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  1. thefirstlantern New Player

    MR DUMP TRUCK. It's time sir :)

    I change my name to Lightsmith

    Only real Lantern fans would understand the name Lightsmith...lol
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  2. Ice Roger New Player

    in game name is ice roger
    power- gadgets
    pvp dps - 89

    i applied on the website hit me up im on game now
  3. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    I don't mean to be a stickler, but... Upon close inspection, unless you have an ice and a gadgets, you may find your signature conflicts with the information you have provided in your post. I can only suggest updating your signature to reflect your current stats in order to prevent any loss of credibility, or perhaps clarify that you have two separate characters somehow.
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  4. iLove Frannyyy New Player

    1. What is Your Character Name?
    2. What is Your Power Type and Combat Rating/Skill Points?
    3. Do You Have A Mic?
    4. Describe A Little Bit About Yourself
    5. What Are You Looking For In A League?

    Hello, my character name is iLoveFranny, I am a rage dps and I will soon be working on being a tank, I am cr 100 with 87 sp, and I do have a mic. I'm 18, I'm very quiet but can be funny at times, I stil go to school (last year in HS ftw!), I mostly go on on the weekends because school is just so stressful atm taking 5 AP classes xD. In a league, I'm looking for a great time, a league that is willing to help each other out, and a league that would never leave a friend behind. Well, that's a bit about me hope to hear from you soon!! Thanks for taking the time to read this
  5. iSolar Well-Known Player

    I would first and foremost like to say that everyone in this league is extremely nice and helpful, and very cool personalities. :)
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  6. Ny Batteri Well-Known Player

    Ummmm, you obviously are not talking about me. Lol..
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  7. iSolar Well-Known Player

    Yeah except this guy. He's a bad influence. Don't listen to him lol
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  8. Doc Holliday New Player

    Pugs are always a bad experience but id be the first to say we have a low tolerance of 103cr players with 45 skill points.

    End game content league means just that, if you can't hang thanks for trying.
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  9. Dump Truck New Player

    I think, as with any league, it is expected that you are ready for end game content, and friendly AND participate. Some players we have rejected because of either of those things. Regardless of your CR or ability, if you are going to be rude to fellow leaguemates, demand things of other players, not be willing to help out other leaguemates, then you are not a fit for our league.

    That said, we are end game. As Jens would call us, we are min/max clippers who hop around like jumping beans and curb stomp content. Most of our core players have been on since launch. Being as such, we know each other very well. Being newly added to a league does not mean that nobody wants to help or be your friend, but you cannot criticize groups of players whose familiarity dates back until launch because you do not have that same familiarity... this is to be expected when you join any established league.
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  10. Zacriel New Player

    Wow!!! there are a bunch of new members. I just wanted to take the time to welcome y'all and say that if u need a dps/healer....feel free to hit me up.
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  11. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    And like Zacriel said, if you ever need a mental troll or dps or need a crafter I'm here for you. I don't have access to origin crisis or sons of trigon for the time being, but I'm down for almost anything else.
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  12. Celestial Paragon Dedicated Player

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  13. Moon Knight New Player

    1. What is Your Character Name? My character name is MarcSpectorMoonKnigh
    2. What is Your Power Type and Combat Rating/Skill Points? Celestial Damager CR98/SP70
    3. Do You Have A Mic? No mic currently, will be getting one soon.
    4. Describe A Little Bit About Yourself I'm a comic book nerd, PC gamer, avid reader, and Magic player ;D I love DCUO and playing it on my PS3 since I'm not a fan of it on PC. I only work, and then play or sleep. I'm on usually 5-6 hours a day on days I work, and days I don't; all day. I'm on every day, and I play in damage role. I can heal, and like to sometimes, but usually as secondary or only on alerts, not too much for raids. I would say damage ability is a 10, and heals an 8 for my know how. Oh, and I have been a long time lurker of the forums, but never posted. This is my first of many more posts. I have been playing for 1 year now, but just got really into it these last two months when I went legendary.
    5. What Are You Looking For In A League? I'm looking for a helpful group that are active, run lots of content, and could help me: avoid PuGing, get feats as my SP is REALLY low :/ and then help me to be better, learn my roles better, and learn powers better :)

    Thank you guys for your time!
  14. Gargamond Dedicated Player

  15. Dump Truck New Player

    Want to join the most hated league on hero PS3? Possibly in the game?

    Does curb stomping content and cr@pping on releases appeal to you?

    Want to join the premiere league for PVE content with the best DPS's on PS?

    Don;t hate, join...
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  16. Dump Truck New Player

    we appreciate your cross recruitment post disguised as an invite. Seriously, we do. Out league, however, has never had it's numbers dwindle nor members loyalty wave. Nice try.

    We are THE hero league on PS. Inglorious B@st@rds we are... it's kind of our league name ;)

    Nice try though. ;)
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  17. Celestial Paragon Dedicated Player

    You got me :D
  18. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    L337 p00pin on content, y'all. Tbaggin the boss cadaver.
  19. Ekaterina Committed Player

    My Aristocrats we will rise!!!
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  20. wetwork7family New Player

    Name ColdBloodDude quantum troll cr 103 sp102 GuardianOfTheDamned cele healer/dps cr 103 sp 102 have mic 27 years old on game everyday central time looking for a league with some organization as far as when they run and most of all looking for help with feats