Are we getting more powersets?

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  1. Cataclyzm New Player

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  2. zColdFire New Player

    But you have to understand though. If they make water as a healing power(maybe not so sure) but if they do that means they also have to make a power for being a controller and a tank to make it fair know what I mean?
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  3. Johnny_Prime New Player

    I beg to say SMALLVILLE IS TRASH and NOT in continuity. Give me a real example.
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  4. Heu New Player

    The powers in the game are based on powers of the DC universe characters. There is some water controller in the DC universe? I don't know; I know there is a guy with shadow powers, it would be awesome.
  5. Johnnylagz117 New Player

    Why 3 for control ,3 for damage ,3 for healer ....or 9 damage -0real tanks

    why's it unfair electricity, earth , HL we're they all added at the same time?
  6. Comixfan Committed Player

    Yes, but all of them could (and should) be power sets of their own.

    You cannot make a water based character using ice.

    Sorcery has demonic pets - not suitable for an angelic character.

    You cannot make a sonic character with the one single solitary sonic iconic.

    You cannot make a physical character with the couple of physical iconics.

    Shapechanging as part of nature never made sense. Hopefully when nature is redone the shapechanging aspects are removed and it becomes a pure nature power set with shapechanging kept for its own power set.
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  7. Johnny_Prime New Player

    I made a "wind" character using flight and earth. So many earth powers just blow dust all over the place.
  8. Ninja Looter New Player

    what about a power that can avoid any form of loading screens omfg epic
  9. BumblingB I got better.

    Agreed. Smallville is a poor choice for reference. I think the only introduced iconic dc character they got right was Booster Gold (minus the horrible glasses >< ).

    Aquaman never controlled water. He has always possessed super strength and a telepathic link to fish. Aqualad and Queen Mera were the ones that were able to control water. And I don't mean the new Aqualad, the old Aqualad Garth, who later became Tempest.

    Though, I never read any Aquaman, so whether or not he gained the power over water at one point is still left up to writers. (Like when he had that water hand, he might have controlled it then.)

    I think the next powerset is going to be Atomic based. There are too many animations they can utilize without trying to come up with a new power. (I'm okay with that, I got a Nathanial Atom character waiting for it.) They also have a model for Major Force, they would just need to make Cap and be done. :) But they are setting the themes of the DLCs with the powersets. (FFL, LS, BFTE) So most likely it wont be this year as they have already planned out the next few DLCs.
  10. Johnny_Prime New Player

    The hand was made of water... and one of the stupidest things ever written in all of comicbookdom, save the spider clone saga.
  11. SuperiorMouse New Player

    ice has ice. not water. you know the difference right? i remember that was a thread on the ps3 forums last year...
    flight has flight. not wind. i can't create tornados or wind blast my targets etc.
    sorcery is all demonic -- but it's not really supposed to be. doesn't have anything "holy" about it.
    nature vs. shapeshifting. should be two distinct powersets. don't get me started.
    there is no physical powerset. we need one. the devs themselves are even forced to cheat and use earth to *SIMULATE* physical characters. it's a cheap patchup job.
    atomic will probably be the next controller power.
    magnetic probably won't happen before this game closes down, although some electric powers are magnetic related.

    i don't know if you're intentionally trying to troll the OP but it's antagonizing definitely -- not to mention not constructive... to run down a list and tell someone they should be happy with what they've got even though what they have is obviously not what anyone is looking for and you know it. it's a little bit like me telling you that you won a million dollars and then handing you $10 and sending you on your way -- because it's still money after all.

    Mera and Aquaman are both hydrokinetic. I don't recall if Aquaman was given this power preNew52 but he does have it in the new52 continuity.
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  12. zColdFire New Player

    No I'm not trying to say they should be added all at the same time but they would have to make powers for those roles too.
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  13. Lokkii Committed Player

    Precision bases healer class FTW
  14. Dia New Player

    +1 for new power(s)
    Would REALLY like to see a new true tank class
    and yes, Aquaman does rock

    Captain Atom would be a nice tie in given some of the "atomic" clues from previous forums (see above). The atomic jack of all trades, so to speak, given the characters seemingly "powers can do anything as the script calls for" in story lines.
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  15. Deviant New Player

    You can never have enough powers! Why be against it? Variety is the spice of life, my friend.
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  16. Lokkii Committed Player

    i agree, i am in favor of fixing current powers but i def would be in favor of 1 more for each role
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  17. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    nuclear is next. why would they go through the trouble of creating nuclear prisoners and even go as far as to make a anti nuclear shield for the instance.
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  18. Event_Horiz0n New Player

    I just want a red ring!
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  19. Cataclyzm New Player

    I'm really hoping for atomic powers, aside from captain atom guys like firestorm could also make an appearence. Also atomic can go many different routes from nuclear to energy based to molecular or even like an intangibility power. Any way you look at it atomic has a lot of potential to be awesome.
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  20. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    They have stated this year no Weapon or Powers will be added, instead we are going to see improvements to what we already have as well as the league housing that will be coming out.