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  1. Ionic New Player

    Here is your chance to join one of the top end-game hero leagues on USPS3/PS4
    Update: Novemeber 15,2013 Aristocrats have relaunched on PS4 with even more. Relaunch includes: Coaches, Performance Reviews, Player Rankings, Guides, League Events, Player Awards and so much more.
    The same great league, just now, even better!

    We primarly focus on current end-game content. Most members average 170sp+ (w/ many vets at the 180sp lvl) and know their stuff. My only requirements are that you know how to play your role and that you can enter the most recent content preforming your job well. If you are tired of pugging nexus/paradox/anb and taking well over 2 hours, try our 15-30 minute runs. We are currently looking for mature, respectful and helpful players to add to our roster of great players. Our league motto is "have fun and get stuff done". Meaning we have fun and take care of business when presented. No goofing around when you wish to get raids completed here. Sundays we have an all day league event called "Feat Sunday" where a certain raid/alert/duo/pvp feat is presented and as a league help each other accomplish that feat. I believe a league will strive to be as good as their leader strives to be. I do my best to ensure everyone in the league is treated equally and as family because everyone that joins is valued just the same. My leaguemates come first and I always rerun content to ensure everyone gets things done.
    If your looking for that one good league you wish to be apart of, look no further than the Aristocrats.

    About Aristocrats
    * Laid Back
    * Skilled Players
    * Great Personalities
    * Great Attitudes
    * Always Helpful

    Know Your Role and Can Get The Job Done!

    If you wish to apply please send me the following information:
    1. What is Your Character Name?
    2. What is Your Power Type and Combat Rating/Skill Points?
    3. Do You Have A Mic?
    4. Describe A Little Bit About Yourself
    5. What Are You Looking For In A League?

    Leave a response on here thru post, private msg me, or feel free to in-game email me on Ionic.
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  2. Cataclyzm New Player

    I was in your league once and then you decided to kick everyone who's name you didn't recognize in an attempt to "revamp" your league so I was booted without any heads up whatsoever. Definitely didn't feel as though "everyone in the league is treated equally and as family because everyone that joins is valued just the same." I will say most members I ran with were very cool guys but its a shame I couldn't be given any sort of a chance. Oh well gl with your recruitment and gl to anyone who joins.
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  3. Dump Truck New Player

    I endorse this. I'm sure many players, including most recently your colleagues in The Replacements, can attest that I and our league have a strong reputation of being helpful and highly skilled players. We do have our own loot rules to ensure everyone gets a fair shake with drops - and this is probably the one thing we hold to strict accord for fairness to fellow league mates.

    While we did revamp the league roughly one year ago, Ionic and myself were on a temporary but long hiatus. When we came back, the state of the league when we returned was not something we desired or originally intended and as a result we revamped the league. If you were left out, it was only because either Ionic and myself were not familiar with you as a newer player to the league or because when we came back the league was already temporarily disbanded due to some bad blood and our absence. While I may not know the exact reason as I was taking a Skyrim and real-life break, I apologize for any wrong doing you felt bestowed upon you.
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  4. Cataclyzm New Player

    Like I said everyone I ran with was awesome so no bad feelings at all on my end. Also I understand things happen in leagues but just because you personally aren't familiar with someone isn't really a good excuse to boot 'em without at least reaching out to them first. But again no worries and thanks for the explanation.
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  5. Ionic New Player

    Just wanted to add... This is a no bs, no drama league. Content completion is at the forefront. One ot the things I don't like is wasting your time in-game. The sooner you get done, the more time you can spend with the things you care about most. When I get on in-game, I look forward to helping you complete the goals you have for your characters. Helping you is what's most important to me in this league. If you think you are good, this league will make you strive to be better with a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to all who applied, looking forward to playing with you all.
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  6. ImpelInferno New Player

