Are Their Ears Open?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Random Mind, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I know Developers have said that they listen to the players when coming up with modifications to DC Universe Online. But how many changes have they made that players have been asking for? The main one that I think was a good idea was feats being able to be purchased by alts, while I'm also a fan of Armories. I'm not saying that every complaint or concern brought up on the forum needs to be addressed but there are quite a few threads that get repeated and repeated, such as character customization and vault and promethium drops that they may want to look at. Once again, I'm not saying these mass threads need to be changed immediately and that some of the suggested changes might not be possible but I wish I could see more action taken that solves some of these customer suggestions or concerns.

    Also, it would also be great if you would see more DCUO developer participation in this forum, so if you write a thread, maybe it will actually have an effect on the game or if not you might get a chance to know why.

    Thanks and if the Developers want to delete this thread as non-constructive, I understand.
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  2. BigAl Devoted Player

    Not to come off as a jerk, but how often do you visit the forums? They have said before that they read most of the threads, but only reply when one is warranted. Also, if they implemented every idea that every forumite came up with, then what kind of jumbled mess would this game be? As it is, they need to work with limitations when they develop this game (no shots taken here), so there is only so much content they can sling without approval from many parties. Too be honest with you, everything you have said in your post has been said by others, many times over. Yours is just another voice added to a sea of voices. So don't be upset if they haven't "seen" you, or if no one replies to you from the SOE team.
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  3. the solowing Steadfast Player

    a circe thread got a response, if that got spytle himself to drop a message in there there is hope for us all
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  4. MARK2099 New Player

    Listen feedback is one thing, implement those ideas in the game is a very different thing.
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  5. WorldsDown New Player

    So yeah, I've seen much worse developer interactions on other forums out there... just saying...
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  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I'm actually surprised the devs post as often as they do. I would have thought the higher ups would insist Mepps be the only one posting, since he's the designated corporate mouthpiece. He's supposed to filter out the raw dev "That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard" sentiment and make it all customer-friendly.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the fact on some posts you can detect the utter frustration and contempt underlying some of the dev posts. Makes them seem more human. We get more direct interaction than I ever would have expected. I've never understood the call for "more dev interaction". That would just lead to devs disagreeing with a LOT of ideas thrown around which would lead to people crying about abuse and then the flame wars...

    I recall a few weeks ago, Jens hopped onto USPC and said something in 5v5. The "conversation" turned into an absolutely cesspool about how JC-removal and WM would ruin the game, complete with every personal insult imaginable.. This was BEFORE IT WAS ON TEST. It got rather vile. Every time one of the devs does something like this, to get a little more interaction done or says something frank and heartfelt on the forums, they get dragged through the mud. That's why I'm surprised they post as much as they do.
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  7. Delta795 New Player

    It's pretty evident they DO listen...all you have to do is look at the blow back from the initial Sorcery revamp.
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  8. Green Lantern New Player

    I'm sure they do read a lot of the ideas but at the end of the day they know what they want to do and they're going to do it anyway, no matter what the players think.
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  9. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I visit the forum often and honestly I don't care if I'm seen, get replies, get likes or whatever. I agree that every suggestion does not need to be implemented and that these suggestions might not be possible and said as much in my post. I'm sure this thread has been created before, but all that means is there are more people than myself who have the same concern.

    As for moderator's replies, why did they reply to a thread about an Evil Lynn costume and the Masters of the Universe? I thought the costume was awesome but if they only reply to threads where one is warranted, why are those replies warranted? Plus, how do you know what threads they read? The only time you can really tell they have read a thread is when they reply to one.

    I appreciate your reply BigAl, but I think you missed the point of my post. I don't care if they reply to me or my posts, but I do care about feeling like my voice can be heard. If my voice is lost in a sea of voices is there any reason to make a suggestion in this forum? This thread isn't about getting attention, it is about knowing that your opinions matter.
  10. Grendle New Player

    This game is ever evolving for the better. The Devs have listened quite a bit from what ive witnessed over the years. If youve been around since launch you know what i mean. We couldnt even mod gear for heavens sake lol
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  11. Daniel Boom New Player

    Agreed, poor customer service is seemingly universal - apparently silence is better than a no - don't take it too personal.
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  12. Feenicks New Player

    Spytle once came over to say howdy to some of us in Catalyst. The devs do listen and they do like to get involved. Never seen this kind of interaction in other games.

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  13. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Sounds like you do care, since you seem mad jealous a few devs interacted with the Master of the Universe thread and apparently aren't interacting with yours. That thread was a lark that wasn't seriously game related; it let them show off a "We're real people!" side. It's the kind of interaction you were talking about, and now you're giving them grief over it.
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  14. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Maybe I don't notice as much because I'm on a PS3.
  15. Feenicks New Player

    He pops in over there, too. Check out some of the FNL pregame shows.
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  16. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    The question is how many GUs do you want for all the main concerns to be fixed from this point on? The lower the number the longer the list they have in the GU list. The update I imagine would be "massive" if you chose just one update. Keep in mind of the time and resources issue when coming up with that number. Would you want a lot of hot fixes in between the GU in conjunction with the GU(s)?

    They have recently gotten on the right foot since around the time PS4 debuted and this GU seems to be the start of what people wanted for a long time (not counting WM, that is still a bit anomalous, at least for non testers).

    Bottom line: DCUO has improved its capacity for fixes and updates in general. I have given them a clean slate which started right after the PS4 debuted (IGN actually re-reviewed the game and gave it an 8.0 for the PS4 version).
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  17. Twilight Man New Player

    A reply is not needed to read an idea though. We posters read threads all the time and post where we feel necessary, it doesnt mean no one reads it. The fact that we still receive game updates and not just DLC 3+ years onto the game is a sign they hear what we say. I can also only hope that these forums represent an extremely small portion of what they consider before making changes.

    -cell phone post.
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  18. BumblingB I got better.

    They have done quite a bit, actually. Sometimes to the extent you are like, where did that come from?! I don't remember anyone... Then you search and you are like, wow, they liked that?!

    In any case, they listen a lot. We have gotten a lot. It will never be enough with this community. Also, careful what you wish for, you might get it, but you also have to remember if you get it, it "might" also change other things too. Everyone was asking for balance of powers. GU36. People were asking for a more intuitive leveling process. GU31. People were asking for a better challenge and solo/duos/alert. GU17/18. Each of these GUs have some really cool features in them, but then they also have some bad ones too, as that's was necessary for the change.
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  19. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I'm sorry if it seemed that I'm jealous, but I'm not jealous of that thread, because I'm a fan of creating characters that look like other famous comic heroes or villains. I was just using a current thread I had read as an example to make an argument. I'm also not trying to give the Developers grief, I enjoy reading their posts and watching Twitch when they reveal new DLCs. I have no hidden agenda nor am I mad my posts aren't being read because as I stated before, this post isn't about me, I don't care if developers or other players see my post or thread. I see a lot of suggestions and ideas on this forum and was merely wondering how does this forum and these posts impact the game?
  20. Veritasum Loyal Player

    I would say that all evidence would point to that they read/listen. The most recent blatant examples are that of cost of T6 gear fiasco and the WM route to an update, rather than DLC. People have great ideas and terrible ideas, but one thing is usually constant. People generally present their ideas as demanding and shaking fists and slapping of the face and how DCUO is being ruined, etc. I would personally have a hard time reading through all that garbage to get to the truly constructive threads, so +100 to the devs on that one. And on a side note, they'll do Q&A during FNL sometimes too and Mepps can be responsive on Twitter. So lots of options for the players.
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