Are DLCs coming out to fast?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Rashadjc, May 6, 2014.

  1. Rashadjc New Player

    Am I the only one around here who thinks the DLCs come out to fast? I know that this game has a problem with the low amount of content that we can play and the DLCs are used to supply us a fresh wave of content but they come out way to fast (In my opinion at least). It'll be nice to see the devs take their time with the DLCs and be sure to add a huge amount of content to each DLC to last us into the next one. Even if this doesn't happen at least call the DLCs something else (Like game update).
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  2. ThatGuyLee Committed Player

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  3. Im Charlie New Player

    They plan for 4 dlc's a year and we have only gotten 3 per year for the past 2 years. Nothing is being rushed if you're late for the deadline.
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  4. Rashadjc New Player

    State reason please.
  5. Greenman_x Steadfast Player


    We dont have enough content to last us long enough to go any longer...If they were to take any kind of break at all from their DLC schedule, people would leave...All the new players they just got from PS4 launch would be gone and the vets, like myself, that have stuck through years of freezing, lag, constant issues, easy content, lackluster DLCs would leave as well

    Look at the backlash when they miss their window by a month (Home Turf and War of the Light)...If they were to take LONGER, even if it resulted in more content people would be pissed.
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  6. BumblingB I got better.

    They promised they would "shoot for" 4 DLCs a year, so far they have NOT hit that number. So technically we are actually behind 2 DLCs. We should be on DLC12, not DLC10.

    So NO, they are not.
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  7. Poo New Player

    Is this a joke?

    How long have you been playing this game???
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  8. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

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  9. ThatGuyLee Committed Player

    IMO the content they generally give us doesnt last very long. Even with the newest dlc which came out roughly a week ago there are people who are already bored (probably because of replay badges), and have a majority of the feats with the only thing keeping them going is either WM or hunting for styles for their feats. The last dlc that I can remember that kept people occupied for a good amount of time was Origin Crisis.
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  10. BumblingB I got better.

    Only because it was broken half the time and missing loot the other half.

    The content, for the most part, would keep us entertained until the next DLC IF they followed the 4 a year rule. The longer the stretch, the more time you run the same content repetitively.
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  11. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

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  12. Ghostof91 New Player

    Wow Op you have got to be most patient person I've ever met.
  13. Black House New Player

    Comedy is such a difficult thing.
  14. RiskVsReward New Player

    I just wish the DLCs had more content... But also less "busy work" content
  15. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Not even close. If they were adding huge expansions that had huge world's and more alerts or even raids, then i would say yes. But we're just getting the minimum to keep us busy.

    The dev team is rather small for this game so they have some restrictions but that's still no excuse. Sure weapon mastery was cool and a lot of people like it but it took a lot of attention away from future dlcs.

    I would rather see huge expansions than little dlcs but that's just me.

    Sum this up, no.
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  16. Ramonater New Player

    is this a serious question?

    well answer is NO
  17. DC-Doll New Player

    Ahahahahahaha hmmmm ummmm for serials? Dlc10 has been out a week and apart from random boss combos and styles, I'm roughly halfway done with it feats wise. For those who are gonna say I replayed alot, the answer is "Sort of" I wasn't able to get on until yesterday and yes, I replayed the Circes solo once for the combo feat and I reset the supply duo once because I crashed in it 2/3rds in. far as dlc coming too fast, I'd have to go.with a big fat sparkly "NO!"
  18. lukelucky Devoted Player

    i just did not think this was a real thread. given how much they recycle and a goal of four dlcs was set by them not us i have to say no. they predicted four a year and dont hit the mark so to fast is for sure not the answer at all. i think its pretty late in the game to be attempting to figure out what and how to put content out. this dlc is a week old and i am not sure i care to do any content. what do we get out of this? 90 gear that is not as good as vestments. 91 gear i mean i am not remodding gear for 1 cr. 92 cr gear i have to buckle down and mod simply to be up to par for the dlc11 raids.
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  19. Lord Raiden Dedicated Player

    This^^ this is supposed to be a new tier yet we are getting gear that is not better than the highest t5 gear. For doing 15 open world missions you get to choose an 89cr piece. The duos drop 90 and the alert drops 91, not really worth it unless you spec for both roles. 92cr is alright although none of the dps pieces give me hardly any precision upgrade, only plus 20 was the most I noticed.

    All in all this dlc was very week because of weapon mastery. Even though WM should of been a part of an update from the conception of the idea and not a dlc tag along like it was originally.
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  20. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    I've been playing this game since a few days after launch and there is content I've either only done once or still haven't done and I blame replay badges. Thanks to them, people get bored quickly or become too elitist(because they've mastered the new content and have all the equipment) casual players like me get shut out of content. A couple of years ago there was no problem getting a group together to do Kahn or Outer or something like that. Now, it's nearly impossible to get a team together to even run Gates. And they wonder why they can't keep players interested. Eliminate the replay badges and force players to actually grind again and maybe they won't get so bored so fast.
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