    1. Impel Inferno
    2. Fire/Tank with a 35 CR
    3. No Mic
    4. Im a Helpful person, Im all about team and helping others
    5. What im looking for in a league is a group of ppl that would help me with a guidance i hit lv 30 a couple of days ago and im looking for a group to help me get marks so i can progress in the game and im also willing to help other league members to advance as well, im in USPS3 server, right now im FTP but upgrading to premium soon.
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  7. kal1million New Player

    Hero name; Kal T psn Rich_FVO
    CR 65 51SP
    Mic: Im getting one this weekend
    I play almost every day. Im just trying to be the best player I can. I was gonna try to do all the raids,feats,alerts by myself but im tired of taking an hour to do FOS if the group even makes it far. Im looking for a league who plays often and will help me get better. Thank you.
    Mic: Im getting one this weekend
  8. Ionic New Player

    thanks Imepllnferno and Kal1million but unfortunately the league requriements are starting from 86cr+. we focus on all current end game content releases. we have many dcuo vets who have been playing from day one and know how to play their roles.
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  9. chaoticRE Well-Known Player

    95 cry nature dps/healer im mostly looking for a helpful league i have a mic but its not working currently aand my in game character Chaotic rebirth
  10. AuroraDawn New Player

    *BUMP* :)
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  11. Happy_Killmore New Player

    Awesome League!! Aristocrats are comprised of highly skilled players that obliterate "End Game" content.
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  12. Ionic New Player

    our league contains many skilled players without the huge ego aspect you normally find out there. our accomplishments may be very good but our attitudes are even better. thx to all who applied over the week.
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  13. Bamf 7 New Player

    I endorse this message. BUMP BUMP
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  14. Master Manipulator New Player

    Don't forget "IF" you make it past the probationary period...

    Every New Member gets their own official toy

    Just Like Mine Shown Here...

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  15. Dump Truck New Player

    Remember, they are not dolls, they're ACTION FIGURES!
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  16. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Character: Gargamond
    USPS3 hero
    PVE 96CR mental controller/dps
    PVP 81ish CR mental controller
    145 SP
    I have a mic

    I recently took a hiatus.
    If you haven't heard of me, bluetonian, Omarr, reginalb, VHS, or Lightful may remember me. I am an honorable player and expect others to play honorably. I took a hiatus because I do not enjoy replaying content ad nauseam, which is the problem with so little T5 content. With the imminent release of DLC8, I may make a comeback to play the new content.

    As a career controller, I provide a service to a league which is often taken for granted. Sometimes my kindness is taken as weakness. This game is very repetetive and boring at times. Time is precious to me, since lately I have the attention span of a goldfish.

    I started playing dcuo when free to play became available around Halloween 2011, shortly after returning from a deployment in Iraq. I do not read comic books. My favorite DC character is Steel. I am 33 years of age. I enjoy fantasy genre film and games. I enjoy country music. The only sport I enjoy is cross country running. I buzz cut my hair and wear a close, cropped beard. I have tattoos and use alcohol and tobacco on occasion. I am anti drug and dislike urban lifestyles and slang. I speak with a west coast accent.
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  17. Dump Truck New Player

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  18. Dump Truck New Player

    50-60 minute or less paradox runs and 25-30 min Nexus runs will likely be much more attractive once they fix the door and rafter glitches.

    Join now and enjoy drinking the delicious tears of those who can no longer beat that content once fixed.
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  19. MrLuckyCharmZ New Player

    1. MrLuckyCharmZ
    2. 100cr Mental Troller 151sp (also 100cr in DPS as well)
    3. Yes I have a mic
    4. I love helping my league and running content as a league so all the drops etc stay in the league
    5. Looking for a no BS or winy league that runs content effiently and gets stuff done as a league

    Im also full T5 in PVP as well for DPS and I'm working on my Troll PVP

    If you have any questions jusy hit me up on here or in game
  20. Titan Assasin New Player

    Hi im a T5 97 cr hl dps with 94 sp im looking for a league basically because im sick of running t5 content with pug groups and having it take forever also because I want to get my pvp gear up and that is hard to do with out a league please send me and in game message and let me know what you think my in game name is Titan Assasin usps3 hero