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  1. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Still smacking content with our fiddle sticks. Still dipping nüb nuggets in weaksauce.
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  2. Dump Truck New Player

    We are elitists it's implied in our league name!

    Looking forward to survival mode and lasting longer than all the other PS hero leagues.
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  3. Rjr24 New Player

  4. ptdarknes New Player

    1. What is Your Character Name? ptdarknes
    2. What is Your Power Type and Combat Rating/Skill Points? celestial 105cr/101sp
    3. Do You Have A Mic? yes
    4. Describe A Little Bit About Yourself... I've only been playing since January '14. I have put in quite a bit of time to get where I am now. I've been grinding T6 and skill points.
    5. What Are You Looking For In A League? Good players who don't have to drug through content, and know both their roles. They should also be chill. Not really looking for a league with mandated events.
  5. GodofSorcery New Player

    105 CR Sorcery Heals/DPS 121 SP
    90 CR PvP (Healer)
    Mic Yes
    From reading most post on this thread I can tell that most of you are cool people and I just want to play inside a league not out. I am an elitist I play all day everyday. I classify myself as the best Sorc Heal/DPS on USPS and if anyone say otherwise I can prove it.

    I want to be in a league where I am needed and wanted. I have a joking demeanor and if anyone got soft skin then this isn't the right league for me.
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  6. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Lotion Man is an Aristocrat. Some of us moisturize and/or exfoliate. You've been warned.
  7. iSolar Well-Known Player

    Awwwh Gar.. trying to butter me up :)
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  8. Ionic New Player

    What is wrong with you two? Lotion and butter? I don't want to know what goes on in this league on the weekends! Wait, I already know! lol
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  9. Juncari New Player

    Juncari approves!
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  10. Infearion New Player

    1. Infearion
    2. Controller/Healer Level 23
    3. Yes
    4. I am from Arkansas, a huge comic book fan, I love this game, and i just want to play whatever role that is needed, have fun, and be very good at it.
    5. I am looking to be one of the best at it, and have fun doing it. I am a team player.
  11. Ionic New Player

    Now that Juncari approves, I feel my work here is done. Good to see you old buddy!
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  12. Em3rald Star New Player

    1. Em3rald Star
    2. Hardlight Dps/troll cr 103 sp 132
    3. Yes
    4. I'm a comic book fan, played this game since it went FTP and I'm a pretty laid back guy who loves to play DCUO and have fun!
    5. I'm looking for a league that is helpful and makes time to help their league members who are behind on gear/feats and just have fun and no drama!
  13. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    The USPS3 is full of bass turds. The concentration of which increases rapidly the further one gets from the Aristocrats!
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  14. Assassins Keeper New Player

    1.Assassins Keeper
    2.Gadget DPS PVE CR92 SP145 PVP CR89
    4.Geek who loves playing DCUO and loves collecting styles also Iam bit of a jokester
    5.Looking for a league that's chill doesn't having a specific time to run stuff and that's very active
  15. MattTheViolator New Player

    I have to mirror this post. I am a 105 Rage Tank with plenty of experience in the T6 alert. I've tanked with no healer, with a healer and even got through it with no troll. We started a no healer run with only one member of your league in the alert. Our troll dc'd and not 10 seconds later there is a vote to invite another player. It's another member of your league who immediately begins blasting myself and the other DPS for taking too long to reach the final boss (we were 14 minutes into the alert at the time of his entry). Without trying to beat the boss once the members of your league start a vote to kick the other DPS (who was the leading DPS I might add). I quit because there is no reason to come into an instance cussing at people you haven't run with and trying to kick everyone not in your league. The two members I've run with had zero class and did everything they could to tarnish your league name
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  16. SmooveWarrior New Player

    My main is Zbreezy Uno 101 88sp Damage
    I have 3 t6 support alts
    a t1 tank
    and t5 healer

    Need a league to put them all in
  17. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    o_O roflcopter
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  18. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    GU39 is coming. Don't be the only good player in your league. Drop those fools, and get in here!

    There's always that one guy that has to be in every raid, or the league fails hard. If you are that guy/gal, get in here!
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  19. AbsoluteZero Committed Player

    Hey guys my in game name is grab sacknkoff im a high ranking officer in the league generation 1 I know you guys run dox a lot and was wondering if you could help me get the speed feat and EO feat theres just not enough active players in my league to help me get these im CR 102 earth dps 91 skill points
  20. Last Dancer New Player

    GU 39, and DLC 11 are coming soon! And we are recruiting!
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