Aristocrats Helping The PS3/PS4 Community

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Bamf 7, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Man, yallz is newbs brah...

    Jokes aside, +1

    Good people, good league, cool idea
  2. DoctorSyndrome Dedicated Player

    Aristocrats............... Now that is an awesome name for a league.
  3. SuperLD Well-Known Player

    Great idea!! I hope to take part
  4. DrDiabeto Well-Known Player

    I PMed awhile ago. No reply yet
  5. Bamf 7 New Player

    I just responded to you pm sorry for the delay.
  6. Dump Truck New Player

    Good job tonight. Once you know what to do, its really not that bad a raid.
  7. Bamf 7 New Player

    Good job Captain MyrVell!!! You completed both raids with ease and got some pretty good gear.
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  8. Neph Dedicated Player

    nice... way to go guys.
  9. MyrVell Committed Player

    Thanks for the help! It was a lot of fun!

    These guys are the real deal folks.
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  10. Bamf 7 New Player

    We have had one person accept the offer and received his completed raids as promised. I have one more that has asked for assistance and my goal is to get that person through the raids as well. Anyone else hit me up in game and I will try and get you in a Nexus and Paradox.
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  11. Doc Holliday New Player

    Glad you could complete both.
  12. LisaLoeb New Player

    I've beaten both already, but if you guys can magically make my bow drop in either, that'd be amazing.
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  13. Doc Holliday New Player

    Bamf puts in the old Konami Code on before we que and it allows you to pick which weapons you want to drop.

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  14. LisaLoeb New Player

    My older brother used to make me play an NES game with him called 'Ikari Warriors'(tomboy, I know. Just me and my brother and since he was older there were way too many 'boy toys' and I either had to play with him, or play alone.) and there was a code for unlimited lives that I will never forget. A,B,B,A. Like the band abba that I love so much, lol.
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