Anyone tried Wildstar?

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    All i keep reading is its amazing and the community is great.

    Ive read many people say its the best MMO community they have ever been in.

    Any of you guys tried it?

    As its not F2P i cant sample for myself.

    If you have tried it is the combat free like DCUO or turn based?

    Any info will be appreciated.

    Cheers guys
  2. Yui Loyal Player
    You might wanna read that thread ;)
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  3. Kroye Loyal Player

    I have tried it.

    The combat is not turn based. You have a limited action set (toolbar) like with DCUO where you have to make a strategic decision which powers to place on your loadout. You choose gear based on whether you're in dps or your role (healer/tank...sorry controllers)

    There is no tab targetting - skills/spells/powers have a targetting window ("telegraph") that appears on the screen you aim with. Anything within that "telegraph" gets damage (or heals for the healer classes...yes, you have to aim heals, no more mashing buttons or rolling my face across the keyboard for heal my group).

    Much of the combat seems to be avoiding oppponet's on-screen targetting window ("telegraph") and keeping them in mine. Rolls, sprints, and double jumps help with that, though a lack of "tab targetting" means I have to spin back around after I move to hit. Strafing from side to side is also possible as is rolling backwards in between skill casts to stay out of "telegraphs" of melee attackers. Rooting skills have helped with this too.

    That said, I'm fairly certain DCUO has ruined me for other games, Wildstar included. I'm just not finding it as fun as DCUO, but that might be because I'm not at end game yet. I don't believe any of the classes have an "autoattack" and definitely no weapon combos like we have in DCUO. Some (most probably) have a spammable attack with very little cooldown, but it's still not the same as pulling off a smokebomb in cluster of baddies.

    I still enjoy and prefer DCUO's weapon combos and clipping. Wildstar's combat, though fun and new, still can't touch that.
  4. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Yeah it doesn't have weapon attacks and that took some getting use to. Once you get higher up in the levels Kroye the combat becomes much more intriguing as you have use of the 8 slot loadout (and you don't get that 8th spot till 40-45). But WildStar definitely has faster clipping than what DCUO has now. My current Engineer DPS loadout has a rotation where every 10 seconds I am clipping three tray abilities together and sometimes four if I met the requirement for it.

    Two different beast entirely though when it comes to combat. But DCUO just doesn't do it for me all. My account is gone. DCUO has sadly done far to much to the game for me to enjoy it anymore so I have moved on :( (and judging from what I am hearing about GU38 I left just in time). But I am glad you still enjoy it Kroye :). Kick some butt for me!!
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  5. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Thanks bud.

    Im seeing some excellent feedback about it at the moment and it is everywhere when it comes to promotion.

    So many gaming sites have it plastered all of the place.

    Looks very intriguing.

    But im a gamepad user. So need to look into that.


    No controller support so a slight negative but still may give a try once i know defo worth the sub fee.
  6. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    If you want one of my 7 day passes let me know :).
  7. Kroye Loyal Player

    I haven't given up on Wildstar, but I doubt I'll be leaving DCUO for it. I know I need to give it more time because like most MMOs it plays differently at end game than the early levels and I haven't cracked 20 yet.

    I've been meaning to look you up in Wildstar, but still haven't even figured out how the friendslist works - toon's name is "Kroye" ; I'll send you a mail or something soon, and you can give me some SS tips.
  8. Kroye Loyal Player

    I also have a few passes - if anyone wants one you can hit me up via PM here.
  9. Larfleeze New Player

    The endgame in WildStar is ridiculous. The 40 man raid alone will take you longer than clearing quite literally every raid and alert at 30, combined. Add to that all the other stuff that opens at 50, like giant customization 40v40 battlegrounds where you can use raid bosses as allies, rated battlegrounds and rated arenas, as well as lvl 50 versions of practically every dungeon and adventure (basically a choose your own path dungeon) and you have tons of stuff to do once you hit max level.

    And that's not even getting into the length it takes to get to 50, and all the great locations you go through while questing. The game is awesome, one of the best MMO's I've played in the last decade.