Anyone feel the lore doesn't make sense on villains anymore?

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  1. Prindacerk Committed Player

    Now that many of the recent episodes have merged both Heroes and Villains joining to fight common enemy, they reuse same content on both sides. But that leaves some stories very confusing.

    Take BOP: Lex Tower solo mission for example. Superman comes and meets you and goes with you to find Lex. On hero's side, Hive soldiers are there and Superman fights them off. Which is fine. Hive are bad guys and Superman is a hero. On Villain side, you have Argus soldiers (led by Steve Trevor) in the tower. Now Argus is supposed to be good guys. And Superman is on their side. Why would he be fighting them alongside you the villain who's protecting Lex's tower from intruders? Now if they had used someone like Deathstroke who was hired to investigate Lex's status, it would make sense. Superman, doesn't really fit into the storyline for villains.

    Found a few stories like that during the gameplay as villain. Even in earlier episodes where Trigon is released on 8th Precinct solo mission ending, but he's not out in the world. He's back in prison again somehow, trying to get out.

    Guess villains got the short end of the stick in the story lore.
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  2. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Those early missions were supposed to have story lines on the villain side that the hero side then finished, e.g. Trigon gets imprisoned when the heroes show up. That's how I always thought of them anyway. As for recent story lines, I agree with you that many don't make sense. Why are you working with Lex in Doomed D.C. but attacking his minions?
  3. Amoxin Well-Known Player

    I've thought this too on some things. Why on earth am I, as a villain, cooperating with Superman? I know there is some content where it is explained because the villains and heroes have to work together against a common enemy, Starro for example, and that is explained in story. But sometimes it just feels disjunct.
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  4. Prindacerk Committed Player

    If it starts in villain side and finishes on hero's side, then yeah it does make sense I guess. Trigon broke through, took control of the titans. Then hero shows up to release them and then helps Raven fight him off. But Brother Blood storyline where Batman was captured and the Crime Bible storyline won't make sense since she's already captured and Crime Bible was stolen by villain side. So in that case, it would be separate storylines.
  5. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Villans haven't had a break from helping the heroes in a while.
    Seems all the episodes now, the villans have to help the heroes an fight alongside of them.

    Heres how i rationalize it:
    1) Heroes are way weaker (its why theres many many many times more of them).
    2) They cant take care of business.
    3) we took care of business long ago apparently
    4) they need us
    5) we apparently now help them constantly cause they cant handle it w/out us

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  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    We're essentially Venture Bros at this point.

    (I didn't notice any "dirty" words in this, but everyone should watch at your own risk. It IS Venture Bros)

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  7. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    All the more reason they should work on/implement the "new system" for cross-faction grouping they were planning on giving us :/
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  8. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Yeah, I don't need anything huge, just slight differences. Pretty much just like how old stuff has done it where heroes aid heroes and fight certain bosses and villains do the reverse (kinda like the Joker's Funhouse mentor mission where villains rescue Harley from Robin and heroes rescue Robin from Harley or like 8th precinct where you free the Titans from demonic control and then work together with them if you're a hero and fight through each Titan if you're a villain or even just what the Titans alert did in the final boss where Cyborg attacks for different reasons depending on faction and if you're heroes it's because he got hacked and if you're villains it's because he realized you were double agents so both result in the same fight but for very different reasons). And how heroes and villains get different missions from different mission givers in older open worlds like Gang War Gotham.

    Just little touches is all I need. Doesn't have to be some massive difference with two wildly different versions of the content every time, just the little details that make it different and separate enough.
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  9. Prindacerk Committed Player

    Exactly my feelings.
  10. The Con Dedicated Player

    Technically..... NONE of the lore works.

    We go from standing toe-to-toe with Darkseid.... just to turn around and get the snot beat out of us by Riddler's goons.

  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    The 2 faction thing is barely maintained anymore. A few different voice overlays and content descriptions maybe, but the runs are the same. It makes sense once cross play became a thing, it would be more difficult to bring a villain into a hero run or vice versa if the content was dramatically different. Kind of like when you end up in BIA/FAM on the wrong makes no sense why a villain would be trying to help avoid the tampering with Superman's escape rocket so he doesn't end up 'evil'...and why would a hero want to do that...make supes evil?

    Cross play was a homogenizing the content was too. They just leaned hero because it's probably easier to write and there are more of them on average.
  12. Prindacerk Committed Player

    But that's common in the comics as well. One minute you have Batman fighting with JL and then in Batman issue, he's back fighting goons at Gotham. Same with Supes fighting Darkseid and then stopping a train in the next comic.

    They have leage level missions and then their own responsibilities.
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  13. The Con Dedicated Player

    Well.... To be fair...

    The train would also make fast work out of the Riddler's goons, as well.

  14. Starry Knight Active Player

    To be fair, if Superman used the same level of power in stopping a runaway train that he used to fight Darkseid, the train and everyone in it would end up shattering on impact with him - it's the same reason he likes to roll with punches.

    And Batman's role in the Justice League is (usually) reduced to coming up with plans, and then enacting them while the actually indestructible members hold aggro on the bad guy. When he's in Gotham he doesn't (usually) have anyone indestructible to tank for him.
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  15. Prindacerk Committed Player

    Isn't that how the game is as well? Batman isn't a tank but a crowd control troller while Superman is. So it does make sense for him to fight in a raid and then do Gotham criminals. Like the hero does as well in player character case.
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  16. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Wait, there still heroes and villains in this game?