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  1. Zacriel New Player

    Hit me up in game
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  2. Zacriel New Player

    Entire League is comprised of :
    CR 99+ (most 100 some 101)
    Avg SP 150

    Still looking for a few more Tanks.
    Daily Dox and Nex runs.
    Skill Point Sundays.
    We have fun and get stuff done!!!!
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  3. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    New PVE CR:99
    New SP:147

    Still mental. Nothing else new. Still interested in joining.
  4. Zacriel New Player

    Hit me up in game Gargamond

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  5. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Thanks for the invite, Zacriel. It's good to be an Aristocrat.
  6. Zacriel New Player

    Welcome to the Fam G.... BTW thanks for the PvP help on "Feat Sunday" five wins to go and I will never go back in that map again!!!
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  7. Rangiku Lyfe New Player

    *Name: Rangiku lyfe
    *Faction: hero
    *Server: USPS3
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points PvE:89 Skill points: 76
    *Power: electric
    *Role: healer
    *Do you have a mic: yes but side of headset broke
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play: Legendary
  8. AuroraDawn New Player

    I know. lol I would like a pic of one with my toon though. Master!????!
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  9. Dump Truck New Player

    Back from the grave. Join us, we make end game easy.
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  10. cadaverhead Well-Known Player

    Invite my hero :)
  11. Public Enemy Active Player

    Aristocrats are a great league and I had tried to join the league about a month ago. But from what I know y'all are a pretty tight group that doesn't really run pugs. But I am now the leader of WatchAndLearn and would like to maybe if possible bring me and 6 people over if y'all are still recruiting we are all 100cr. I'm 100cr dps/troll 2010 vit.
  12. Dump Truck New Player

    Add ionic to your friends list and message him when he is on.
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  13. Doc Holliday New Player

    About Aristocrats
    * Laid Back
    * Skilled Players
    * Great Personalities
    * Great Attitudes
    * Always Helpful

    Does this peak your interests?

    Are you a healer or tank 86+CR?

    If so join the Aristocrats today by hitting up one of the leaders posting in this thread.
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  14. Dump Truck New Player

    Join us. We are elitist pricks who win. Don;t you want to win? Tired of failing pugs? Hit us up if you meet the requirements or have skill.
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  15. BrandonB Well-Known Player

    1. What is Your Character Name? thehung
    2. What is Your Power Type and Combat Rating/Skill Points? 98 CR/133 SP Fire Tank
    3. Do You Have A Mic? Yes
    4. Describe A Little Bit About Yourself. - I'm a sarcastic ***.
    5. What Are You Looking For In A League? I work about 60 hours a week and was recently engaged. I don't get a large window of play time, so when I get on, I need an active league ready to get it done. With guys like Dump Truck around, I'll probably be riding the bench.

  16. Dump Truck New Player

    We have an anti-fan club... How many other leagues have that? Join now!
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  17. Doc Holliday New Player

    150 might be the lowest tbh.

    Hit up a leader today for a trial run before the PS4 hits...don't be left behind with a league who can't beat sh*%#
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  18. Monster828 New Player

    If your looking for a beast end game content league this is the league for you. Everybody is really laid back, no drama, daily nexus and dox runs, great teamwork and communication, almost all of us have mics, and did I forget to mention we are beast? xD
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  19. coolmantony New Player

    name: lava thug
    power/sp: fire tank. 25 skill points. cr 34 pvp cr 79
    mic: not at this time.
    bio: iv been playing dcuo since beta off and on had a t3 fire tank but lost it when beta end. looking for help and friendly players to have fun with.
    looking for in a league: looking for pve and pvp and to have fun.
    ps. I have a low cr because iv been working on pvp and I like your idea of a fun laid back league hope I can join.
  20. JUDO BLOCK New Player

    Oh wow can i be beast too!!!!!!!