together often and is able to finish endgame content.
  5. Gunny New Player

    You're entitled to your opinion. IMO, you're just someone that simply holds a chip on their shoulder and finds that because you and I frequently agree to disagree on the forums here that you can proceed to dismiss me as someone with the same personality as some other player I haven't even met.

    Its one thing to dislike me and let it out blunt, its another to basically skirt around the issue with posts like this and compare me to some ill-spoken of player that all but a few people even know of as to think that you're trying to be nice, but simply showing your lack of a backbone. It might be just "in your opinion", but "IMO" you probably shouldn't be directly speaking against potential recruits in such an open setting as a recruitment thread anyways - with generalizations no less - and the fact that you knowingly don't even have the authority to make such decisions?

    You're embarrassing yourself and your league. If you don't like me, that's fine. Were you anyone worth respecting, you probably would have simply voiced that concern to the people WITH that authority to deny my request in a private setting. Instead, you put it all out here and will wonder why you are suddenly put on blast on this thread. Think before you post.
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  6. GhostofYodaDog New Player

    This league sounds dope as [censored]. Where do I sign up?
  7. Jurassic Speed New Player

    Hey this is Jurrassic Speed. I want to know if i was accepted into your league i made a post but you never replied.
  8. Ionic New Player

    Update: Novemeber 15,2013 Aristocrats will relaunch on PS4 with even more. Relaunch includes: Coaches, Performance Reviews, Player Awards and so much more. The same great league, just now, even better!
  9. DISCO BISKETS New Player

    100 CR 170+SP Mental DPS/Troller toon here looking to tryout

    PM if interested in setting up a time
  10. Holyknight94 New Player

    I have 117sp
  11. Little Creep New Player

    Bump for a great group of players.

    Do you like posting gifs or progressing through content? If you like beating t5 raids, join the aristocrats.
  12. echoalphadelta New Player

    Bump. These guys are amazing. If you want to get through stuff without a ton of kidding around joking bs then these guys are for you. Crushing it.
  13. fireburstspam New Player

    This league is beast. I never knew you could beat sub bosses out legitimately... and its easier/quicker to.
  14. Ghost of Ghost Dog New Player

    That sounds like what I am looking for in a league. I am interested in becoming a retainer for your league leader. I await his reply.

    There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.
    Ghost Dog (before I was Ghost of Ghost Dog)
  15. Monster828 New Player

    You heard our league is dying? No we are far from dying. Our league has morning players, afternoon players and night players. We are farfrom dead lol
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  16. Bamf 7 New Player

    If you are lacking skill points there is usually a reason. We are not looking for people playing since Beta with 100 skill points. We want players who want to have a good time =, have a mic, and want to challenge the content to the fullest. We do not judge DPS by HL and Celestial numbers so do not ask or worry. If your something other than ice for tanking we do not care as long as you can carry your weight. Healers do not have to come in knowing how to solo heal Paradox, but you need to be prepared to learn. Controllers do not need 2000 vit, but again be prepared to get there. If you are to busy to pick up a downed payer then we will more than likely be to busy to invite you to the league. The Aristocrats are successful because of team play and everyone's willingness to help out a league member. I am open to talk to people in game or to send me PM on here. If your first run you do not perform we will not terminate you immediately, but if you refuse to take private advice from quality people/players then you will be sent down the road.

    All of that being said please send your information to me through PM or in game mail/tell and I will set something up.
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  17. Doc Holliday New Player

    Still looking for a few good players.
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  18. echoalphadelta New Player

    I'm looking for a new Hero league. I used to play on my hero a lot, then played on the villain side, and haven't been playing in awhile. Name is Solgear in game.
  19. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Stats please?
  20. ROD AGNEV New Player

    Cr 99 145sp . Fire at the moment but planning to switch to Nature. If you guys want to give me a shot let me know how to register.