Apples and Oranges

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  1. DarkNovaBlaze Dedicated Player

    Oh yeah, for sure. I am sorcery and I know just how amazing it is at DPS. I can keep up with and sometimes beat GOOD Quantums. That's why I made sure to specifically mention that I was talking about AMs if you look.;)
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  2. Saybro Committed Player

    I just don't want what usually happens to happen when the nerf hammer comes. But it does need to be brought in line. Nature and hardlight were great as far as being even on the scale.

    And i hear ya. I go on and on with people in game chat about it. **** is horrible but what can you do lol

    As far as melee, I'm still testing different loadouts out but as of righ tnow, its do-able, just annoying to die and the adds go all over the place. I may switch a power out and see how that works out instead though. i dont feel like dying a lot. Rather not waste time on it until the get it figured out (content wise). Dunno why they were so insistent on making it that way but not adjusting the ability to survive.
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  3. MrB Dedicated Player

    Look at all these nerfers dumping sand into gas tanks of other powers instead of focusing on making their power better. You know other people will dump sand into your powers gas tank if you keep this up.
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  4. HazeTA New Player

    You're seeing good players beat exceptionally bad players if you're seeing other powers beating Quantum, or you're not paying attention to other factors, like going afk, missing boss fights, deaths, running objectives (Labyrinth for instance) instead of scoreboard chasing etc. Quantum played to it's most effective in a smooth run CANNOT be beaten by anyone and no amount of skill from a player of another power can compensate for the huge difference in it's top end effective DPS.

    Also, if they nerf Quantum it will be the AM damage getting brought down, not the overall damage of all it's powers, it won't affect PVP since anyone trying to use the AM will just get countered to death anyway. If they can get their AM off in PVP it hits incredibly hard just as in PVE so a nerf won't change much for PVP.
  5. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    No. They are all Apples, all powers are powers. They are MEANT to be on par with each other. They are not, not even close.
  6. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    Well said!
  7. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    The thing is though as you ask for a a nerf you are not helping your powerset improve, instead you are making instances harder. Instead of nerfs ask for fixes. It is what the HL community did and it got a really good fix. It would have been more inline with Quantum if it did not get nerf in test but at that time the damage out was comparable to what Ice, Nature, and Gadget in damage, so it got adjusted.

    I believe the damage that Quantum does is setting us up for T7 content and if that is the case, I'm ok with it being OP at the moment; as long as other powers get adjusted to be equal, better or close in damage.

    I know Fire has a way to go with its AM as do most of the powers. I know as a HL a slight tweak in the damage modifier for holding combo will balance it to Quantum.

    Rage AM is junk unless you go melee and that works in what a few T6 bosses. Besides that who wants to be up close and personal when the damage out is not all that great. I'm Rage and I hope they tweak it a bit more as this last update was JUNK in my eyes.

    As a HL they just need to tweak it a bit and the same can be said for Gadget, Nature and Ice.

    As for Earth, Sorcery, Fire, and Mental; these powers all need some serious help with the AM to be even close to Quantum.
  8. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    They are not apples as each has it own unique mechanic for both support and damage role. That is why you cannot say they are all apples. If they were all apples each powerset would do the same damage with X, Y, and Z and the only difference would be the animation.
  9. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    Just to be devil's advocate, there are all kinds of apples- Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Pippin, MacIntosh, Fuji, Envy, Braeburn....
  10. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Yeah I thought about it like that as well...Can we separate them say...Apples = PI powerset, Mobile = Oranges and Combo = Pears....

    But even with that you have your variety...LOL...
  11. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    The one way you nerf celestial is reduce the buff to 50 percent and reduce PcDL, ScH, HcS, WcR, RcW to get a 48% buff on the AoE.
    And take away the 142% buff on Cursed Idol to 78% while comboing.
    this would bring it to be at Fire's level, which is ultimately what the community wants.
    People just dont want celestial to be strong once more. And reduce the range on it.
    After a year and some change of being a weak power, being weak is where people want it again.

    Quantum has a tricky multiplier. If it's brought down too much, which happened on test once, Time Bomb and the Time loop becone useless, effectively destroying their AM.
    Be careful what you wish for because it will happen and when it DOES happen you'll be on sh*t list of those who know the intracies of the powerset.
  12. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Not coming at you but please understand Quantum never wanted to be OP.
    neither did Celestial.

    Quantum's multiplier is to blame. The thing is just too damn hard to balance it out.
    then you have the damage cap based on might.
    The damage cap based on might needs to be brought down a little to prevent those 180k+ crits.
    But if you mess with the multiplier too much you're gonna nerf the power to complete sh*t.
    So mid range is what people prefer wuth Quantum. The multiplier will end up screwed. Then 40% of its damage potential gets capped based on might.

    With Celestial, we're doing what HL was doing on test Pre Nerf. Only exception is Cursed Idol.
    Cursed Idol was nerf to the worst SC in game... yes... worse than Entomb and Volcanic Calamity.
    Then you also have the buff to thr combos and AoE additions.
    So, you nerf the combo buff. 10% wont make a difference.
    20% will.
    One thing to consider is that we've always wanted to use the cursed tree and do good damage with it.
    now we can. You take away that buff, we're gonna be relegated to the blessed tree. And that's something all celestial's dont want again.
    And refer to my Earlier post. That's most likely what will happen. Wanting "justified nerfs" are going to destroy it.
    PcDL was actually nerfed from 80% buff to 58% buff after multi inputs.
    Heck, there's moves that dont even get a full beneficial buff lol.

    and it's already crap in PvP, so think about what you're asking for.
  13. Commander Coral Well-Known Player

    Listen, everyone lol. I'm an Earth player through and through. I love Earth DPS because I think it's fun. No it's not as powerful as other but I'm helping my group do as much damage as I can (which can keep up with most powers). I don't go scoreboard chasing because I know that Quantum and Celestial players can do more damage than I can but I enjoy running with them because they make the instances go by faster. I'm psyched if I have two Quantum DPS in a group with me because we fly through the content. I think the people that want to nerf Quantum/Celestial are the people that are chasing numbers but all in all if they were nerfed we would be in instances for much longer than I want to be in there for. Can you imagine going through Throne without a Quantum DPS? I don't want to spend more time in that raid than I need.

    All in all I think that bringing powers up to par is a better idea because nerfing the others wouldn't help ANYONE.
  14. Biester New Player

    Yea, I don't really see the point in asking for anything from the devs. You mention hl but it seems hl is the only powerset in which the devs did use a lot of player feedback with. Rage asked for some much-needed extra survivability and some ranged options, we get "upcoming" raid mechanic changes instead. Fire asked for a buff to fireburst and mass det, they got an am revolving around flame cascade and other shotty powers.

    I could go on listing every powerset but I really don't care anymore really. Balance is obviously something that will continue until dcuo finally shuts the servers down. I'm convinced that dcuo will always be what it is now.

    I'm just waiting for my sub to end so I can move on to more dev competant mmos but until then I will keep experimenting with rage anf try to have fun with the game. Quantum will more-than-likely receive a nerf and I'm guessing it'll be at about the time munitions is released. Here goes the whole "balancing" sequence again. This past year has been a joke and I'm pretty sure we will continue down this never-ending road far longer than we want to.

    As for rage, I experimented around for a long time and found a good ranged loadout that will outdamage most powersets. Add a little bit of melee to my loadout and it's actually putting out a lot of damage. I posted it on a couple other rage threads so check it out and see if it works for you. Consider it my last contribution to the community. Good luck and have fun.