Are stun/restraint resistance and recovery and breakout mastery worth it

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    To use 5 Skill points for
  2. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    OC and I somewhat debated this a bit ago after he posted a video about it. His position was that these days stuns are more coded as a pass/fail as in, you either get stunned or you don’t. On top of that, there has been a significant increase in stuns as part of a specific scripted raid mechanic that utilize a completely a separate mechanic process altogether and are either unavoidable barring a few possible factors like a CC immunity power effect being active or LOS or sometimes are unavoidable period. PCe is a prime example of this. His conclusion based on those points was that they are insignificant.

    I agreed that the first point certainly “seems” or “feels” correct while in gameplay. And the second point is certainly true. However, where my position differed was that the core mechanic for NPC enemies stunning players was never altered and therefor the RNG % chance element of the pass/fail is still active and in play. With that being the case, something that alters that RNG % would still be an active factor as well. Though it’d be difficult (but not impossible) to accurately quantify the overall average impact on gameplay both “back in the day” and in the games present state. But given his points, we can most certInly ascertain that their impact is less significant today compared to several years ago. To what degree though, that is uncertain.
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    the first two - the resistances - can be debated, but the bottom three - the power recovery? Don't bother with.

    The amount of power you recover on a Breakout is dismal (or at least it was the last time I checked it) - unless that's changed, three SP are not worth low double digit power recoup.
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    I run 2 different tank builds over the last few months. 1 with those innates purchased and 1 without. I've seen no difference in my play so I just reset my sp and just run identical armories with different styles. So no I don't believe they're worth the sp
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    When atomic tanking with a troll sitting outside, the power back can be pretty critical. A tank get’s stunned and has to break out often enough that they get procced pretty often and atomic uses a crap load of power comboing. So yeah, pretty important, IMO.
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