anyone else lose membership today regardless if auto renew was on

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    Just to be certain I just logged and I still have access to all alts and all DLCs so my membership is still active. But here's the things, and I pretty much knew this even before logging in, auto renewal will vary from player to player depending on when the first signed up. With me that occurs on the 13th each month so right now my account is still paid for almost another two weeks.

    Hopefully to get you a better answer some folks that have renewal today will see your thread and respond. I assume you submitted a report to customer service to get the issue resolved? Hey if they actually took your money and shut you off that's crazy and if they just stopped taking your money automatically .. not quite as bad but it means you have to log in and pay every month instead of them getting their cash right away. Less convenient for you and also means they may be out some cash so does not sound like a sound business deal to me .

    Good luck hope it gets straightened out soon
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    This happened to me a few months ago. I figured it was just PS acting up. I renewed with no issues.